Sarah’s New Book

Courtesy of my friend AkSyrin (the premiere Palin Blogger) and the renowned Palingates here’s a look at the crazy, bigoted, strage mind of Sarah Palin in her new book, “America By Heart”. Just think how much money you’ll save by not buying it*!

Many thanks to Syrin and Palingates for their dedicated work in exposing the truth about The Wasilla Hillbillies.

Here’s a sneak peek. Be sure to visit Syrin’s Blog and Palingates for “the rest of the story”! and to read more of Palin’s book! 

Sarah Palin's New Book: Leaked Excerpts

Well, look what popped up five days early: leaks from Sarah Palin‘s forthcoming memoir/manifesto, America By Heart, in which the reality TV matriarch rants against “talent deprived” reality TV stars, lauds daughter Bristol’s chastity, and celebrates not aborting Trig.

Our favorite Wasilla-obsessed blog Palingates was the first to post excerpts from America By Heart. The book is currently in distribution centers, awaiting its official release on Tuesday. We got our hands on some of the pages, too! Here’s an annotated guide to our favorite parts, featuring rants against the media and new material about Bristol and Levi.

The book is dedicated to Trig, and opens with a Tea Party “awakening”:

Click to view larger image:

Sarah Palin's New Book: Leaked Excerpts

Click to view larger image:
Sarah Palin's New Book: Leaked Excerpts

* Although the book is available for FREE by (go figure) Newsmax (just pay 5.95 shipping and handling!), and $16.53 (really!) at Amazon, may I suggest you donate $20.00 to the DCCC instead?

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  1. I cannot wait for Palin’s GOP live debates… I wish she’d put out 2-3 more books before them though..

    I know, maybe her next reality show can be “Stupid S*&T Sarah Palin Tweets”


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    • And you’re wondering about what comment you made on the muche? Hah!

      A little off-topic here…So what’s your take on the link Kelly posted yesterday evening? The one about the judge not being able to convict Ghaliani fully because Dubya tortured? I wonder how many more trials, civilian or military, will go down in flames because of that?

      It’s a shame Kelly won’t respond to you on the muche anymore, although I understand why. That’s one of the reasons I’d love to be back there…you post all this bullshit and the lemmings (Iceman, Gryff and Sam) just lap it up…

      • The CBS news one? It makes my points, as virtually all of the coverage of the Ghaliani trial has made.

        I’ve argued for quite a while that I prefer NO trials at all. They’re enemy combatants and can be lawfully detained until cessation of hostilities.,26530.msg424655.html#msg424655

        Military tribunals are good second choice, since the identity and testimony of the witness that this judge excluded could be used. But they don’t deserve trials because they are not really criminals. They are enemy combatants.

        It’s particularly ridiculous if you intend to continue to detain them even if they are found not guilty. That sounds more like a mockery of the justice system, not a shining example of it.

        Hey, didn’t Holder promise KSM would get a civilian trial in NYC, after which he would be executed? I’m sure he will get a fair trial with that statement!

      • I’m not going to go into the whole “enemy combatant” thing with you. That’s not the point, although your complete disregard for the Geneva Convention is amusing. Kinda like the Republican’s contempt for the military today…

        Your attempt to disrail my point fails. My point is that any trial of the terrorists, military or civilian, will be tainted by the Bush administration’s torture techniques, also in violation of the Geneva Convention. Of course, that’s why you’re in favor of holding the prisoners indefinitely. You knew this would happen!

      • I didn’t ignore your point, I specifically mentioned that military commissions could use the evidence that the Judge in this trail excluded. Didn’t you read that point?

        As for the Geneva convention, I’m not sure what part of the Geneva convention you think the Obama administration is violating, but as far as I can tell, they are within the law. They are just making fools of themselves with this Hamlet like civilian trial or military commission choice. A choice that is fairly simple based on international law.

      • I specifically mentioned that military commissions could use the evidence that the Judge in this trail excluded

        Incorrect, as usual…
        But proponents of civilian trials contended that such criticism was based on a faulty premise. In his order rejecting the witness, Judge Kaplan strongly suggested in a footnote that a military commission judge would have excluded that testimony, too, pointing to restrictions against the use of evidence obtained by torture in military trials.

        I’m not sure what part of the Geneva convention you think the Obama administration is violating

        Incorrect again…as usual. Did I say Obama’s violating the Geneva Convention? Nope. BUSH DID!

        I swear, Mike…you’re banging on the door of Iceman stupidity with your recent lack of comprehension…

      • 1. Since there won’t be a military commission for this terrorist we won’t know what, if anything, would be excluded, but I don’t think a civilian judge would know that. That’s not to say he was incorrect to exclude that evidence in HIS trial. As far as I can tell, that was handled correctly, as a civilian trial. Although there is an constitutional argument to be made that the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine isn’t required by the constitution.

        2. So you are not talking about Obama’s holding enemy combatants without trail? Sorry I thought that was what you meant. I guess it is OK to hold prisoners without trial as long as Obama is doing it!

      • I think you’re a little too infatuated with Thiessen to think clearly:

        As if to personally correct Thiessen, in a ruling issued days after Thiessen’s last column on the subject Judge Kaplan wrote that the military commissions would have likely barred such evidence, if not because of their own regulations, because of the Constitution of the United States. As much as Thiessen might prefer that Gitmo detainees not have constitutional rights, as Ben Wittes points out the Supreme Court settled that question in Boumediene.

      • You’re using the same rebuttal that you used before, that the civilian judge made that comment on military commissions. Do you think if you say it twice I won’t catch that?

        Anyway Count Howey, Theissen is not my source, so it’s kind of funny that you try to rebut a guy I’ve not referred to.

      • Count Howey?


        As far as Theissen, his argument is the “end all” for your source. I realized that when you came up with your silly “fruit of the poisonous tree” argument. You’re stating that according to that “theory” such evidence could, in fact, be introduced into a military tribunal. Unfortunately, many, many others (including this judge) say that’s not the case. But…you and Mark can just go ahead and convince yourselves. 🙂

      • Aha. I just heard who you think the latest howey is on the bored. Count P? Sorry, not me. Especially since it appears some of his posts were made while I was on the operating table last week. And trust me, Mikie, I’ve been recuperating from major surgery…little time or inclination to visit the Muche…

        Did you manage to get him banned yet? Just how many folks have you convinced TPTB to ban thinking they’re moi?

  3. Thanks for cross posting this view into Sarah’s sick delusion.. There are many worthy comments in this latest piece of Palin propaganda. We’ll have to fact check and than continue to criticize this woman’s incompetence and false conservative credentials!

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