Black Friday

It’s that time of the year…

This year’s Black Friday ads are out:

As a former frequent shopper on Black Friday, I didn’t go last year after a badblackfriday experience at our local Target the year before. After getting out of bed at 3am and waiting in line for three hours I was one of the so-called “lucky ones” to buy what I thought was a great deal on a 20″ HDTV with built-in DVD player for the bedroom. Over the next two days it was returned three times for the same model. Seems likie the TV was so cheaply built nothing liked to work, especially the DVD player. I finally got my money back and went to Best Buy and bought a much better HDTV…and Best Buy matched the $199 price!

This year I’m committed to go again…for the right deal. So let’s see what’s out there: 

After reviewing some of this year’s ads, I find the best deals for kid’s toys will again be at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.

bfAt Target, I found this which would be a nice gift for the better half since we’re wineaholics. 🙂 If you’re into espresso, this looks like it’s well worth the early morning trip.

I’m not much of a K-Mart shopper, but if you’re in the mood for directions, this doesn’t seem to be a bad deal either.

Best Buy has disabled links to their sale products, but you can get an overview here. And, remember…most big box electronics retailers honor Black Friday prices online so you don’t even need to leave the house!

Old Navy often warrants a Black Friday trip and this year, although there’s not much of a selection, there’s a lot of great deals.

My favorite place to shop, Macy’s, has some great deals, especially on bedding.

Of course, there’s lots more out there to look over. So, have fun, and shop smart!


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  1. Hey Howey,

    We have been bringing many things to the states attention but it doesn’t seem to matter. We are hoping by meeting him he will see what type of impact this will have on the oldest and he will be the better man about visits. He has numerous arrests for drugs including a felony conviction and DUI’s but since he has given up drugs, is paying child support and doing weekly visits there isn’t much the state can do regardless of what they want and they have been on our side the whole time.

    I have to give our case worker credit, she has been trying to make it very clear to him that he would have a better life that didn’t involve drugs, alcohol and poor living conditions with us but as they have told us you can’t fault someone because of their economic situation.

    Even the Judge is sympathetic to our situation but he has told us his hands are tied.

      • Yup, it’s a sucky world sometimes. The Childrens Home told us that maybe it will make it easier from this point with being a Foster Parent if we have to experience the loss of a child. It’s still hard though no matter what.

  2. Hi, Lisa…miss ya!

    DO NOT turn the baby over to the Dad before he “gets his life together and fixes his life”!

    Talk to the courts. Make him wait and prove he can do it. Trust me…you know I speak from experience!

  3. When I went out in 2007 my best friend and I had Toys R Us all planned out, and she overslept and I stood in line for 4 hours by myself which sucked. Because of that experience at the store I was turned off to going last year. This year though is another story, I have to find a DS this year. And this time my friend will be with me!

    I’m glad you are entertaining the idea of going out again this year.

    I fear this will be our last year with the baby, his father decided to get his act together and fix his life. We have a meeting with him next week and he is a little scared at the idea of taking on a baby but plans to have his family help him with raising him. I’m not sure where the meeting will go but we shall see.

    We get to keep his brother and we’re hoping he will be civil about his brother having visits with him. He has made it clear he wants his son kept away from the past that brought him into the states care in the first place but doesn’t want to shun the oldest.

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