Civil War in Iran

Update: 1:45pm:

Twitter following the action:

Update: 1:21pm:

The Huffington Post has a description and videos of what’s going on – I’ll be updating these hourly today:

Since 1979, the people of Iran have been progressively losing their voice. The Supreme Leader and Islamic clerics have been losing their clout and are mere figureheads now. The Revolutionary Guard has tightened it’s hold on the nation following yesterday’s fraudulent elections, opposition politicians are being arrested, the Foreign Ministry is locked up and barricaded, and the people of Iran are taking to the streets in protest.

How has this happened so quickly? Hasn’t the world known about these upcoming elections? Did we really think they would be honestly run and honestly managed by Ahmedinejad?

The answer is simple. Under the guise of free elections, the government of Iran has staged a coup, and passing it off as a “divine assessment. As with every rogue government in the past, the leaders have duped the poor, uneducated, and innocent public into thinking what they want them to think.

In this case, the people of Iran have been led to believe that Ahmedinejad scored a landslide win. Of course, that’s nowhere near the truth. One woman, interviewed by Time, states:

“They tricked us into this whole thing. They got us out in droves, only to fool us and credit themselves,” one woman watching the clashes said, unable to hold back her tears.”I even got five of my family members who had not voted since the revolution to come out and vote,” she sobbed. “Shame on me!”

The intelligencia of Iran, along with the educators and entrepeneurs and the university students of the country, will not let this sham go unnoticed.

Why is this happening? Think back twenty-nine years ago to the year 1980 to the climate in the former USSR and twenty-three years or so to the  year 1986 in Vietnam. Commercialization and the market  economies of the Soviet Union and Vietnam  did what the French, Americans, and other countries couldn’t do.  Bring down communism.

This, my friends, is what is going on now in Iran. The people of Iran are no different than you or I. The people of Iran want change and change will happen. Unfortunately, I suspect there will be bloodshed; but I’m confident the people with overcome.

What should we, the United States of America; under the leadership of President Barack Obama, do? Exactly what we are doing.

From Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:

“Like the rest of the world, we were impressed by the vigorous debate and enthusiasm that this election generated, particularly among young Iranians. We continue to monitor the entire situation closely, including reports of irregularities”

Let’s be glad our country is following this path, as opposed to other, less intelligent, response (from Red State, go figure):

“America today has a great opportunity to make trouble for a hostile government while at the same time potentially lending an opportunity for freedom to its oppressed people. We should use whatever resources are at our disposal to make the best of that chance.”

I applaud a concerted and directed approach of observation by our government at this time.


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  2. GREAT blog Howie!!!

    When I heard Ahmedinejad was claiming a massive victory after the polls earlier in the week showed differently.. I wondered if the ppl would go quietly.. I do not think there is anything to be done about Ahmedinejad claim to victory tho…no matter how much blood is spilled

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