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Video: Making of The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty

(From TVOvermind)

One of the most anticipated movies coming early next year is The Green Hornet, starring funnyman Seth Rogen in his first-ever role as a superhero, with Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, and Christopher Waltz in supporting roles.

Based upon the original ABC series, the 3-D film centers on Britt Reid, the son of a rich newspaper magnate, who finds his life turned around after meeting one of the employees of his media empire, Kato (Chou). Using the tried-and-true recipe of “bad boy makes good,” the two, with the assistance of Reid’s beautiful secretary Lenore (Diaz), debut as crimefighters taking on the underworld kingpin Chudnofsky (Waltz).

One can arguably suggest that the biggest unknown star of this action flick is The Black Beauty, a highly modified Chrysler Imperial Crown, which was one of the most luxurious (and largest) American cars of the mid-sixties. Here’s a video showing the construction of and attributes of this super car.

There were actually 29 1964-1966 Imperials used in various filming of scenes and stunts. Incredibly, in today’s world of product placement, the producers of The Green Hornet turned down deals with both BMW and General Motors for use of their vehicles (although powered by a GM engine) as the basis for the newest Black Beauty, instead deciding on the original vehicle. What a fitting tribute to the Imperial Crown!

Uh, Oh, Marco?

I came across this today and have to wonder…

Rumors are swirling that their could be a huge “October Surprise” affecting U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio and his pal Congressional Candidate David Rivera. If true, Rubio’s problems with his Amex Card and Rivera’s financial disclosure problems would pale in comparison. Stay tuned…

What has Marco Rubio done to have a right-wing blogger come after him? I mean, everyone loves Marco, right? Even Gay Patriot, a conservative blog, loves Marco! And why would his “roommate” David Rivera, already the subject of at least oneinvestigation, a recent accusation of election fraudas well as rumors of domestic violence and road rage, be involved with this?

Before You Vote


Where’s all the money coming from?

Rand Paul violence:

Sharron Angle racism:

By all means, vote! Just think before you do; and remember, those you put in office will have a profound effect on the direction of our country. Let’s try not to turn the clock back on sanity…

And, remember:

“You choose “D” to drive forward and “R” to drive backward.”

Barack Obama, 2010

You Just Don’t Realize It Yet…

It’s becoming more and more obvious that my prediction the other day foresaw the future of DADT, that archaic and bigoted law that has made second-class citizens of our honored men and women in the military for no other reason that they happen to be gay.

When I was in the Air Force, my job was to process administrative separations at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota and at Eglin AFB here in Florida, including those of gays. Although I occasionally felt a ping of remorse and hypocrisy (why is a gay kicking out gays?) I was comforted by the fact that (as far as I recall) 100% of these discharges were, a. Straights who couldn’t really handle the pressure of military life and just wanted out; or b. Gays who were the victim of the homophobia and hate within the workplace.

Fortunately, I merely processed the paperwork, preparing the documentation, forwarding it to the Judge Advocate’s office for his or her review, then to my Chief Personnel Officer (Surprise: He was gay too!), then on to the Unit Commander (none of these cases were “serious” enough to be sent to the Wing Commander for signature) who signed the package. All in all, it was an expeditious manner to accomplish the service member’s goal: A quick discharge with an Honorable Certificate of Service.

Oh. Back to my prediction. I said:

“Why Would any “next guy in office” take the chance of reducing the size of the military by 10% by kicking out all the open gays in the military following such a pronouncement?”

It’s becoming obvious, day to day as the death knell tolls for the end of DADT, that the simplest way for it to die is happening…

Let DADT die on the vine. Tie up a half-hearted appeal in the courts. Make it so hard to process these discharges that it just isn’t worth the effort, time, or leaving the decision in the hands of five people with a lot more pressing things out there to worry about…like Afghanistan and Iraq:

At present, discharges will now require approval of the service secretary, who would consult with Defense undersecretary Clifford Stanley and the general counsel Jeh Johnson, putting the entire separation process in the hands of political appointees.

DADT is dead. You just don’t realize it yet.

Equality in the Armed Services Is Here…

Earlier today I was in a discussion on The Huffington Post regarding the Obama Administration’s pending appeal of U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips groundbreaking ruling halting the military’s ban on gays in the military, DADT.

Espousing my claim in support of the easiest way for the President to end DADT, I noticed the following comment:

Just get rid of this ridiculous policy. But let’s make sure when it’s done away with it can’t be overturned by the next guy who sits in the White House.

I’ve been in support of the President issuing an Executive Order repealing DADT and directing Congress and the Department of Defense to implement the changes necessary to do so for over a year now.

One of the most frequent replies to this mimic the quote above. Something along the line of “Yeah…but if Obama signs an Executive Order the next President can just rescind it!”

I’ll admit that does happen, but not in instances historically crucial to civil rights – such as the Truman Executive Order desegrating the military or Abraham Lincoln’s Executive Order abolishing slavery.

Then I had an epithany and replied to my friends quote with the following:

“Why Would any “next guy in office” take the chance of reducing the size of the military by 10% by kicking out all the open gays in the military following such a pronouncement?”

Apparently, I’m not the only one…

This afternoon, it was announced that military recruiters would accept openly gay recruits. In fact, one of the heroes of the movement to repeal DADT, Lt. Dan Choi, is attempting to reenlist as I write this.

Equality in our Armed Services is near…

I Used To Be a Fan

There’s a radio program in the Orlando market that’s been around for nearly twenty years. Hosted by Russ Rollins with stalwarts Dirty Jim, Daniel Dennis, Tiffany and Drunky the Bear, it’s been a staple of my mornings for six years. Before that, it provided listening enjoyment in the afternoons.

Over the years, folks have come and gone in a flurry of drama, drugs, black eyes…Bo Rhodes, The Sexy Savannah, Blackbean, Jeff Howell, Bubba (Whoopass) Wilson. What made the show riveting – and had me turning my right ear to the radio to hear better – was how the characters, both remaining and departing, handled the departures. No details necessary, but the proper amount of humor and pathos involved with the lifes of each and every character on the show endeared us, the listeners, to them.

Russ, in his role of leader, accomplished something rare in the radio-listening world: He managed to personify The Monsters in the Morning and, in doing so, made us feel like we were in that little studio listening to the banter going back and forth.

Laughing out loud over the Buddy calls, Drunky’s misguided stunts, Savannah and Bubba’s trailer park antics and silly songs, Daniel and Blackbean’s satirically hip and pushed to the limits of decency comedy bits, Russ’s failed marriages and relationships, and Dirty Jim’s biting pessimism allowed legions of fans grew to love the Monsters, warts and all. We followed them from one drunken, musical venue to the next, singing along to all the silly songs and having a blast.

Like a blind boy, we followed them over the years, knowing full well we would never lose our way.

That was then.

Today, thanks to what can only be described as the corporate greed of Clear Channel Communications, the show we all loved at one time has become a pitiful shadow of it’s former glory. The almight dollar has reduced what was once four hours of hilarity into constant infomercials for weight loss pills and attorneys hawking their latest scams.