Survivor 22: Survivor: Redemption Island


Only halfway into the current season of Survivor: Nicaragua, few details of the next exciting season are being leaked to the outside world. In a stunning reversal of the past two years (when spoilers were rampant but true – and according to rumor, came from the fingers of the wife of a certain two-time recent Survivor loser), little legitimate information about the new season has been spoiled*, although a few critical details appear to be true…

Filmed back-to-back with the current season in Nicaragua, the next season will, according to rumor, bring back two of the most hated, yet loved, players in the game. Actually, make that three.


Hit the break for details…

After hinting the second edition of Survivor each season would be an All-Star edition, it appears the producers are keeping their word: Returning once again are the manipulative loser, Russell Hantz who brought new meaning to the word evil, and the strategic loser, Rob Mariano. Although I (and I’m sure lots of others) question the wisdom of this action, the fact is that both Russell and Rob are ratings magnets – I’m confident CBS knows what it’s doing.

Members of the teams are unknown at this time, although rumors are rampant they may include Richard Hatch (doubtful, since he’s projected to be on the next Celebrity Apprentice), disgraced former beauty queen Carrie Prejean (yeah…right…can Perez Hilton be there too?), MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, poker player Johnny Chan (that would be interesting!), and (Dear Lord, please no?), Levi Johnston. Considering the emphasis of the season on the personalities of Russell and Rob and subsequent mentoring of contestants, I’d bet on the tribe members being show applicants and not celebrities and/or former contestants.

One of the key changes to this season will be that Russell and Rob will be leading their own team of contestants and will be immunity-protected at least to the tribal merger.

The other change is interesting and complicated and should bring a little more spice after this lackluster (so far) season. I’ve learned that the “Redemption” in the title revolves around the opportunity for those voted off the island (actually, Nicaragua itself isn’t an island), and sent to a real island (Redemption Island) and given the opportunity to actually return to the competition.

 Here’s how it’s supposed to work: After elimination through Tribal Council, the booted contestant will compete in a competition with the next eliminee. through Tribal Council. The loser will be a member of the Jury and the winner will face the next ejectee. This will continue until the final three…with the third member of the finale the winner of Redemption Island. 

*It’s amusing that all the Survivor spoiler sites have been pwnd regarding these C-List celebrities on Survivor.

That’s redemption!


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