The Murder of August Provost: A Little Too Convenient?

Remember August Provost?

The admittedly gay soldier killed on duty by one of his peers? The one who admitted to his family members that he’d been harrassed on post and wasprovost concerned? The one who had nowhere other than his family to turn because of the archaic DADT?

On July 23rd, Petty Officer 1st Class Jonathan Campos was arrested in the murder of Provost.

From San

A sailor has been charged with fatally shooting and burning a gay serviceman last month at Camp Pendleton, but Navy officials said Thursday it was part of a crime spree not related to the victim’s sexual orientation.Prosecutors accuse Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Campos of killing Seaman August Provost during an arson attack against the compound of Assault Craft Unit 5 on June 30, said Capt. Matt Brown, a spokesman for Navy Region Southwest.

Brown again stressed that there’s no evidence of a hate crime or gang-related activity.

So. Did the Navy even conduct an investigation? Or did they determine it wasn’t (according to the Navy) necessary because the gun used to kill Provost was conveniently tied to another case?). The Navy conveniently arrested someone (Campos) suspected of 16 charges, including murder, arson, unlawful entry, theft of military property and wrongful possession of a firearm. Someone who conveniently also  attempted to hire a civilian to murder another soldier the day after Provost’s death.

Yet, the Navy spokesperson (Brown) states there’s no evidence of a “hateevil crime”?

On August 1st, Jonathan Campos, the accused murderer of August Provost – while under SUICIDE WATCH – in the brig, conveniently committed suicide by stuffing enough toilet paper into his mouth to asphyxiate himself.

Don’t all these circumstances seem, ummm….a little too convenient?

Of course they do!

Even the military admits they don’t want the issue of DADT tied into the murder of Provost. From the Navy Times:

…Navy officials said they don’t believe the shooting was gang-or terror-related. They also continued to dispute rumors that Provost was killed because he was gay, despite contentions raised by several relatives and gay advocacy groups who claim the sailor had been harassed at the unit because he was open about his homosexuality.

While Navy officials have denied that the shooting was a hate crime, Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., has asked Navy and Marine Corps officials for additional investigations into Provost’s death. Provost “made the selfless and courageous decision to serve his country, regardless of his sexual orientation; he should be treated with honor and respect,” Filner wrote in letters to Defense Secretary Robert Gates; Marine Commandant Gen. James Conway; Col. Nicholas F. Marano, who is Camp Pendleton’s base commander; and Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., who chairs the House Armed Services Committee.

Filner said he was frustrated with a lack of information from the Navy and the Marine Corps, particularly over the suspicion that Provost’s sexuality might be connected to his death, which would raise questions about consequences of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

“They don’t want that discussion to take place,” he said.

Thankfully, Provost’s family, gay rights groups, Rep. Filner, the NAACP, and others concerned with the course of this investigation won’t let it conveniently end without the truth:

The Navy says it will continue investigating a seaman’s killing even though the suspect apparently committed suicide in San Diego County.Navy spokesman Brian O’Rourke says the military owes answers to the family of 29-year-old Seaman August Provost of Houston, who was shot in a Camp Pendleton guard shack on June 30. The shack also was set on fire.

The family says Provost may have been killed because he was gay, though the Navy has said there is no evidence to support that claim.

Petty Officer Jonathan Campos was charged last month with killing Provost, but the 32-year-old Lancaster man suffocated Friday at Camp Pendleton after toilet paper was stuffed in his mouth.

The Navy says Campos did not target Provost for being gay and planned to commit several crimes on base.

Wait. I thought Campos stuffed the toilet paper in his own mouth? I thought Campos committed “several crimes on base” before Provost was killed?

All the more reason for a complete congressional investigation into the murder of August Provost.

Please! Call or write your Congressman and demand this investigation continues! Before it conveniently goes away.


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