Review: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Ep 1

Take my word…this will be the best season of Survivor evah!

Here’s my take.

Watch for the Heroes to become flat out Villians. Led by JT, Stephanie (when did she turn out to be such a jerk!) and Colby (when did he turn out to be such a jerk! How dare diss my siss!), and prodded on by Cirie and Amanda, these NeoVillians will make Boston Rob, Russell, and Coach look like smitten school girls!

Oops. After what went on between Coach and Jerri, he already does look smitten! :)

Anyhow…Mark my words here: What we’re seeing is the Ultimate Survivor Blindside. You’ll see what I mean as the season progresses.

I’ve always admired Rob…he’s so honest (to a fault) and he really loves Amber. But that farmer’s tan from the wife beater had me lol’ing!

I’ve made no secret of my dislike for Russell. In fact, Samoa was (imo) the least effective of all seasons. Only because it was All Russell All The Time! Now with Russell intermingled with the other (for now) Villians, he’s a lot more palatable. And…once again I giggled at him being starstruck by his fellow meanies.

James. James. James! Definitely has the physical ability to smack down Russell. Let’s hope he’s got the mental ability.

Parvati, Amanda, Sandra, Colleen, Tom, Randy, and yes…Rupert…bit players

And who was it that said the biggest threat was those who “talk, talk, talk”? So true…

Finally…poor Sugar. Of course, I knew the outcome, but it was still upsetting. She’s so sweet and wears her heart on her shoulders you just want to hug her (IASHW)*

*In a strictly homosexual way

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