Is It Really About Healthcare?

Following are two videos of Republican-led disruption of heath care townRight-Wing-Media-Hate hall meeting in recent days. There’s several more on the internet, but these prove my point.

Led by conservative organizations formed by profit-seeking health care companies with little interest in the American public’s health; as well as FOX News right wing wackos such as Glenn Beck, our Democratic process is becoming a hate-filled sham.

Serious discussions of issues facing our country  are being drowned out by illegible shouts and words of hate.

This has been simmering in the pot since the failed McCain/Palin campaign, when similary protests drowned out (unsuccessfully) the need for change.

Finally…this video which sums up the situation:

My question: When will this hate result in the unthinkable? What will happen to our country when it happens? Will the shame of the right wing haters result in the change that’s been needed?

The answer lies within the first two videos above. Nobody protesting at these town hall meetings is black.  These right wing protests have nothing to do with healthcare, Congress, or anything a reasonable person would discuss. They are all about a black President.

Are you people that intent on destroying our country because the President’s black? How can you say it’s not about race? Your hate is all about race!


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