Sunday Stupid People

Today, we’re looking at a whole bunch of stupid people. First, let’s discuss the right-wing fear-mongering idiots out there who are insisting that President Obama’s health care reform is nothing short of socialism and will destroy this country.

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I posted this clip from YouTube:

Perhaps my point didn’t get through back then so I’ll spell it out now. I guessblinders LilMike and his right wing buddies didn’t see it because their blinders were on too tight.

Has our country survived since Ronald Reagan predicted our doom at the hands of Medicare? Have we turned into a Socialist, goose-stepping people? No, we haven’t.

Now the same Republican fear-mongers are screaming the President is out to stretch his Socialist agenda by insisting a “mandate”  requiring everyone in America buy health care insurance or risk the threat of arrest and sentencing to spend their life in a debtor prison!

Shudder! But did the President say that? Of course not. On June 3rd, he sent a letter to Senators Max Baucus and Ted Kennedy commending their efforts to institute health care reform and outlining his goals:

In 2009, health care reform is not a luxury. It’s a necessity we cannot defer. Soaring health care costs make our current course unsustainable. It is unsustainable for our families, whose spiraling premiums and out-of-pocket expenses are pushing them into bankruptcy and forcing them to go without the checkups and prescriptions they need. It is unsustainable for businesses, forcing more and more of them to choose between keeping their doors open or covering their workers. And the ever-increasing cost of Medicare and Medicaid are among the main drivers of enormous budget deficits that are threatening our economic future.

In short, the status quo is broken, and pouring money into a broken system only perpetuates its inefficiencies. Doing nothing would only put our entire health care system at risk. Without meaningful reform, one fifth of our economy is projected to be tied up in our health care system in 10 years; millions more Americans are expected to go without insurance; and outside of what they are receiving for health care, workers are projected to see their take-home pay actually fall over time.

We simply cannot afford to postpone health care reform any longer. This recognition has led an unprecedented coalition to emerge on behalf of reform — hospitals, physicians, and health insurers, labor and business, Democrats and Republicans. These groups, adversaries in past efforts, are now standing as partners on the same side of this debate.

The President goes on to say:

The plans you are discussing embody my core belief that Americans should have better choices for health insurance, building on the principle that if they like the coverage they have now, they can keep it, while seeing their costs lowered as our reforms take hold.

But for those who don’t have such options, I agree that we should create a health insurance exchange — a more open market where Americans can one-stop shop for a health care plan, compare benefits and prices, and choose the plan that’s best for them, in the same way that Members of Congress and their families can. None of these plans should deny coverage on the basis of a preexisting condition, and all of these plans should include an affordable basic benefit package that includes prevention, and protection against catastrophic costs.

I strongly believe that Americans should have the choice of a public health insurance option operating alongside private plans. This will give them a better range of choices, make the health care market more competitive, and keep insurance companies honest.

Nicely said, Mr. President.

Now. Where in this letter does the President say he wants to mandate coverage for all? This is what he really said:

But I believe if we are going to make people responsible for owning health insurance, we must make health care affordable. If we do end up with a system where people are responsible for their own insurance, we need to provide a hardship waiver to exempt Americans who cannot afford it.

In addition, while I believe that employers have a responsibility to support health insurance for their employees, small businesses face a number of special challenges in affording health benefits and should be exempted.

It’s a mandate, all right. But not the gloom and doom mandate the Republicans are trying to say it is.

Remember…Ronald Reagan’s policies are what’s destroyed our economy. George Bush and Dick Cheney destroyed the worldwide respect of this country with the lies that sent us to Iraq.

To prove my point, here’s an exchange from the good-ol boys and girls at Faux News the other day.


Criticizing the President over what beer he drank? And these fools are to be taken seriously?

Why the hell is anyone believing what the Republicans say now?


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