Hurricane Charlie Strikes Again!

Seems like our famously flamboyant Governor (at the moment) Charlie Lisp Crist is at it again!

After apparently having done absolutely nothing for the State of Florida during his reign, Her Majesty can now claim his first accomplishment as Governor before heading off into the sunset better known as the U.S. Senate.

charlieYesiree, folks, Charlie has parted the Atlantic Sea and prevented us from being struck by hurricanes since he took office!

“Dear God, please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Charlie.”

Yup. That’s what Charlie reportedly affirms was written on a note he inserted into Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall in 2007 and instructed others to repeat in the two years since. BTW – I’m glad to See Charlie’s dispatched others to…umm…stick his thing into a crack – seeing as how he’s so busy running the state campaigning for the Senate.

Now if that doesn’t get Charlie back in the good graces of the Religious Right, I don’t know what will.

Things haven’t been going well for Charlie the past six months or so. Especially in his relationship with the extreme right of the Republican Party. Seems they weren’t too pleased when Charlie stood alongside President Obama and declared the stimulus bill a God-Given boost the State needs. Or when a movie came to within a camel’s hair of rightfully outing the Governor. (By the way, Gov. Lisp Crist…just when will the First Beard be moving into the Governor’s Mansion?)

Of course, now Charlie’s running for the Senate, I’m sure he’ll change his mind on the stimulus funds…much like he’s done this week on health care reform. Just the other day he called President Obama’s health care reform “cockamamie” and that “what’s going on in Washington is nuts.”

Hmmm….Looks like the Gov’s got a one track mind lately using those homolicious words…perhaps it’s time for a trip to Fire Island?


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