Gates vs The Cop

Another subject I haven’t really touched upon the past few days, thanks to Comic-Con. Although I did post this over on Hal Boedeker’s column at the Orlando Sentinel:

My take? Gates had just returned from a long trip, was probably exhausted, most assuredly frustrated over his door sticking and the subsequent inability to get into his home…just like every single one of us after a bad day.Add to that a nosy neighbor and a police officer accusing you of breaking and entering into your own home then getting his feelings hurt (the police officer) and you have the classic example of a bad day going really bad.

In this case, nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong. Get over it.

Now that I have time to write down some of my other thoughts regarding this situation, I realized this:

Have you ever been in an accident? Have you ever had to call the police to your home regarding some incident or other?

What happens?

Here’s what happens…

A. You, or someone, calls the police.

B. The policeman arrives.

C. The policeman investigates the damage/situation by asking questions of all witnesses.

D. The witnesses all write a sworn statement regarding the accident/incident.

E. The policeman finishes the investigation.

F. The policeman goes to his squad car.

G. The policeman writes out a report. Right there. On the scene. Presumably so he remembers all the details.

H. The policeman turns in his investigation report to the police station, along with all the other statements, etc., where it’s recorded as public record.


But what do we see as a result of the Gates vs. The Cop situation? This:

police report

What’s wrong with that report?

Sure, it’s nicely, neatly, typed out. No misspelled words, no grammatical errors…a perfect document.

I’ll assume police nowadays have the capability to produce such documents from the laptops we see in their cars today.

But…why would the police officer in the Gates vs. The Cop say this if the report was completed on-the-spot?

policereport1 How could this police put on his report “two black males” when the 911 call by Lucia Whalen made no mention of it?

Was the police report doctored?


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