Don’t Look Down

I remember as a very young child of about five years old visiting our great-aunt in NYC in her high-rise apartment. The ride up the elevator a staggering (to my young mind) thirty-or-so stories was something else…I don’t remember much of that, just stories from the family about me clinging to my mother’s skirt as we were silently wooshed up, up, up….

What I do remember is peering over the window sill in her apartment and looking down at these tiny cars, buses, and people scattering through the streets of that great city with wonder, thinking of an ant hill disturbed by a careless step.

Which brings me to this new attraction in Chicago. Forgetting the simple fact that Chicago isn’t called “The Windy City” for nothing I have to ask;

“Who in their right mind would walk out onto a plastic box hanging off the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower?”

Certainly not me. But I guess it would be an OK thing for some Stupid Person to try during the Fourth of July Weekend.


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