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How Not to Address a Gay Pride Parade

Here’s proof positive that it’s not just the Republicans that clutch the Stupid Trophy.  Sometimes they pass it off to Democrats too, and at the most inopportune of times, at that!

Here’s a quote from Senator Roland Burris, addressing the Chicago Gay Pride Parade on Sunday:

“My concept of marriage is a male and a female for the perpetuation of the species, for children to be born and identify the bloodline and the heritage.”But I’m pretty sure, as things are moving along, that that will probably change.”

Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Courtesy of the New York Post

Yes, this is the same Roland Burris appointed to fill President Obama’s vacant Illinois Senate seat by disgraced fellow Stupid Person Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as he was being ushered out the door of the State Capital.

Yes, this is the same Roland Burris who begged the US Senate to seat him in that capacity before they found out that he also lied and was bribed by Governor Blago in order to get the appointment.

So, now that we’ve established Burris as a Certifiable Stupid Person, we can discuss the utterly outrageous comments directed to a mob of gays in Chicago.

Dear Senator Burris: Please shut up.  There’s not a single reference to needing a marriage certificate prior to fucking in the rule book. You know what fucking is, right? That’s the act used to procreate. From what I understand that’s when a hetero guy manages (hopefully in the case of Senator Burris) to get his pee-pee hard and sticks it into some kind of hole in the hetero gal (again, hopefully in the case of Senator Burris – the right hole) followed by a few grunts and heavy breathing.

Then, around nine months later, a little child pops out of the hole of the hetero gal. Hopefully to live a happy life with caring, married, parents. Of course, considering the track record of the hetero’s and sky-high divorce rates…that’s probably not going to happen.

That’s when the child can, in some states but not mine, be adopted by a happy gay couple and live a healthy, productive life. And then grow up enlightened to the point where he or she can procreate and perpetuate the species – of intelligent people. Unlike you.

And not stand before a mob of gay people and say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

A New Stonewall?

Following my post Remembering Stonewall (click to read) news comes from Ft. Worth, Texas; reporting a police raid on The Rainbow Lounge, a newly-opened gay bar in the city early in the morning of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Citing reasons for the raid, the police passed it off as an “alcohol beverage code inspection”, and managed to arrest several patrons for “public intoxication”  and accusing them of “grabbing a police officer in the groin area” among other ridiculous hate-filled charges.


Video here:

More from Waylon Hudson of The Bilerico Project:

The newly opened Rainbow Lounge was hosting a birthday celebration for Todd Camp, the founder of Q Cinema, and screening documentaries about the Stonewall Riots to commemorate the 40th anniversary of one of the defining moments in LGBT history. Witnesses say the police showed up with a paddy wagon and began to roughly arrest men, focusing mainly on “effeminate men.”

One bar patron, Chad Gibson, is in a local hospital with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage after being “choked, pulled back, then slammed into a wall” by police during the raid. Police say he was resisting arrest and made “sexual advances to officers”, a claim witnesses dismiss as outright lies. They say Gibson, who weighed “maybe 160 pounds soaking wet”, did not resist and merely stumbled when police grabbed him by the arm.

In total, seven people were arrested for public intoxication and at least a dozen more were restrained.

A Facebook page dedicated to this  incident has been established to cover the brutal acts of the Fort Worth Police firsthand.