LOST Comic-Con Wrap Up!

Here’s a complete wrap-up of videos and spoilers from the LOST gang at Comic-Con (not previously posted):

Kate on America’s Most Wanted:

Our (TVOvermind) with Jorge Garcia:

Michael Emerson auditioning for “Hurley” (thanks to lostsawyer840):

Josh Holloway interview:

ABC’s official LOST Comic-Con 2010 season preview (WTF?? Edit: It’s a fan made video 🙂 ):

Oceanic Airlines: “A perfect safety record”?

In Memory of…(thanks LaezyDaezy!)

Our interview with Nestor Carbonell:

Cast interview with G4:


Finally, confirmed spoilers (wink, wink…I was right!) thanks to DarkUFO:

Update: Holloway says Sawyer’s leader days are over and Sawyer’s state of mind post-Juliet is “destroyed.” He will be “salty” and angry again.

1) Parallel with S1 and S6 – DL confirms many characters from season one!
CC: Says there is a way of discovery that they will have in play in S6
2) Faraday confirmed for S6!!
3) Will we see flashbacks to characters’ childhood? CC says S6 will be different. CC won’t describe what that point of difference is.
4) Richard Alpert’s backstory is “involved”
5) DL: Juliet WILL be in final season.
6) Q: Is Man in Black’s name “Esau?” Emerson: Might be too literal–but I like the way your mind works.
7) Food drop in S2 finale might be covered… DL: “Something we’ll try to address.”
8) We won’t see much DHARMA in S6
9) Jacob has NOT appeared as another character on the show (especially Claire)
10) Dominic Monaghan appeared on the panel!!!!

Note: Dominic Monaghan, Ian Somerholder confirmed they will return.

Nestor Carbonell will be a full-time cast member.


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  2. in the preview for the upcoming season… you see a plane crash into a field… that scene is from them movie “Knowing” with Nic Cage…. what’s it doing in there?

    • Holy Shit.

      I paused that…it’s Plymouth Airways.

      You, my dear, will be credited for a scoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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