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Wait. Is Dominic Monaghan Really Returning to LOST?


E Online just posted the following:

Rumors have been swirling for the past month about Dominic Monaghan’s upcoming projects.

In addition to talk that he might have a role on ABC’s Flash Forward (with fellow Lostie Sonya Walger), there’s been ever-noisier buzz about a possible Lost return engagement. Could it really happen?

Well, we just got a juicy tip that suggests there very well might be a place for doomed rock bassist Charlie Pace in season six of Lost. Here’s what we’re hearing…

A reliable spy tells us that Monaghan, one of the key original Lost castmembers, and Lost show runner Damon Lindelof had breakfast together this morning at a Fairfax district eatery in Los Angeles. Of course, the meal might just have been a friendly sit-down between two colleagues (and/or because waffles are delicious), but as Lost-loving optimists, we have to hope that it was a meeting where the two talents came to terms about the story that puts Charlie Pace back in the mix for season six.

Now, there’s no telling what the last episodes of Lost will really be like. Speculation begins with a safe landing for Oceanic flight 815 and from there gets really, really crazy.

In the many months between now and the season-six premiere, the best we can do is sit back and let our imaginations run wild, collect pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and hone our dreams and theories about the castaways of Mystery Friggin’ Island. So what’s your theory?

If Dominic Monaghan is returning to Lost, do you think he will reappear as strung out 815 Charlie? Or would he be hanging out with Hurley (Jorge Garcia) as a transcendent (but dead) rock god? Does he have an alternate-universe dopplegänger? The possibilities are endless.

This is getting better by the day. First we have Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) telling TV Guide he wants to come back on LOST “To be able to give that rich character some completion would be nice,” Ian Somerhalder also telling TV Guide he may be back:

one just has to wonder…Did Jack succeed? Will there be a time loop with the Losties safely landing at LAX in 2004?

All I know is it’s going to be a long seven months.

Getting Lost

The latest edition of Getting Lost from TV Guide. All UnLocke or Man in Black…Intrugiing…I love the Egyptian theory. It ties in with my earlier island theories!

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No, LOST is not Coming to Disney World

Aha! The rumor-starter confesses. In a post on the Spoiler TV Forum Disney’s Folly said:

Hey guys,

I’m the sole proprietor of http://www.DisneysFolly.com and a frequent (unregistered and non-forum-participating) fan of this site. So you can imagine how much of a trip it was to login to see if there were any Lost rumors and see a discussion linking to a faux news story I posted last night on a little-visited blog I just launched.

Faux you say? Kudos to the person who noted the Folly and Faux label. It wouldnt’ take much digging to find that my intro to this blog (kicked off a few weeks ago) describes Folly and Faux as a sort of playful April Fool’s stab at Disney-related wishes. Disney fans are always tossing around rumors and ideas for the old Discovery Island and Lost constantly comes up. So I knew with my exhaustive fandom, I could cook something up. I shouldn’t have underestimated the viral power of the Internet.

And to the person who figured the one anagram…major kudos. I had fun doing that. Try to figure out the other one now. (To be honest, I really expected to gig to be up when everyone got to the “island was rendered moo” intentional typo or the bad Photoshop jobs).

Hopefully everyone sees the fun in it. I honestly had little faith that I could fool anyone so it was odd seeing people contemplate the legitimacy. I am a tad concerned that anyone think me to be disingenuous so I figured I’d jump in and give you all the facts and make sure everyone knew I had the most humble and spirited of intentions. I obviously would love to see this happen even though I firmly believe it may be too niche to make happen in such a tough economy. But ultimately my Folly and Faux section is meant to just sort of help nudge the imagination of Disney fans’ biggest wishes into a more visualized, whimsical essence. We are an imaginative bunch and I wanted to help take those conversations to the next level!

Thanks for reading and sorry for any misleading info…’twas all in good fun.
Jason from Disney’s Folly

Added: The second anagram Jason refers to is: Lila R. Chiseavie

Unfortunatey, if he’s trying to say, “Claire is alive”, he fails. There’s no “H” in that phrase. 🙂

Added: Oops. It does stand for “Charlie is alive”…but we already know that. 🙂