Wanna Be Blogs

I heard this term yesterday, “wanna be blog“, seconded by someone else with the quote “Aren’t they all?“. And I have to ask the question:

“What is a wanna be blog?”

Is it a blog written by someone to enlighten someone?

Is it a blog written by someone wanting to inform?

Is it a blog written by someone to entertain?

Is it a blog written by someone to opine?

I don’t understand. I read plenty of blogs. Here’s a short list of some of the blogs I visit frequently, in no particular order:

Taking Names the Blog



Hal Boedeker

Huffington Post

Washington Monthly

The Bilerico Project

Pam’s House Blend

Not to mention my good friend’s blog:

The Velvet StraitJacket

Seriously, the above list is about a tenth of the blogs I read each day.

I read these blogs to be enlightened,  informed, entertained, and to view other’s opinions of things in the world. I consider every site I go to as an educational experience and marvel at the wonder that is the internet as it allows people to speak their minds and have those words read by anyone and everyone in the world.

Welcome to my world.

I hope to enlighten,  inform, entertain, and opine.

That’s what this blog is about. I don’t want to be any other blog…Scott Maxwell does a great job on his, Hal Boedecker on his, Ariana Huffington on hers, and Kelly on hers. And so on…I honestly cannot fathom the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained as a result of the blogs I read.

So I take great offense at the words “wanna be blog”, and comments following those words like “Aren’t they all?”

If you don’t like blogging, don’t read blogs. Your loss.

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  1. Thanks Howie 🙂

    I can’t understand the ‘disdain’ in peoples voices when the say the word ‘blog’ either… or I should say I didn’t. But I have recently read some, that I won’t promote, but it was on an Orlando news papers website.. that was so skewered and full of shit that I even had to stop myself from saying “it’s just a blog for God’s sake”

    The people that put us down are the ones that have only read this outrageous, fact-less bloviations.. I can’t even dream of ever writing a blog without giving the facts of the story I am opining about.. But I have seen a lot of them do just that kind of thing.

    My hope is to weed those kind of bloggers out, not that they don’t have the right to their opinions.. but it would nice if they based them on some fact and told us where that fact was..

    I think you’re one of the good ones and I enjoy reading what you’ve got to say 🙂

    • Thanks to you to, Kelly!

      I bristled when I read that the other day, especially when I see the effect of (even) one-sentence blogs like Twitter having such a profound effect on today’s news. And (patting myself on the back :)), I was one of the first to point it out. Hey…did you see my blog mentioned on CNN the other day?

      Then today, I heard DD say something about blogs in a like disparaging manner. Huh?

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