I Survived the Survivor Finale

What a long weekend. After a quick visit to New York (my personal LaLaLand) for the Survivor Live Finale, I returned today to resume my other chores, including buying a new home (ugh!)

Congratulations to Sandra Diaz-Twine for being the first two-time winner!

We got a chance to see and meet contestants from this season as well as many from previous seasons, including J.T.’s bff Stephen (wouldn’t it have been great to see Steven in Heroes vs. Villians? Maybe next time…). Much of what everyone saw on the TV was heightened in person, including reactions to Russell’s bravado. Coach was surprisingly intelligent and open, although rumors of a romance between him and Jerri were not mentioned.

Jessica (Sugar) Kiper, who was kind enough to grant me an interview this season, was more than gracious during the evening and provided lots of laughs for everyone involved, especially considering her recent injury!

Now I’d like to say something about Russell. It’s one thing to play the game of Survivor well, it’s another to play it well-liked. A true Survivor is able to outwit, outlast, and outplay his competitors without making mortal enemies of them. Russell can think he’s the best player ever, but until he can hone the fine art of social interaction and respect for others he won’t go far.

Finally, for those who weren’t aware, this season of Survivor was spoiled early on by someone close to the production. Rumors have surfaced that the wife of one of the contestants was responsible.

We’ve had enough of Russell’s childish, bullish behavior. Two seasons worth. I look forward to the next two seasons (filmed in Nicaragua) and the development of a whole new crowd of Heroes and Villians!

And now, with this long weekend out of the way, I can plan on the upcoming week and weekend. It’s going to be a lot quieter…just me and the TV and the best show ever!

There’s lots to say about the Survivor experience this year. It was a compelling season


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