The Return of Dallas?

One of the most popular dramas of the Reagan-era Eighties was Dallas. Repldallasete with big money, big oil, big trucks, big ranches, big families, big power struggles, and big betrayal, Dallas (and Dynasty over at competitor ABC) was the poster child of all that was wrong with that decade of the Rich and Greedy. For 14 years, America feasted on the over-the-top antics and scheming of J.R, Sue Ellen, Bobby, Pam and the entire clan of dysfunctional Dallasites.

Today, in less opulent times, Warner Brothers has announced it’s working on a new Dallas, concentrating on the lifes of the progeny of J.R. and Bobby, to be shown on TNT:

Warner Brothers is once again trying to resuscitate J. R. Ewing and his bourbon-loving “Dallas” clan for its sister cable network TNT, according to a producer and an agent with knowledge of the project.

The show would focus on the next generation of Ewings, namely John Ross (the offspring of J. R. and Sue Ellen, for you “Dallas” neophytes) and Christopher (the adopted son of Bobby and Pam who, devotees will remember, is the progeny of Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristin, the famed shooter of J. R.).

Although I wasn’t a big Dallas fan (I was more the Dynasty type), I think this would work in today’s times of post-Wall Street collapse and Big Business greed.

Maybe the John Ross character (what would he be now, 30ish?) would be a rich oil man like his Daddy was and Christopher could be an altruistic leader of the Green Movement and environmental concerns?

Oh. And the article sweetens the pot by mentioning that former cast members Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy have been contacted and might be appear on the drama (or at least give it their blessing).

Side Note: Two previous Dallas reunion specials, J.R. Returns in 1996 and The War of the Ewings in 1998 performed fairly well in the ratings of the period, with over 16 million and 11 million viewers respectively. Whether this new project, if picked up, will maintain the viewership, remains to be seen.


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