Dancing With the What?

Let’s face it. Bristol Palin is not a star. She’s not a celebrity.

What Bristol Palin is is a stupid, spoiled little kid who had a baby while still a teenager in High School, probably while drinking, then dropped out of High School to “raise” the child with the baby daddy, himself a dropout and loser extraordinaire.

Bristol Palin is the daughter of a loser. A woman who ran the little town of Wasilla, Alaska, into the ground and left it millions and millions of dollars in debt, lost the Vice Presidency of this country, quit her job as Governor of Alaska to ostensibly work for Fox News and has made a mockery of the Republican Party and teabaggers across America with her lack of knowledge of, well everything.

A woman, who much like the daughter she raised, gave birth to her oldest son out of wedlock, admitted to smoking marijuana, dabbled with witchcraft (that seems to be popular with the right wing kooks lately :)), and has seen Russia from her front door. Quite the role model, huh? Let’s not forget the collective mother/daughter hypocricy of advocating abstinenance…unless, of course, it happens in your own family.

Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin, Queen of the Wasilla Hillbillies.

So. What qualifies Bristol Palin to be on Dancing With the Stars? Absolutely nothing! ABC, obviously in an effort to gain viewers, has allowed Bristol Palin, not a Star, not a Celebrity, onto their program.

Why? So Sarah Palin can whore her daughter, once again, before the adoring teabagger masses!

I remember a time, two years or so ago, when I was resoundingly criticized on the Muche for even having the nerve to criticize Sarah Palin for whoring her daughter before the American public. Huh. Yet it continues…

Do me a favor, fans?

Join my Twitter campaign to #boycottDWTS.

Let’s show them this was a bad, bad mistake. I mean, hell, wasn’t one of the Salahi’s available?


Seems like Bristol’s quite the primadonna on set. From Canada.com:

Palin, daughter of former U.S. Republican vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, already has been dubbed this season’s Kate Gosselin, who was famously difficult at times last season. It also seems that the younger Palin has one mother of a chip on her shoulder.

“Bristol was really annoyed by all the questions about whether her mom would be in the audience to support her,” the source said. “She kept complaining about the amount of press she had to do. She is acting like this is all a big pain.”


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  2. why is Bristol a ‘star’? Why is Sarah a ‘star’? I’ll tell you why…. as soon as you tell me why Paris is a star. 😉

    The Wasillibilies have no more reason to be a star than Paris and Nicky Hilton and yet, we are fascinated by them. We can no more ignore a Paris/Palin story thn we can ignore a crying child, they command our attention to the train-wreck that is their life.

    What’s sad is in a few years after the lime-light is off of them all, we’re going to see the ‘glamor-hungry’ antics of the smallest Palins in the gossip rags.. We’ve all seen what starwhoredom does to the kids who are enabled by their parents (enter Brit and Lilo).. so I don’t hold out much hope that the younger Palin kids or any off-spring of Paris’ will turn out any better than the child stars before them, like Corey Haim or Dana Plato.. But maybe that’s preferable to them turning out like Robert Blake or Oj Simpson..

    • I can see why Sarah might be a personality…but her daughter?

      What has Bristol Palin done except screw another dimwit, get pregnant and drop out of school? That doesn’t even qualify her to be a role model for all the dumb little trailer trash teens out there!

      If Sarah wanted the additional exposure, why didn’t SHE go on the show and dance instead of (once again) whoring one of her kids in front of the public?

      At least Britney keeps her kids out of the public eye. And Paris has at least enough sense not to get knocked up. 🙂

  3. It appears that you are fixated on the Palin family. Do you have a job? Do you know that there is no law that says you have to watch DWTS? Perhaps you could join a 12 step program to help you deal with this issue. I would suggest that you call your shrink and ask for some more meds if you can’t figure out how to make your life less focused on the Palins. I understand the house next door to them is available.

    • No, Jill. I’m no more fixated on the Palins than any other hypocritical Republican that preaches to the choir but sets different rules for themselves.

      • That’s not true Howey. You are totally obsessed with the Palins. Don’t you still think that Bristol is Trig’s mom?

        If you weren’t obsessed, it would never occur to you to write a blog about Bristol on DWTS. It’s weird though, you seem to have a need to personalize your hate of the right. I can’t really understand it since I don’t hate people who think differently from me, but you’ve made your Palinphobia well known for years.

        I pray that you seek help soon for this debilitating disease!

        Or not.

      • I think if you would go back and look, I took much amusement in the rumored pregnancy (especially since Sarah had to travel through two continents in order to give birth), but never thought it was true.

        I wrote a blog about Bristol on DWTS because she shouldn’t be there. The only reason she’s there is her mother is whoring her out to the public in an attempt to further her own ambitions. Like she’s done for several years now.

        And, really…”personalize (my) hate of the right”? I suggest you do a little soul-searching, there, and check out your voracious smearing of everything Obama. Your level of smarm (and persistent lies), condescending and disrespectful tone when replying to others, in every word you has even exceeded that of Sam and rivals the blind, uneducated devotion of Iceman.

  4. It’s funny how non Alaskans have caught on to the imbosol and family. I’m in total agreement with your disgust of the hypocrasy! It’s worse than you might think here in Wasilla. There are stupid little white signs with red letters by traffic lights and other illegal locations that read…. Dance Bristol Dance

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