Truer Words…

I don’t even know who wrote the following. With the exception of the last line, these words express how I feel today:

The Republican Revolution has gone the way of all flesh. It took over Congress, their horns blew, church bells rang, sailors kissed nurses on street corners, celebrated “the biggest repudiation of the White House since 1932.” The Republicans, after all, led us into a reckless foreign war and steered the economy toward receivership and wielded power, influence, and money as if there were no rules. Two short year later, Democrats are accused of bankrupting the country with their stop-gap measures and of not being able to reverse the course of the worst financial catastrophe since the ‘20’s whose seeds were planted well before their time.

Republicans have won based on shallow appeals to fear and lip service to the middle class pocket book—all the while doing nothing substantially different than what gave rise to the narrow oligarchy that really benefits from their policies. Income and wealth are becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small, privileged elite.

As Faulkner said, we are “sinking back into the darkness where the spirit cried for the first time and was not heard and will cry for the last time and will not be heard then either…” ABSALOM!! ABSALOM!!!

…and thus begins one man’s journey into another two years of liberal angst.


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