Patriotic Unity or Racist Hate?

Yesterday, a group of approximately 60,000* men and women descended upon Washington, D.C., in a protest organized by FreedomWorks, Fox News, andslide_2672_37530_large cheerleaded by the heir-apparent of the Republican Party, Glenn Beck. The march, presumptively to protest President Obama’s health care proposals and government spending, was the brainchild (yes, I know that’s an oxymoron) of Beck who envisioned his 9/12 Project earlier this year in his quest to spread his hatred and racist propoganda directly at the President:

Beck hosted a special program earlier this year announcing his initiative called the “9/12 Project” — an effort to ostensibly recreate the patriotic unity after the September 11 attacks.

Let’s talk about the above quote. Patriotic unity? Really? I remember the hours, days, and weeks following the attacks on the World Trade Center that killed nearly 3,000 people.

slide_2672_37531_largeI remember a distinctly non-partisan air of approval in the nation’s reaction to President Bush’s handing of this terrorist act in it’s aftermatch.

I remember nearly every single American, White, Black, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, Straight, Gay, Young and Old displaying patriotic flags, bumper stickers and words in support of then President Bush’s upcoming War on Terrorism.

That was patriotic unity!

What we saw yesterday in the nation’s Capital, lined along the streets, was far from patriotic unity.

What we saw yesterday was a sea of white faces. What we saw yesterday was the fringe of the conservative right pronouncing, nee repeating the words of racist hate so often spewed out by Glenn Beck and his co-conspirators at Fox News and elsewhere.

What we saw yesterday was hate, racism, and bigotry lining the streets of Washington, D.C.

What we saw yesterday was nowhere near the patriotic unity we saw in thesigncomp1 days and weeks following the 9-11 attacks. Not when that unity doesn’t include the Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, Gays, Young and Old marching alongside the white evangelical Christians.

Until that day happens and not until that day happens can we say the words patriotic unity again.


* In an apparent attempt to pad the numbers, several conservative groups and Fox News decided to mis-quote ABC News and put the number of attendees at an astonishing 1.5 million people. Of course it was just another lie in a throng of lies.


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  3. I liked the sign this weekend that said “The zoo has an African lion, the white house has a lying African”

    nahhh.. not racist at all..

    or the woman who was interviewed who said Obama was letting the Muslims come in a take over the country because he was Muslim..and not christian..

    nah, no hate there either.. and a very valid debate topic of course..*rollseyes*


    but THE best, “Glenn Beck for President”


    it’s hard to imagine a 9/12 where the entire country rallied around a presdent despite their political differences.. but then again, that was before the right had to imagine an ‘arrogant’ black man would actually be their leader..

    • “Puhleeze! Valid argument? There hasn’t been a valid argument from your guys yet! Does screaming over discussions at Town Hall meetings constitute a valid argument. Does banging on doors and creating a commotion?”- This is a fallocy of ridicule. Do you even know what the issue is?

      Am I to understand that losing one election invalidates opposition? What would that mean to those who protested G W Bush? Did you tell Democrats to shut up and take it? Or were you one of those who said the election was stolen? When all else fails, cry cheat.

      You will believe what you choose. I don’t expect to change your mind.

      I want to know how the smartest person here can make the argument that spending trillions of dollars that don’t exist is a good way to run this country. How is monetizing our debt a good policy? How will it not destroy our currency and our prosperity along with it?

      And if it’s not too much trouble… Do it with reason. Even if EVERYONE at the march WAS a racist (mathematically impossible) how does pointing that out change these questions? How does discrediting the messenger change the facts of the message?

      It’s an easy thing to run tit for tat with accusations. I can point out what I believe is racism and stupid all day long on the liberal side (see Bill Mahr recently?). You’re right, its not about the numbers. But you are wrong to think there isn’t a real issue of corruption here.

      I liked G W for a while, then he started spending out of control and ignored the border. He wouldn’t fight a war to win, regardless how or why it started winning matters. Then he started TARP and set up the destruction of our economic system. Are you so invested in the people that you don’t care about the issues? Do you hate capitalism? Do you not see how it is being corrupted into fascism? We aren’t there yet, but why wait until it is? Denying it’s possible is foolish and a smart guy like you knows that.

      For all your comments you don’t address any of these questions. I see nothing here but finger pointing and schoolyard arguments like “yea but yer stupid”. That isn’t evidence of your intelligence; it’s an inability to formulate an argument.

      So feel free to enlighten this southern hayseed Bible thumping hic. Maybe I’ll put my teeth in and become an intellectual like you. Maybe I will learn to ignore the argument and attack the opponent’s looks or faith or race (well only if they’re white). You can enlighten me how all that isn’t prejudice and hateful.

  4. Well, well, Mr. Ohandy1. Those little spelling errors are a giveaway, aren’t they?

    “exactly how is it that ridicule has become a replacement for a valid arguement”

    Puhleeze! Valid argument? There hasn’t been a valid argument from your guys yet! Does screaming over discussions at Town Hall meetings constitute a valid argument. Does banging on doors and creating a commotion? No, these are the actions of misinformed sheep.

    “The estimates, not misquoted, place the numbers up to 2mil.”

    And just who put out those estimates? Michele Malkin? Glenn Beck? Rush? The DC Police estimated the crowd at 60-70000. I trust their word.

    “Would you please validate your comment that every one there was a racist?”

    A picture (or, in this case, thousands of pictures) tells a lot…look at the signs above and elsewhere. Then look at the faces holdiing the signs.

    Am I the smartest one here? Damn right!

  5. 60,000.. 2 million.. 3 million.. who cares, you lost!! if you want to do things democratically then move the hell out of the way b/c YOU LOST.. These same issues were already voted on and… YOU LOST

    when will you recognize the foolishness of your position?

  6. I’m confused, exactly how is it that ridicule has become a replacement for a valid arguement? Last time I took that class it was a fallocy.

    The estimates, not misquoted, place the numbers up to 2mil. (I’ve heard numbers over 3 but not many trying to stand by that) Near as I can tell this could make this the LARGEST event EVER of its kind. Even larger than the inoguration. Even the lower estimates make it a notable event larger than the “million man march” which reached about 800,000 according to the most generous estimates.

    Would you please validate your comment that every one there was a racist? If your definition of racist is being white it doesn’t wash and is in itself biggotry. That statement shows your hatred and racism which you project on those you hate.

    But calling them all idiots surely makes you the smartest man in the room. Trust me, that only works in your world.

    You are a fool and if I add to your ratings maybe more will recognize the foolishness of your position and actually think about what they choose to believe.

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