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Politikal Culture

Here’s my latest venture. A unique forum to discuss politics and culture.  It’s also the official home of the Monster Militia, dedicated to the fun radio stations of Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando. A fun place to be you…join us at POLITIKAL CULTURE!


A Message From God!

Dear People of Earth:

I did not create this ungodly creature.

That must be the work of my other Son, the Fallen Angel…Lucifer or whatever
name he’s going by now.

Anyhow, back to the business at hand. Billions (ya got that?) of years ago when I created this little place called Earth, my instruction manual (I believe you call it the Bible?) had  distinct instructions regarding the punishment you would receive for messing with my creation.

Quite frankly, all this drilling, deforestation, smog, and other assorted poisons are destroying what I’ve created. Not to mention all those wars and bigotry going on. Not nice! And I’m pissed. But I haven’t done anything yet…

Now, I know some of the Fallen Angel’s other creatures, folks like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, have been foaming at the mouth lately about me taking retribution in the form of environmental calamities because some nice black man raised the debt limit….

{Side note: Do you idiots have any idea how much it cost me to create the ground you’re walking on? Gazillions! I went over budget so many times I had to sacrifice my other son! Fuck! Spend that money, America! You can’t take it with you!}

Damn…sorry about the rant. Anyhow, no. I didn’t send the earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes down from my lofty perch up here in the clouds just because the Republicans prayed for it as some kind of divine retribution. I mean, seriously…why would I want to listen to those  simpletons?

Hold on. I need a stiff drink. Ok. I feel better now. What was I saying? Oh. Yeah. Retribution…

You want retribution, Palin? Bachmann? Perry? Here ya go!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 6.8-magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean prompted a brief tsunami warning early Friday morning for Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.The warning was canceled after only a small wave was recorded in the community of Atka, Alaska.

“In Atka, they had a little bump of a wave, but nothing of any kind of a destructive power. Just a wave,” said Jeremy Zidek, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Homeland Security.

The earthquake struck at about 2:55 a.m. AKDT, and there were no initial reports of injuries or damage, according to the United States Geological Survey.The tsunami warning was issued for coastal areas of Alaska from Unimak Pass to Amchitka Pass, remote and not heavily populated areas.

There. Done! Now quit blabbering nonsense and help that nice black guy create some jobs for America!


God Almighty

(But you can call me God)

The End of Independent Thinking?

I’ve come to a realization in the past few days.

I guess maybe my age is showing but it’s becoming increasingly evident people are unable to think for themselves. I remember as a child, I built model cars built by AMT, JoHan, or Revell; piecing and gluing each individual part, following instructions meticulously, painting each door, body and engine to perfection, assembling the final product and marvelling in it’s creation. 

I was taught Mathematics, Geometry and Algebra (along with other advanced courses) in High School; as well as the English language and the construction of our language. In order to solve mathematical problems we used the Slide Rule, a device complicated enough to require it’s own learning process. Remember diagramming? To take it even further, some of us were fortunate to learn other languages which enabled a deeper understanding of the construction of, and more importantly, the deconstruction of words and sentences.

I remember when I joined the Air Force and was being considered as a Language Specialist. One of the tests to determine the ability to learn new languages involved the development and structure of a “non-language” (The exam was the Defense Language Aptitude Battery).

Each of these facets of learning had one thing in common. The ability to reason, or quite simply, “figure it out”. One actually had to think in order to formulate a response and/or answer to a particular situation. Whether it was a mathematical formula, a sentence, or even putting together a model car, the success and gratification was in the accomplishment of the final product and the thought that went into it.

It’s not like that today. Today our children (or more importantly – their teachers and school administrators) focus more on passing state standard exams such as the woefully useless FCAT in Florida. Today we don’t buy model cars to put together, they already are. Today our High Schoolers depend on expensive electronic calculators to merely show them the correct graft or equation on a little green screen. Today the art of learning a language, nay…the art of learning the discipline of language, is lost in Google Translator. Today, people are spoon-fed information without the need to think about it.

