LOST Scoops!

I’m beginning more and more to think that there will be a mass reunion of some of the dearly departed cast of LOST that we’ve grown to love – and hate –boone over the past five years. TV Guide reports that Ian Somerholder (Boone) tells them:

“I’ve heard a little bit about what’s happening this season on Lost, and there’s definitely an avenue they’re going down to bring back a lot of us.”

That’s sounding pretty definite to me! Now all we have to figure out is exactly charlie ekohow this reunion will occur. I’m not a fan of zombie theories, so I’ve got to go with the Losties returning (following the explosion of Jughead) to 2003 in what is now an alternate timeline. Of course they won’t knowclaire that until the chance encounters with their fellow islanders start occurring.

Clue below (remember to highlight the text):


Here’s the current installment of Get LOST from TV Guide for your enjoyment:


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