More Stupid People!

I’ve been away for a few days and while gone it seems like the stupid people have been having a field day!

First…There’s the racist idjit out there wondering how Michael Jackson could have three white children. Seriously.

The same racist idjit went on to quote Al Sharpton during the memorial service this way:

“To Michaels children: Aint nutten strange bout chore daddy, only strange what he had to dealt wif”

Here’s some videos of Stupid People.  Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis (a Republican of course) who looks like she’s never missed a meal in her life telling us that poor children don’t need to eat:

Another State Representative, Sylvia Allen of Arizona (another Republican, and adding further…whoo boy, can’t Arizona put out some prime stupid people!), telling us that the State must mine uranium because the Earth’s 6000 years old (!) and back then we didn’t have environmental laws.

Can someone explain to her where uranium comes from?

Finally, there’s this employee at Hampton Toyota of Lafayette, La. Caught by hidden camera inside a customer’s Toyota Tundra helping himself to loose change in the truck.

Now we know why Gov Bobby Jindal didn’t need stimulus funds…


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