When a Joker Isn’t a Joke

In case there’s nobody out there that didn’t know, I’m not a big fan of the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney Eight Years of Destroying America. When I participated on The Unnamed Webboard, I was often very vocal in my disgust with the previous Administration and the lies that came out of it.

Lieslk_mtliesmore5 that led our country to a “war” in a country we shouldn’t have been in, lies that led to torture of prisoners, lies that led to the restriction of our personal liberties, lies that led to the destruction of our economy, and most of all: The lies that led to our fellow nations losing respect for The United States of America.

My voice has been silenced over there, only to be brought back louder here. Today, I can say freely what I feel and believe in without having to bow before anyone or censor my words in order to placate others.

What’s funny is that, even though I’m not able to read what’s over there, I know the routine. A few vocal supporters of the former Administration that nearly destroyed the country still defending their former leader.

I’m talking about LilMike, Sam Dicpetris (otherwise known as The Guardian and his alter-ego 1Private Dick), and Butchie. Each bowing before the Republican Way in their own smarmy manner. Although LilMike (at times) writes more eloquently than the rest – and without the spelling errors, each has spent the past eight months with one mission: harp on each and every move President Obama has made, with each and every word printed by NewsBusters, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and other selected right-wing pundits quoted with loving passion, mistruths, and misstatements. I’ll just call these guys the Fantastic Three and a Half from now on.

Whether it be what kind of beer the President drank, whose ass he may or may not have looked at, or the color of Michelle Obama’s dress…the Fantastic Three and a Half have been known to jump to the front of the forum screaming their criticisms.

Today, I’m confident that the discussion revolves around the most recentObama Joker Poster Popping Up In Los Angeles news (if that’s what it’s called)…a poster of President Obama with his face photoshopped on that of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker that’s shown up in the Los Angeles area in the past few days.

Furthermore, the right pundits, and most assuredly the Fantastic Three and a Half, are reacting to the uproar over this poster with the obvious refrain:

“Where was the furor when the same thing was done to George Bush?”

Yup. While everyone in the country is trying to forget those miserable eight bushyears of Hell, these guys still want to remind us, all of us, how wonderfully maligned their former leader was.

Even to the point of pointing out that last year, Vanity Fair, posted an eerily similar take on Bush as The Joker, questioning him as a comic book villian.

My answer? I don’t know.

Since it’s obviously Democrats complaining about the Obama caricature, why didn’t you Republicans complain about the Bush caricature last year?

Perhaps you were as sick of the Bush/Cheney lies as the rest of America? Perhaps you knew and see the truth in the depiction of Bush as a deranged, comic hero, to be accurate?

Therein lies the difference between the supporters of President Obama and the supporters of Bush.

We act like adults in criticizing our President over what he’s done, not what he wants to do or what he’s percieved to be doing. We are, as a result of those eight years of Hell, willing to support our President in his quest to restore our economy, restore respect for the Geneva Conventions, restore our freedom, and restore our respect among our peers.


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  1. I think the question you don’t want deflected is this: “why didn’t you Republicans complain about the Bush caricature last year?”

    Dude, that’s a dumb question, but here goes. As many caricatures of Bush as there have been during the Bush era, why should we complain about one more? I mean really. I don’t recall the Joker/Bush picture being posted on the Unamed Webboard either (until recently), but I recall dozens and dozens of others. But apparently you guys are so thin skinned that one of Him gets it’s own blog from you.

    • No…I think the reason you didn’t bring it up back then is your shame for the actions of Bush and Cheney. Just like how right now you’re too scared to talk about what’s being said by your fellow neocons regarding Bowe Bergdahl.

  2. I like the Bush one more b.c it’s more artful.. it’s a better job…

    and I think putting a white face on a black man might just be as bad as putting a black face on a white man.. but I don’t know..

  3. My, you do keep up, for someone who can’t read the unnamed webboard, you manage to quote something written there just today fairly accurately. Good job Kreskin!

    I think your argument seems to be that of course you caricatured President Bush, he was evil, but that someone would think to do that to Saint Barack, blasphemy! Someone is disrespecting the office of the President!

    Anyway the picture is cool. Obama should make it his emblem.

    • lol…no, LilMike, I’m not checking it out. Can’t. Although from what I hear regarding the shit you and your one and one half crazy minions are spewing out, The Unnamed Webboard could use a good dose of Howey common sense while busting you guys out.

      Are you going to answer my question, or just deflect as you usually do?

      “why didn’t you Republicans complain about the Bush caricature last year?”

      Of course, I don’t recall any of us posting that pic of Bush on The Unnamed Webboard and glorifying it as much as you and your one and one half crazy minions are with the Obama pic.

      I guess that’s because we’re intelligent.

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