Somehow I’ve failed to remember to post this for my LOST fans – too much political crap going on out there I’ve forgotten the important things in life.


Anyhow, during Comic-Con this year, Lindelof and Cuse were presented apainting portrait (painted on black velvet…lol) bearing their likenesses standing on either side of a polar bear.

Here’s the presentation of the painting to the duo by the “artist”, comedian Paul Scheer, at Comic-Con:

Now, the painting and circumstances surrounding it have spurned a new LOST ARG to prepare us for the upcoming season.

Involving fans, celebrities, and even Dark UFO and Doc Arzt, my compadre, fellow poster and creator of TVOvermind, there’s a blog out there dedicated to Scheer’s painting and his quest to clear his name. You’ll see what I mean when you read the blog (and feel free to discuss in Comments!):


Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear


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