As is our ability to research. Again, and once more – think for ourselves! Case in point: A few hours ago someone I know (without a computer) called me and asked me to Google a personal Hurricane Evacuation Plan for him.

Aside from the obvious fact that A. You get in the fucking car and head west!, or B. It’s all in the fucking phone book! is the most distressing: C. You couldn’t figure out A and B for yourself?

Which brings me to one final epithany.

Our country has always been one of political partisanship. The Constitution was written with the goal of perpetual discussion of the merits and demerits of a democracy. The process of our government has been under the microscope of evaluation for centuries.

What’s missing today, especially on the right, is Reason. We have pundits, politicians, prognosticators, and populists even networks throwing out wild theories and accusations. Why? Because they know the folks who listen to them are totally incapable of the thought processes needed to think things out. They are incapable of processing the words they hear, they can’t think it out…

When we have leaders of the Republican Party telling people ridiculous stuff like “The President’s not born in America!”, or “Brown people are illegal and don’t deserve rights”, or when people like Bill Wilder say “I want to see Florida a fag-free state!”, or the Attorney General of the State of Florida state that he doesn’t want a child raised by two loving people, or the outlandish Islamophobia coming from politicians and lilMike‘s keypads, we’re in a conundrum. Those of us with the intelligence, and reason, to realize this is bullshit, aren’t the targets.

It’s those who just don’t get it. Those who lack the intelligence or ability to “think it out“.

Think about it…

Wanna Be Blogs

I heard this term yesterday, “wanna be blog“, seconded by someone else with the quote “Aren’t they all?“. And I have to ask the question:

“What is a wanna be blog?”

Is it a blog written by someone to enlighten someone?

Is it a blog written by someone wanting to inform?

Is it a blog written by someone to entertain?

Is it a blog written by someone to opine?

I don’t understand. I read plenty of blogs. Here’s a short list of some of the blogs I visit frequently, in no particular order:

Taking Names the Blog



Hal Boedeker

Huffington Post

Washington Monthly

The Bilerico Project

Pam’s House Blend

Not to mention my good friend’s blog:

The Velvet StraitJacket

Seriously, the above list is about a tenth of the blogs I read each day.

I read these blogs to be enlightened,  informed, entertained, and to view other’s opinions of things in the world. I consider every site I go to as an educational experience and marvel at the wonder that is the internet as it allows people to speak their minds and have those words read by anyone and everyone in the world.

Welcome to my world.

I hope to enlighten,  inform, entertain, and opine.

That’s what this blog is about. I don’t want to be any other blog…Scott Maxwell does a great job on his, Hal Boedecker on his, Ariana Huffington on hers, and Kelly on hers. And so on…I honestly cannot fathom the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained as a result of the blogs I read.

So I take great offense at the words “wanna be blog”, and comments following those words like “Aren’t they all?”

If you don’t like blogging, don’t read blogs. Your loss.

A Note for the Guys and Gals at SomaCow

The other day I had a hissy fit and, out of frustration with other events not associated with the podcasts of SomaCow and it’s affiliates, I posted a blog on here criticizing the SomaCow Podcast.

I just did something I swore I’d never do when I started this blog. Out of respect for the hard work of Mickey and Geoff on their podcast, I deleted the post.

Keep up the good work.

I apologize.

A link for my friends in the blogosphere:

Be sure to listen tonight at 7pm!
Oh. If you wish, you can vote for them for Best Podcast here:

Bigotry Is Alive and Well in Orlando, Florida

Of course this comes as no surprise to me. I’ve had the pleasure of being kicked off an Orlando forum with four or five decidedly racist and homophobic members (hoo boy! Try being the only queer among that group!) wherein I’ve been threated with physical harm, embraced with death by AIDS, been libelously accused of having AIDS, and so on….

But videos such as this make me wonder, especially today with Gay Days just ending…Which group do you think brings more of their hard-earned $$$$ into the economy? The homosexual male or lesbian female with a shitload of disposable income, or the homophobic redneck with a beer in each hand dragging his fat wife and four inbred kids to a Monster Truck show?

Come to think of it…I’d muche rather be queer than hang out at one of these spectacles of ignorant testosterone.