So…What’s the Big Problem?

Over the years I’ve heard many ignorant, silly arguments against gays being allowed to serve honestly and openly in the military. Chief among them is the “majority rules” argument put out by those who would rather hide their homophobia behind others:

“Well, most American’s don’t want gays in the military!” OK. Cool. At least that’s better than “I don’t want no queer soldier looking at my little pee pee in the shower!”.

But, what does the majority of Americans feel about this? According to the latest Gallup poll, the argument against gays in the military is getting about as old and worn-out as the high ranking officers and enlisted men who blindly assume that allowing gays in the military would “seriously affect morale and cohesion within the unit”.

Seems like there’s really no debate anymore:

Courtesy Gallup

Courtesy Gallup

Note: 58% of conservatives and Republicans agree!

Here’s another table splitting the responses into a demographic set:


Apparently, the only people left in the country who aren’t in favor of gays serving in the military are the aforementioned senior military and enlisted men (most of whom are retired or close to it), members of Congress, and (through his inaction) the President.

One of these can do something now to stop the flow of qualified, dedicated gay soldiers from being kicked out of the military. The other two just have to listen.

The President.

I guess he hasn’t read this yet 🙂


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  2. I saw this the other day..

    it’s funny to watch the “right” talk about forcing the admin to listen to voices of the ppl.. ya know at their ‘tea parties’ and all.. but God forbid they listen to the ppl on DADT..

    I’m a sad that Obama isn’t touching this yet… I understand why.. he wants all his political ‘equity’ for Healthcare.. I just hope after he gets that situated he works on this..

  3. “I don’t want no queer soldier looking at my little pee pee in the shower!”.


    Big, strong, macho guys? Hardly – they are total p*ssies, and I use the “P” word since that is one word these wimps understand.

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