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TV Tids and Bits!

Is Survivor filming two seasons back-to-back in Samoa?

Want to see a sneal peek of NBC’s upcoming Merlin?

Just how great was the Pushing Daisies finale?

Is Futurama promising a “shocking sexual relationship”?

Is House the number one TV show in the world?

Is Stephen Colbert the next Bob Hope?

When will Fox’s new season premiere?

Will Vera Wang go Dancing?

How did the return of True Blood do in the ratings?

Iran Update

Note: Twitter is now silent for maintenance and should be back up by 6pm Eastern Time. Beware of false twitter posts coming both from Iran and from immature Americans.

A powerful video:

Physicians and nurses, still in scrobs and whites, protesting:

The blog of former VP Mohammad Ali Abtahi, who has now been arrested:

From his final post before his arrest entitled: “It was a huge swindling”:

There was a lot of difference between yesterday and last night. Yesterday Iran was joyful because of changing the fate. Every body participated in. But last night was a shocking and bitter night. Like 4 years ago, Fars news agency and Keyhan announced news. It was unbelievable. Little by little news became as heavy as a mountain in front of every body that had seen it was not real. At the same time Mr. Mosavi announced his victory in election. But information was formal and it was announced around the world and nation was anxious. It was more important than cheating. Some ones call it a white coup.

The Iranian Government Hearts Fox News

So much they are using Faux News as the source for their propaganda via the official Iranian TV:


The following is a summary provided to The Huffington Post:

This video is about yesterday events when people gathered in front of one of candidates’ (Mousavi but no name was mentioned in the report) HQ. In brief: The narrator says that a group of opportunistic people supporting a candidate (without bringing the name) are responsible for breaking and destroying the public/ private property. They are blaming the foreign media for supporting the riots and covering the story. They cited Fox News who has predicted the violence and wants to divide Iranian people. They are interviewing a group of people who are mad because their property has got destroyed.

Added: The Faux News piece noted in the broadcast was referring to comments that the US should take advantage of this situation and make contact with the people in the street, which is the stand the right wing neocons are taking. Obviously this is the wrong stance.

For the moment, we should step back and let the Iranian people change their destiny.

LOST Spoilers!

Contrary to recent snarky rumors posted elsewhere about the LOST finale (which were merely spectulation from a fan rag) here is some scoop regarding the final episode of LOST viaThe ODI and Dark UFO:

Hey All,
We just posted some images and clips from a Matthew Fox Interview from the Monte Carlo TV Festival in the Media Mentions Section of the site.

Well the interview has several little minor spoilers and tidbits about season. Nothing too shocking, but still some interesting details. Fox, once again confirmed that he knows the end of the show and this time I got the sense he knows it really well.

Here is a little summary of the tidbits:

1) He knew that that Jack and Locke would have to go head to head quite a bit in Season
2) The opening scene in Season 6 will confirm what happened in the Season 5 Finale and that it will be both confusing and surprising at first.
3) About a third of the way through the season both time lines will be “solidified into one time” and there will be one linear time throughout the story on the island with no more flashbacks.
4) When describing the end of the show he uses several different adjectives. He confirms talking to Damon Lindelof many times about it and that each time he does that it is surprising that it is so “moving”. Some of the words he uses are Beautiful, Redemptive, Sad and ends with saying it is just Awesome!

Now if he is talking about the real Locke or Darth Locke who knows? At least we will get a good dose of Terry O’ Quinn.

You can view the clips at the following link:


Image courtesy ABC TVImage courtesy ABC TV

More from Kristen at E! Online:

Cynthia in Ireland: I was so happy to hear about Charlie, Shannon and Claire returning to Lost next season, and then so bummed to find out that nothing except Claire is for sure yet. What’s the current status of various dead castmembers returning to Lost?
Even though Dominic Monaghan is said to be appearing on another ABC show next season, reportedly Flash Forward, we’re just paranoid enough to think it might be a double cross, and that D.M. might actually be heading back to Lost after (or in addition to) whatever else he does on the Alphabet Net. Why do we think this? Because very reliable sources now tell us that there is “mutual interest” (between the Lost PTB and Dominic Monaghan) in bringing about a season-six return visit by Charlie Pace. Look for official developments in the next week or two.

Source: E!Online

I honestly think this is one of those sneaky things Cuse and Lindloff might pull off. What would be a better way of promoting their new series Flash Forward then having it’s star appear in a story arc on his former show. A show, which I must add, his character was deeply loved by fans.