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How Not to Address a Gay Pride Parade

Here’s proof positive that it’s not just the Republicans that clutch the Stupid Trophy.  Sometimes they pass it off to Democrats too, and at the most inopportune of times, at that!

Here’s a quote from Senator Roland Burris, addressing the Chicago Gay Pride Parade on Sunday:

“My concept of marriage is a male and a female for the perpetuation of the species, for children to be born and identify the bloodline and the heritage.”But I’m pretty sure, as things are moving along, that that will probably change.”

Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Courtesy of the New York Post

Yes, this is the same Roland Burris appointed to fill President Obama’s vacant Illinois Senate seat by disgraced fellow Stupid Person Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as he was being ushered out the door of the State Capital.

Yes, this is the same Roland Burris who begged the US Senate to seat him in that capacity before they found out that he also lied and was bribed by Governor Blago in order to get the appointment.

So, now that we’ve established Burris as a Certifiable Stupid Person, we can discuss the utterly outrageous comments directed to a mob of gays in Chicago.

Dear Senator Burris: Please shut up.  There’s not a single reference to needing a marriage certificate prior to fucking in the rule book. You know what fucking is, right? That’s the act used to procreate. From what I understand that’s when a hetero guy manages (hopefully in the case of Senator Burris) to get his pee-pee hard and sticks it into some kind of hole in the hetero gal (again, hopefully in the case of Senator Burris – the right hole) followed by a few grunts and heavy breathing.

Then, around nine months later, a little child pops out of the hole of the hetero gal. Hopefully to live a happy life with caring, married, parents. Of course, considering the track record of the hetero’s and sky-high divorce rates…that’s probably not going to happen.

That’s when the child can, in some states but not mine, be adopted by a happy gay couple and live a healthy, productive life. And then grow up enlightened to the point where he or she can procreate and perpetuate the species – of intelligent people. Unlike you.

And not stand before a mob of gay people and say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

A New Stonewall?

Following my post Remembering Stonewall (click to read) news comes from Ft. Worth, Texas; reporting a police raid on The Rainbow Lounge, a newly-opened gay bar in the city early in the morning of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Citing reasons for the raid, the police passed it off as an “alcohol beverage code inspection”, and managed to arrest several patrons for “public intoxication”  and accusing them of “grabbing a police officer in the groin area” among other ridiculous hate-filled charges.


Video here:

More from Waylon Hudson of The Bilerico Project:

The newly opened Rainbow Lounge was hosting a birthday celebration for Todd Camp, the founder of Q Cinema, and screening documentaries about the Stonewall Riots to commemorate the 40th anniversary of one of the defining moments in LGBT history. Witnesses say the police showed up with a paddy wagon and began to roughly arrest men, focusing mainly on “effeminate men.”

One bar patron, Chad Gibson, is in a local hospital with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage after being “choked, pulled back, then slammed into a wall” by police during the raid. Police say he was resisting arrest and made “sexual advances to officers”, a claim witnesses dismiss as outright lies. They say Gibson, who weighed “maybe 160 pounds soaking wet”, did not resist and merely stumbled when police grabbed him by the arm.

In total, seven people were arrested for public intoxication and at least a dozen more were restrained.

A Facebook page dedicated to this  incident has been established to cover the brutal acts of the Fort Worth Police firsthand.

Michael Emerson on Season 6 of LOST

From SciFi Wire:

Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus, confirmed that at least he is still an active part of the show. “My understanding is that I am,” Emerson said in an exclusive interview last week at the Saturn Awards in Burbank, Calif. “For how much of season six, that’s a good question.”

Yes, more cryptic answers from the actor who plays the most cryptic character on the show. He even kiboshed my theory about erasing the present timeline. If the bomb prevented the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, seeing everybody live happily ever after wouldn’t earn high ratings for the finale.

“I could see why you might think that, but from my perspective as playing that character who arrived late on that show, it doesn’t sound terribly dramatic unless there’s something in that equation that I don’t quite get,” Emerson said. “I’m just curious about what dramatic paths we’ll follow.”

One dramatic path might be further explorations of the mysterious Jacob. The fifth season finale revealed Jacob as a corporal presence, but still not quite human. Ben stabbed him, intending to kill Jacob. “I’m still not sure that he’s a person like you and [me],” Emerson said. “I’m still not sure he’s a person like Ben. Is he killable? I don’t know. We haven’t been to his funeral yet so I don’t know. I don’t know where all that’s going.”

Season six might finally give us a Ben flashback. We’ve seen Ben in flash-forwards, sending Sayid on assassination missions and trying to shoot Desmond. We’ve met Young Ben in the past, but we have yet to see Ben flash back to reflect on his own adult life.

