Survivor All-Stars: Heroes vs. Villians!

I confess I’ve always been a Survivor junkie. There’s nothing better than dirty (real dirt too), scheming people half naked fighting it out in the wilds of whatever continent they may be on.

As a result, I was intrigued when Jeff Probst announced the next two seasons of Survivor would be filmed in Samoa. (Even more interesting as certain family members of mine share a Samoan heritage.)

My intrigue grew when I realize that the last time Survivor filmed two200px-Survivor_rupert_Photo seasons back to back was Survivor: Pearl Islands, featuring America’s favorite Rupert Boneham, and the subsequent Survivor All Stars, won by Amber Brkich, of Rob and Amber fame.

The thought just had to cross my mind. Especially after I read this morning that a Federal judge had denied a request from Richard Hatch to attend filming of the 20th season of the series in Samoa.

Will we have another All Stars following Survivor: Samoa?

Apparently, the answer is YES!

Both the location and the show’s desire to bring back previous cast members were confirmed in an e.mail message [PDF] sent from casting director Lynne Spillman to Survivor season one winner Richard Hatch on June 23, inviting him to participate. The letter said season 20 “will be filmed in Samoa” sometime between Aug. 1 and Sept. 20.That letter was revealed as part of Hatch’s petition to be released [PDF] so he can appear on the show, which notes that he “is presently serving the final approximately 90 days of his sentence under home confinement.” His petition argues that “in this depressed economy, finding a job can be difficult,” and going on the show “will enable him to pay any 2000 and 2001 taxes determined to be due.” (There’s a lot of irony there: Hatch is finishing his prison sentence for not paying taxes on his season one winnings, which he blames on producers of the show, who he accused of allowing cheating.)


I can’t wait to see some old favorites again!

Stephen Fishbach?

Are you reading this?


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  1. Richard Hatch should of been booted out the first time he exposed himself which was totally disrespectfull to the ladies in the game and abosolutely disgusting to have to see.Luckily I found the change channel button when ever he appeared in this obscene state.He must be made to realise kids watch this show god knows I won’t be watching anymore I lost any respect I had for the producers and especially Jeff for allowing it to continue.He should be done for indecent exposure along with non payment of tax’s.
    This is a show that has got totally out of hand and I for one won’t be hitting the watch survivor button again.Glad to hear he is in the can let’s face it he will get plenty of it there.Hope he suffers badly.
    And as for Amber and Rob well we all know the reason he married her it was the only way to get a look in at the money.Hope she had the brains “( Which I doubt but)” to make him sign a prenuptial agreement.Rupert,Tom,Tina and Kathy were the only decent people on that show.

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