Patriotic Unity or Racist Hate? – Another Look

Following my recent post about Glenn Beck’s 9/12 March in Washington comes this revelation: Marching alongside the lily white protesters at the Capital was a fringe group so vile in their message one must be amazed at the positive reception they received from their fellow visitors…

Here’s Rachel Maddow:

lol…I’m shocked, amused, and not at all surprised! One of the commenters to my previous post, someone who identified himself as “Ohandy1” took me to issue for calling the protesters in Washington “idiots”. I stand corrected. No idiot would ever fall for, least of all march along arm-in-arm with,  the Billionaires for Wealthcare.  Only stupid idiots would!

Mr. Ohandy1 also took me to task over the number of people attending the event. Citing the ever-reliable Michele Malkin as his source, he insisted two million (stupid idiots) attended the march this past weekend! He even alluded to an even greater number of three million were marching…quote:

The estimates, not misquoted, place the numbers up to 2mil. (I’ve heard numbers over 3 but not many trying to stand by that) Near as I can tell this could make this the LARGEST event EVER of its kind. Even larger than the inoguration. Even the lower estimates make it a notable event larger than the “million man march” which reached about 800,000 according to the most generous estimates.

Yeah, right.  Here’s a picture of President Obama’s inauguration:


And…here’s a picture (from Fox News) of the 9/12 Stupid Idiot March from last weekend…


I’ll let my readers decide which had the most people.

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