“What constitutes a proper Ben flashback?” Emerson said. “There are some gaps in Ben’s bio, and I think we may look backward a couple of times this season. I’m just guessing.”

Don’t expect any big changes for Ben, though. While audiences have seen him go from Henry Gale to the evil leader of the Others to a sympathetic young boy, Emerson has always acted as Ben and will continue to do so. “Ben has always seemed straightforward to me, and I don’t think Ben has changed much over time,” he said. “I think audience perceptions of Ben has changed.”

The Brainwashing of Republicans?

I’ve decided to pretty much stay out of the hoopla surrounding the escapades of Senator John Ensign and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, passing it off as just another example of the hypocrisy involved when a group of people tell others what to do or not do in their bedroom.

Of course, most times it’s Republicans doing the telling and citing the word of God in the purest fundamentalist Christian sense when they do.

Then, when caught with their britches down and their gavels hanging out, once again it’s God in the purest fundamentalist Christian sense who gets the credit for showing them the error of their ways. And we’re all supposed to forgive and forget.

After the comedy tour known as The Return of the Wasilla Hillbillies (more – lots more – on that coming in future posts), nothing really surprises me anymore.

Except for this. TPM has found a connection between Ensign, Sanford, and other political bed-hoppers-while-praying-to-The Almighty in the form of a halfway house hidden away in the hallowed streets of Washington, DC.

Both Ensign and Sanford have mentioned something called “C Street” whilst expressing their extramarital mea culpas to the waiting ears of their Republican brothers (and, of course, God in the purest fundamentalist Christian sense).  Why didn’t we think of this before? Who better to counsel and confer with these miscreants than their very own Scientology-style cult designed to wash them of their sins?

c street

Courtesy of The Washington Post

From The Washington Post:

On any given day, the rowhouse at 133 C St. SE — well appointed, with American flag flying, white-and-green-trimmed windows and a pleasant garden — fills with talk of power and the Lord. At least five congressmen live there, quietly renting upstairs rooms from an organization affiliated with “the Fellowship,” the obsessively secretive Arlington spiritual group that organizes the National Day of Prayer breakfast, an event routinely attended by legions of top government officials. Other politicians come to the house for group spirituality sessions, prayer meetings or to simply share their troubles.

It seems like  “The Family”, apparently another name for the super-secret Scientology-style  “The Fellowship” which runs C Street, which, according to author Jeff Sharlet, has been around for a while, reminding wayward Republican politicians they have strayed from the path.

And shaping right-wing conservative neocon policy along the way?

Remembering Stonewall

Fourty years ago today, police stormed a Mafia-owned bar in Greenwich Village known to have been frequented by gays. The subsequent riots that occurred over the next day following the brutal treatment of American citizens at the Stonewall Inn are credited with the birth of the modern LGBT movement.

This one event solidified in the minds of homosexual men and women that our government and our society treat us as second-class citizens, denying it’s citizens the right to equality and protection from hate.

Today, despite advances in the movement, we are still second-class citizens. We are denied the right to marry, the right to adopt, the right to serve openly and honorably in our military, and the right to share medical, insurance, hospital visitation, and internment rights enjoyed by mainstream Americans of every race, creed, and religion.

Our government, the one based upon the simple principle that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” has failed a segment of it’s population larger than most minorities. Think for a moment…according to the US Census, blacks account for 14% and hispanics make up 15% of the minority culture in this nation.

How many Americans are gay? 2%? 10%. We really don’t know. The stigma of homosexuality in our society still, to this day, forces millions of Americans to live their life in a lie – closeted in fear of their neighbor, their government, their family. Right now, the number could arguably surpass the populace of Asians, American Indians, and other minority groups.

Even as the majority of the American public now approve of gay unions, the repeal of DADT and other rights denied to the LGBT citizen, our government continues to fail to recognize such a right to equality.

Our President, Congress, and senior military are still living twenty years in the past and cast a myopic eye on what the people of this country want for the LGBT community – equality.

But the problems of the community do not specifically lie with the government. We are our own problem.

TIME magazine, in 1966, three years prior to the Stonewall Riots, said this about gays:

Beset by inner conflicts, the homosexual is unsure of his position in society, ambivalent about his attitudes and identity—but he gains a certain amount of security through the fact that society is equally ambivalent about him.

We haven’t changed much, have we? Whether the gay male or female merely consigns themselves to defeat, or is complacent with his or her own personal situation,  the activism that arose from the riots of the Stonewall Inn forty years ago has subsided. Instead the community has allowed itself to be splintered into factions so numerous, fractile, and divisive we’ve lost sight of the goal.

It’s not about the G, L, B, or T…it’s about Equality!

