It’s Finally Over…

The entire Bristol’s Pistols campaign has come to an end. She can now go home to Alaska (not sure if they want her…) and Momma Grizzly. America will live another day and watch another Palin lose a voting campaign (probably in 2012).

Ever the gracious loser, Bristol had this to say:

“Winning this would mean a lot — it would be like a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom and hate me,”

Umm…well, maybe she wasn’t that gracious! So much for her appearance on the show being “non-political”, too!

Meanwhile, the conservative internet is all a-twitter with complaints that the legitimate winner of Dancing With the Stars, Jennifer Grey, held the upper hand in the dance competition, nah…they’re calling it cheating…by taking pain relieving medications.

It takes a lot of nerve to make this accusation, but after the Facebook Fiasco, I wouldn’t put anything beyond the smear campaign capabilities of The Wasilla Hillbillies. Next thing you know is they’ll be accusing Grey of having an unfair advantage because she danced in a movie 25 years ago. Wait. Nevermind!

“Don’t forget that Bristol was “cheated” out of winning. That will be on the ‘net soon. Either twitter or FB.”
Meanwhile, I shared the results of our test of the voting process on The Huffington Post:
As an experiment for the @boycottDWTS campaign on Twitter, I managed 174 successful votes for Grey and Massey Monday and Tuesday morning, all from the same IP and using fake email addresses.

Obviously there is a serious glitch to the system. Producer Conrad Green can deny all he wants (all the while continuing his donations to Republican candidates) but this is a problem that will cost ABC in the future without massive changes to the voting system.

I suggest doing away with internet voting and allow phone/text voting for a fixed block of time; say 3 hours; in order to give those who work hard at the dancing (and don’t have a popular political figure as their mother who enjoys the support of fringe reactionaries) earn a win.

Ever the smart ones, one of Bristol’s supporters had this to say (I’ve left all the spelling and grammatical errors in):
So you admit trying to che at the system. What a set of values you have. The amount of energy expended by the mor0ns of the world is amazing. It really is sad the amount of vitriol and hate that emminates from a disgust ing group of people who have no shame in propagating what is wrong in the first place.
Yeah you cloaked your h ate and igno rance in an experiment.
Thanks for proving our point!

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  1. I can’t decide if its sad or utterly hilarious that she’s bought into her mothers pathological paranoia.. “hate my mom and hate me,” ? This mini-me can’t be helped, but maybe the others will turn out better..

    Questioning why a girl who’s only known for being 17 and knocked up would be considered a ‘star’ is not hate.

    Questioning how, after weeks of not very improved dancing get voted to stay in over obviously better and my popular dancers, is not hate.

    Investigating fraudulent votes is not hate

    Calling an idiot an idiot is not ‘hate’, calling a hypocrite and hypocrite is not ‘hate’… and asking a person what magazines they read is not ‘gotcha media’.

    What a blinding disservice this mother and her party have done to this poor child. Nothing will ever be her fault. Every aspect of her life will be because “the people out there that hate my mom and hate me,” .. arrested for DUI? It’s the people who hate her mom’s fault. Lilo like drug behavior? It’s because the MSM hates her mom?Knocked up again, it’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow’s fault..

    atleast Danny Bonaduce and Leif Garrett have some kind of a valid reason for their behavior.. but the future crash and burn of this girl and her siblings not even DR. Drew will be able to cure..because it’s based in a reality that her unstable mother created..

    there is a reason why this idiot girl and her… well I could say mother or daughter here couldn’t I.. either way, there is a reason why America pays negative attention to this family, and that’s because they are full of negativity. Take Sarah’s attack on Michelle Obama’s ‘eat healthy’ campaign.. she is really out there telling people this is just more of the Obama’s plan to take over our lives.. Just how stupid is she? It’s like she has a bottomless well of ‘duh’ between her cute little ears or something..

    If only her ‘donkey-show’ sex tape would finally get leaked (and you can decide which ‘her’ you’d like 😉 )… maybe then we could be rid of this hate-filled white trash family who makes the Bundy’s look like the Brady’s..

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