Super Hypocrisy

I guess the whole world’s waiting to see the Super Bowl ad sponsored by the Right Wing-Conservative-Political-Hate-Group-Disguised-As-A-Religious-Entity Focus on Family. Apparently the ad will document the decision ex-Florida Gator Tim Tebow’s mother Pam made to not have an abortion after contracting an illness while pregnant with him.

Resulting in what I’m sure some right wing Christian zealot bible-thumping idiots consider the…

Second Coming of Christ

I really don’t care that Focus on Family runs this ad…although I find it amusing that over a thousand employees of the organization lost their jobs in order to pay for it.

Nor do I care that the thousands of young, impressionable, and stupid Christian teenage girls and young women watching the ad will entertain the thought of putting their own life in danger when faced with pregnancy complications in the future…

Because Focus on Family tells them they might be carrying the next Tim Tebow!

What I do find quite silly is the reasoning CBS is using to run the ad. Historically known for not airing controversial commercials during the Super Bowl, CBS had the following comment to make:

“We have for some time moderated our approach to advocacy submissions after it became apparent that our stance did not reflect public sentiment or industry norms,” said spokesman Dana McClintock. “In fact, most media outlets have accepted advocacy ads for some time.”

Yet, CBS has refused to air the following commercial during this year’s Super Bowl:

Ok. Sure. It might portray a stereotype of a certain subculture of gay life. Is that a reason to not air the ad? Nope.

How about this commercial? Also refused by CBS?

Even less inoffensive.

Unless, of course, you’re a homophobic bigot afraid of seeing two guys kinda-sorta make out!


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  1. Hey, I’m all for Tim – especially if he ends up with the Jags this year! And, I don’t have a problem with his words, either. I do, however, have a problem with the organization behind his words.

    Any religious organization that receives tax-exempt status should not be allowed to pursue political agendas. Period.

  2. Tim is getting a hard rap for voicing his views, while I don’t share them I also don’t have any problem with him giving them and if anyone lets a commercial by a college football player(even if he’s the greatest ever 😉 ) decide something like abortion for them.. then we have much bigger problems than that..

    But I think it’s pure bullshit to limit the ‘gay ad’ while allowing Tim’s… and I fully expect the GOP to come in behind the Gays on this issue, while it’s not a true freedom of speech issue since CBS isn’t the gov’t.. it is suppressing speech and we know they are the party that doesn’t stand for that kind of thing, right?

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