The gay community will never achieve our goal of equality until such time as we organize with a singular purpose – to effect the changes needed within our government through community activism, financial contributions to our supporters, and yes, withdrawal of financial support to those who are fearful of voicing their support, up to and including the President of this country.

In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln issued an Executive Order abolishing slavery, thus freeing and providing a path to equality for the black man of America. In in 1948, President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981, which ended brought up the end to racism in the Armed Forces.

I implore you, my friends, to contact your Congressman, your Senator, your Governor, your President, and ask that the road to equality begin.

Mark Pellegrino (Jacob on LOST) Headed to Supernatural?

According to The Ausellio Files, Mark Pellegrino (our beloved one-episode-so-far Jacob on LOST) is headed to Supernatural next season as, well…Lucifer.

How will this affect his role as the God-like Jacob on LOST? According to the report, it’s not a full time role. So that could leave Pellegrino open for more work on LOST.

I certainly hope so. The popularity and appeal of the Jacob character is immense after just the aforementioned one episode.

Michael Jackson: Dead

Following up remembrances for Farah Fawcett, it’s been announced that Michael Jackson is dead. For people my age, Michael was more than an icon, he was the representation of our youth.

Rest in Peace, Michael.


The LA Times reports that Jackson has died at age 50 after being rushed to UCLA Medical Center.

Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Steve Ruda told the newspaper that Jackson was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home and CPR was performed. reported that he may have suffered cardiac arrest.

Breaking: Farrah Fawcett Dead at 62

So sad…from Variety:

Farrah Fawcett, the Texas-born actress and sex symbol who shot to fame as one of “Charlie’s Angels” and later earned acclaim in serious roles including telepic “The Burning Bed,” died at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., of cancer at the age of 62.
Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer in September 2006 and traveled to Germany in 2007 for alternative treatments. An NBC documentary about her cancer battle that aired in May, “Farrah’s Story,” caused controversy over the final editing of the piece.

The tanned, blonde actress was one of the biggest celebrities of the 1970s, parlaying commercials and guest TV spots into a starring role in the popular detective drama “Charlie’s Angels” in 1976. Around the same time, a swimsuit poster featuring the beauty’s tousled mane, flirtatious smile and enviable figure — graphically outlined in a tight red swimsuit — sold a still-unrivaled 12 million copies.

Fawcett lasted only one season as a regular on the ABC drama, however, bolting for a career in film that didn’t match her TV popularity. (Her first film was the 1978 “Somebody Killed Her Husband,” which Hollywood wags dubbed “Somebody Killed Her Career.”) Her TV exit resulted in a series of lawsuits, and the actress agreed, as part of a settlement, to appear in a handful of episodes of the show in subsequent seasons.

She sought to downplay her sex-symbol status with meatier roles in the 1980s. In 1984, Fawcett earned the first of three Emmy Award nominations for her role as a battered wife in the television movie “The Burning Bed.” She also gained acclaim for more serious fare including the stage and movie versions of “Extremities,” in which she played a rape victim who turns the table on her attacker, and for a predatory role in the miniseries “Small Sacrifices.”

Other notable TV movie roles included “Nazi Hunter: The Beate Larsfeld Story,” “Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story” and “Margaret Bourke-White.”

Born in Corpus Christi, she attended the U. of Texas at Austin, where she was featured in a photo of the “Ten Most Beautiful Co-eds.” After a Hollywood agent saw the photo, she dropped out and moved to Hollywood.

She soon met actor Lee Majors and began making guest appearances on series including “The Flying Nun,” “I Dream of Jeannie,” “Marcus Welby M.D” and Majors’ “The Six Million Dollar Man.” She also appeared with Raquel Welch in the 1970 film “Myra Breckinridge.”

But it was a hair care campaign for Wella Balsam that ignited interest before the launch of “Charlie’s Angels” and her poster release.

Among her other film roles were in the ‘‘76 “Logan’s Run,” “Saturn 3,” “Sunburn,” “The Cannonball Run,” “The Apostle,” Robert Altman’s “Dr. T and the Women,” and her final film, the 2004 “The Cookout.”

Her third Emmy nom was for a recurring guest appearance on law drama “The Guardian” in 2003.

Fawcett was back in the spotlight in 1995, posing nude for Playboy magazine at the age of 48. The December 1995 issue in which she appeared sold more than 4 million copies, making it the bestselling issue of the 1990s.

In June 1997, Fawcett made headlines for her appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman.” Some had speculated that her rambling, incoherent manner was the result of drug abuse, but she insisted she was just joking around with the latenight host.

Fawcett was married to Majors from 1973 to 1982. From 1982 to the present, she was involved off and on with actor Ryan O’Neal; the latter relationship produced one child, Redmond, born in 1985.