The Second American Revolution

 Scott Brown

We all know who he is by now. A pretty Republican with a pretty spouse and pretty children. Someone who speaks pretty words that really don’t mean very much when you read between the lines.

Someone so pretty Matt Drudge is probably salivating as you read this. After all, Matt’s already espousing Brown as the next President of the United States.

But haven’t we been through this already?

You betcha!

Now it seems as if Brown’s got something else in common with Sarah Barracuda. He’s also the latest darling of the Tea Baggers and secessionists. Remember Sarah’s flirtation with the Alaska Independence Party? That extreme right wing organization that her husband Todd belonged to for years?

Here’s a video from Brown’s victory party yesterday featuring lots of flags sold by extreme right wing secessionist Jeff McQueen.

In McQueen’s own words:

We are now as divided as America was in the 1860s. When two people find they can no longer communicate, while living under the same roof, they often split apart and go there seperate ways. So what if . . . we took the United States and just split it in half . . . 24 states become The United States of the Democrats and 24 states become The United States of the Republicans

Wow. I can see it now…

Brown/Palin 2012!

God help America.

Oh. In case you missed it, Brown also shares something else with Palin. Seems like he likes to whore out his daughters too!


Here’s Brown’s wife years ago as “The Girl With The Curious Hand” in some music video by an unknown group. Guess she likes to make things squirt! How’s that for family values!


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