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Super Hypocrisy

I guess the whole world’s waiting to see the Super Bowl ad sponsored by the Right Wing-Conservative-Political-Hate-Group-Disguised-As-A-Religious-Entity Focus on Family. Apparently the ad will document the decision ex-Florida Gator Tim Tebow’s mother Pam made to not have an abortion after contracting an illness while pregnant with him.

Resulting in what I’m sure some right wing Christian zealot bible-thumping idiots consider the…

Second Coming of Christ

I really don’t care that Focus on Family runs this ad…although I find it amusing that over a thousand employees of the organization lost their jobs in order to pay for it.

Nor do I care that the thousands of young, impressionable, and stupid Christian teenage girls and young women watching the ad will entertain the thought of putting their own life in danger when faced with pregnancy complications in the future…

Because Focus on Family tells them they might be carrying the next Tim Tebow!

What I do find quite silly is the reasoning CBS is using to run the ad. Historically known for not airing controversial commercials during the Super Bowl, CBS had the following comment to make:

“We have for some time moderated our approach to advocacy submissions after it became apparent that our stance did not reflect public sentiment or industry norms,” said spokesman Dana McClintock. “In fact, most media outlets have accepted advocacy ads for some time.”

Yet, CBS has refused to air the following commercial during this year’s Super Bowl:

Ok. Sure. It might portray a stereotype of a certain subculture of gay life. Is that a reason to not air the ad? Nope.

How about this commercial? Also refused by CBS?

Even less inoffensive.

Unless, of course, you’re a homophobic bigot afraid of seeing two guys kinda-sorta make out!

Just Pass the Damn Bill!

I’m a big fan of Steve Benen over at The Washington Monthly. Here’s his latest post in it’s entirety. I couldn’t agree more!

I have no idea whose advice would be most likely to influence congressional Dems on health care reform, but Paul Krugman was recently named the most influential commentator in the nation, so here’s hoping his message gets through: “Stop whining, and do what needs to be done.”

A message to House Democrats: This is your moment of truth. You can do the right thing and pass the Senate health care bill. Or you can look for an easy way out, make excuses and fail the test of history.

Tuesday’s Republican victory in the Massachusetts special election means that Democrats can’t send a modified health care bill back to the Senate. That’s a shame because the bill that would have emerged from House-Senate negotiations would have been better than the bill the Senate has already passed. But the Senate bill is much, much better than nothing. And all that has to happen to make it law is for the House to pass the same bill, and send it to President Obama’s desk.

Right now, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, says that she doesn’t have the votes to pass the Senate bill. But there is no good alternative. […]

[S]ome Democrats want to just give up on the whole thing. That would be an act of utter political folly. It wouldn’t protect Democrats from charges that they voted for “socialist” health care — remember, both houses of Congress have already passed reform. All it would do is solidify the public perception of Democrats as hapless and ineffectual.

 Americans have been waiting for this for a century. The top domestic policy priority of the Democratic Party for generations is right there in front of them, just waiting for a single roll-call vote.

House passage of the Senate bill would help millions suffering under the dysfunctional status quo. It would prove that Democrats can deliver on their agenda. It would take advantage of a once-in-a-generation opportunity and be a historic achievement. It would steer clear of electoral suicide that would cost Democrats’ their majority and leave the country much worse off.

The solution is so goddamn obvious it’s literally unbelievable that Dems aren’t rushing to embrace it.

Pass. The. Damn. Bill.

Pass. The. Damn. Bill.

Pass. The. Damn. Bill.

Steve Benen

The Second American Revolution

 Scott Brown

We all know who he is by now. A pretty Republican with a pretty spouse and pretty children. Someone who speaks pretty words that really don’t mean very much when you read between the lines.

Someone so pretty Matt Drudge is probably salivating as you read this. After all, Matt’s already espousing Brown as the next President of the United States.

But haven’t we been through this already?

You betcha!

Now it seems as if Brown’s got something else in common with Sarah Barracuda. He’s also the latest darling of the Tea Baggers and secessionists. Remember Sarah’s flirtation with the Alaska Independence Party? That extreme right wing organization that her husband Todd belonged to for years?

Here’s a video from Brown’s victory party yesterday featuring lots of flags sold by extreme right wing secessionist Jeff McQueen.

In McQueen’s own words:

We are now as divided as America was in the 1860s. When two people find they can no longer communicate, while living under the same roof, they often split apart and go there seperate ways. So what if . . . we took the United States and just split it in half . . . 24 states become The United States of the Democrats and 24 states become The United States of the Republicans

Wow. I can see it now…

Brown/Palin 2012!

God help America.

Oh. In case you missed it, Brown also shares something else with Palin. Seems like he likes to whore out his daughters too!


Here’s Brown’s wife years ago as “The Girl With The Curious Hand” in some music video by an unknown group. Guess she likes to make things squirt! How’s that for family values!

Those Crazy Palin Kids!

Look out! The Wasilla Hillbillies are at it again! While the Stay-Away-From-Home Mom Sarah Palin is out making herself look like the buffoonette she truly is over at Fox News (home of lots of buffoons) we get word that her youngest daughter Willow is following in her big sister’s footsteps.

Seems like Willow and a large group of the God-Fearing Wasilla Youth Brigade decided to break into a house for sale and have a big ol’ drunkfest. From the report:

“Willow has been running with the wrong crowd,” confides a friend. “They are a popular high school clique known as the Colony Girls, who are well known as hard partiers and are regularly involved in underage drinking and smoking dope.”

Here’s some advice, Sarah. Go home. Don’t worry about running for President or being on Fox News.

After all, you’ve proven you can’t manage a town, you can’t manage a State, and above all, you can’t manage your kids.

How do you expect to manage a country?