Dear Mr. O’Reilly: STFU

Below is the video of Bill O’Reilly’s latest racist slam against blacks, this time using the death of Michael Jackson as an excuse to spit his vile words of hate onto the deranged listeners of Faux News.

It’s no surprise. O’Reilly has been a racist for years and often displays this hate on his program.

Let’s take a look at some of his words and dissect them:

“Yes the man was an all star entertainer, but that’s it.”

Jackson was more than an “all star entertainer”. Jackson was the first black teen idol in this country. He was a gifted writer, composer, and singer who singlehandedly broke the racial barriers of MTV in the early 1980’s as the first black man to earn a regular rotation of his music.

The music of Michael Jackson further delineated and defined his vision of a people defined not by color, but by their words and actions.  The point could be arguably made that Michael Jackson was responsible for the relaxed racial attitudes of today’s youth.

“Jackson’s interaction with children were (sic) unacceptable for any adult.”

I love how the conservatives of Faux News and other right wing proponents (translated: Fundamentalist Christians) love to dictate what’s “acceptable” or  “unacceptable” in today’s society. Especially when you realize the Republican Party and the fundamentalist Christians are the epitomy of the word “hypocrite” what with their reputation for dalliances with the opposite and same sex and a record divorce rate – all the while preaching the supposed morality of their being.

We will never know what Michael Jackson did behind closed doors. We will never know if he was a pedophile or merely enjoyed the company of the simpleness that is childhood as an escape from the managed life he faced as both a child and as an adult.

And, really, when you look at it as that – a shelter from one’s adult life and its’  complications – couldn’t the exact same words uttered by O’Reilly but modified to include the childish interactions of today’s so-called adults playing video games, texting and communicating in the secret abbreviated languages of an infant, or taking on the child-like characteristics of the schoolyard bully in equally childish forums be applicable to to this behavior as well?
“His incredible selfishness spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing We Are The World should make any clear thinking American nauseas.”


Michael used his influence as the “King of Pop” to bring important issues into the mainstream media through his songs and music videos. “Heal the World” was only one of many charitable songs Michael created throughout his career. He formed his own foundation in 1992 after the charitable single. Through his Heal the World Foundation, MJ airlifted 46 tons of supplies to Sarajevo, instituted drug and alcohol abuse education and donated millions of dollars to less fortunate children.Michael’s passion for humanitarianism, equality, and world peace comes across in many of songs. The most prominent include “Can You Feel It,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “We Are the World”—undoubtedly the most famous of the group. Michael teamed up with Lionel Richie for “We Are the World,” to aid the poor in Africa and the U.S. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. MJ also supported the green movement in eco-tunes like “Earth Song”—the video for which showed images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war.

Can anyone tell me the charitable records of O’Reilly or anyone else voicing his comments on behalf of the “American People”?

“Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton making this a racial deal. Jackson bleached his own skin and then chose white men to provide existence to his children?”

Watch this video, Mr. O’Reilly. How soon can we forget when we have a racist agenda?

“To hear Sharpton speak today, you’d think Jackson was Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Nobody but you, Mr. O’Reilly, is comparing Michael Jackson to Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet, as previously shown, Michael Jackson’s contributions to both the black and white communities have been substantial. Of course,  I’m sure that’s “unamerican” in your words. The same words you used to describe King,  Jackson, and his mourners.

“Why is he being held up in the African American Community as a pillar of Black America when he bleached his skin.”

See the video above, Mr. O’Reilly. Now…answer this: Why are you being held up in the  Conservative Community as a pillar of conservative America?

“…and after Michael Jackson was found ‘Not Guilty’ the American media did not exactly elevate him to hero status. Did it? But now that he’s dead (most likely from an accidental drug overdose). He is a hero. How does that work?”

Mr. O’Reilly: Michael Jackson was found “Not Guilty” by a jury. Try again. And, once again, you are the one calling him a “hero”, not the American media.

As I said, Mr. O’Reilly – STFU. You do not represent America.


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  1. Why does it always have to be a racial issue? You say he was so much more than a entertainer and then cite that he was a teen idol (not the first black one) and broke racial barriers of MTV. He was a teen idol but that was as an entertainer. Broke racial barriers…. that is stretch, but he did build MTV.

    All Bill was saying is that the fawning over the guy went over the top especially considering personal issues. Nothing wrong with that… If you want to remember him as the greatest entertainer ever go ahead but beyond that there was not a lot to celebrate.

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