Supporting a Public Option: The Wrong Way

The other day, my friend Kelly posted a great blog at The VSJ, continuing her dismay over the big insurance companies cancelling policies of those with costly medical problems. Focusing this time on Ian Pearl, who has muscular dystrophy like our friend Chuck, she tells us what extent Pearl’s insurors will go through to keep from paying for his care:

 “In an e-mail to four other Guardian executives entered into evidence in the Pearls’ suit, company Vice President Tim Birely discussed how the company could “eliminate this entire block to get rid of the few dogs.”

In case you don’t understand what that means, Kelly succinctly explains:

“the New York-based insurer simply canceled lines of coverage altogether in entire states to avoid paying high-cost claims like Mr. Pearl’s”

In reply to Mr. Pearl’s lawsuit against the insurance company, and repeated by LilMike as a viable solution to the problem is this comment:

“As a last resort, Mr. Pearl would be admitted to a state hospital under Medicaid.”

Let me get this straight…The insurance companies and their Republican supporters like LilMike are dead set against a Public Option…yet are in favor of persons being denied insurance for long-term care receiving a type of government health care under Medicaid?

In another story I just came across, titled “He’s In the Army Now”, we hear thecaudle story of Bill Caudle, a recently laid off worker who, at the age of 40, enlisted in the Army in order to receive medical care for his wife Michelle’s ongoing battle with ovarian cancer. Unable to enroll in Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus public insurance program (apparently because the program had been suspended), Mr. Caudle decided to join the military after his COBRA insurance ran out.

Today, Mr. Caudle has become a right wing hero. No, not for the reasons you think. Because, and I quote:

“instead of reaching for a handout, the father puts his hand up to swear in and shows how to responsibly take care of his family…”

Nobody, I repeat, nobody should have to resort to having to join the Army at the age of 40 in order to get health care coverage for their spouse!

Let me get this straight…The Republican supporters are dead set against a Public Option…yet are in favor of persons without insurance joining the Army to receive another type of government health care?

Why are the Republicans so against a Public Option when government-run health care is so great?


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    • Quit yer bitchin. Kelly got a hyperlink because she wrote this particular blog.

      Just admit you’re wrong and move on.

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