A Clarification of a Previous Post (Updated 13 June)

In an earlier post on this blog, https://theworldofhowey.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/racism-is-alive-and-well-in-orlando-florida/, I stated: “I’ve had the pleasure of being kicked off an Orlando forum with four or five decidedly racist and homophobic members (hoo boy! Try being the only queer among that group!) wherein I’ve been threated with physical harm, embraced with death by AIDS, been libelously accused of having AIDS, and so on….” That seems to have caused quite the stir on said forum. Although I stated “four or five decidedly racist and homophobic members”, it appears some of my friends there think I meant all of them, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s apparent that the word “homophobic” is prevalent in today’s language and often overused…by both sides. Yet the uproar over such a word becomes amusing when one’s words speak for themselves: Posted less than an hour after the outrage over my accusation that four or five people on the forum were homophobic by one of the most virulent homophobes on the forum, Bill (referring to gay marriage): Why change what we have always known marriage to be to accommodate abnormalities? Before you say I’m bashing, let me explain. They don’t breed, so sooner or later the “genetic” cause for this would disappear. The only reasonable explanation for it is some form of abnormality. Here’s another, earlier comment from Ivan: That is not the flu, it’s just your AIDS talking. Here’s another one from Josh which was deleted from the forum by the Admin a few days later after it was pointed out that the forum had been previously shut down for similar libelous statements towards an Orlando police officer in the news: I hope you die you AIDS infected fag Here’s the thing: I’ve used the word “homophobe” sparingly in that forum, yet…like a little kid being accused of stealing a cookie…the offending party cries out out “Not me!” a few times too many when singled out. Hey, guys…your words speak for themselves. ‘Nuff said.

UPDATE: 13 June

Seems like the racism and homophobia continues on that forum. If it continues I might just want to post the link to the forum for you guys to have a little fun 🙂 This was just posted by some neanderthal named Q (hah!) (The following is a response to my partner, who for now, is still allowed on the forum)

This forum is becoming faggot central. Methinks I’d better head back to the Florida Sportsman Forum for a spell…..where the men are men, and we kill stuff to eventually eat it…..

Yup…No homophobes on this forum! 🙂


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