Bowe Bergdahl: Is It True?

In my original post regarding Pfc Bowe Bergdahl, I’ve noted dismay over how someone could just walk away from a US camp located in the middle of Afghanistan. Later on, I criticized comments from Fox News correspondent LtCol Ralph Peters calling Bergdahl a deserter and claims by the right wing shill P.J. Tobias “confirming” it, as well as other right wing neocons calling for his head, mimicking the words of Peters.

Today, it’s been “reported” by Britian’s not-so-esteemed conservative tabloid Daily Mail (in an uncredited article) that the Taliban has announced that Bergdahl has “changed sides”, has changed his name to Mohammad and is training the Taliban forces in the fine art of making remote control bombs and ambush training.

This is, of course, the same Daily Mail convicted of libel time and time again. The same Daily Mail that pressed for WW1 and supported Hitler and Mussolini in the years prior to WW2.

This rag even has it’s own Facebook Page, detailing numerous alarmist stories it’s printed over the years.

Yet, the neocons of the world believe it’s words. Right now, a Google search shows tens of thousands of hits today detailing, well, actually copying the original Daily Mail story about Bergdahl.

And the neocon blogs and forums are just plain giddy over this “news”!

What the hell is wrong with our country when people believe Fox News, the Daily Mail, and swarms of scurrious other news sources out there as the gospel yet won’t believe our President when he says he’s a CHRISTIAN???

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  1. It is possible to see him as a deserter without believing he had the worst of intentions. My first question was, “why is this guy in his pt’s”? No one brings their physical training uniform with them on a patrol. NO ONE. Second, no infantry unit would ever allow their SAW gunner to just wander out of sight. The capture while on patrol story doesnt add up at all to anyone who has served, there are too many things that don’t make sense. That being said, I dont agree he left with the intention of causing America harm. From what I have read he was a dreamer, maybe he really did think he could “find himself in the mountains”. While I do personally believe he walked away from his unit, it is wrong to judge the motives of an American prisoner who may very well be murdered at any time. Until all the facts come out he deserves rescue as much as any other soldier.

  2. “”Most of the skills he taught us we already knew. Some of my comrades think he’s pretending to be a Muslim to save himself so they wouldn’t behead him,”

    I think I can believe what the DM/Fix said since we don’t know how much he’s been tortured/brainwashed into it.. or like this person says “he’s pretending so they don’t behead him”..

    the part that strikes me is, the details of his capture are finally known and the scumbags who said this kid should be beheaded for desertion are nowhere in sight begging forgiveness for making statements like that about a POW who was beaten,stripped and kidnapped at gun point.. They should rot in hell for being such spineless Fox/GOP sycophants…who aren’t even man enough to admit they were tragical wrong in their delusional assumption..

    • “the scumbags who said this kid should be beheaded for desertion are nowhere in sight begging forgiveness for making statements like that about a POW who was beaten,stripped and kidnapped at gun point..”

      As I said, they’re dancing in the streets. From the link I gave (a neocon blog):

      “Bergdahl willingly left his FOB with some Afghani “friends”. He’s a strange young man who made very few friends in his unit, thus his Afghani “friends” he hung out with from the local guard force. He left with them to go do some drinking and smoke some hash. His “friends” turned him over to the local Taliban. This is not rumor. I was actively involved in this situation during my last trip over. He is basically AWOL. While I too want him back because he is one of ours, the thought of even one of our guys getting killed or seriously injured trying to recover him makes me want to vomit.”

      Lies, lies, and more lies. I wouldn’t be surprised if lilMikie and Sam Dicpetris (oh no! There’s a lawyer knocking at my door!) are talking over on the Muche about what a deserting scumbag Bergdahl is.

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