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Politikal Culture

Here’s my latest venture. A unique forum to discuss politics and culture.  It’s also the official home of the Monster Militia, dedicated to the fun radio stations of Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando. A fun place to be you…join us at POLITIKAL CULTURE!


Occupy Our Town!

I recently learned that the forum I participated on for a very short time (a little less than two years) has bit the proverbial dust. That would be Muchedumbre.  At times I enjoyed sparring with the guys and gals there, other times not so much. For all the drama the Muche caused me, self-inflicted or not, I feel a sadness in it’s disappearance from the interwebs.

Friendships, or other relationships, bring a certain affinity for those who visited, and a few (if not many) true friends.  Social websites, such as Facebook, will never duplicate the closeness of family – good and bad – that the muche did. Facebook, with the identity of a corporate money-maker, doesn’t allow it’s participants the freedom to express themselves without sanction. People are wary of sharing their true feelings (and current photo) on a webpage that can be seen by everyone in the world. Recent changes to Facebook underscore this fact even more succinctly.

In this world of 140 characters and less, we find ourselves living a fast food existence. Internet forums, by nature of design, don’t work that way and are a slowly dying breed. 140 characters or less doesn’t allow for intelligent discourse, and for that matter, unintelligent discourse. Both of which were prevalent on the former Muche. Prone to pages and pages of wordy arguments in the political section, the Muche was equally well-known for up-to-the-minute news from the worlds of entertainment and religion. As well as off-the-wall humor that couldn’t be found anywhere else. And isn’t that what family is all about?

We were an eclectic group of friends who were originally brought together as fans of The Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando (as well as The Philips Phile, SBK Live, and other radio programs) and morphed through the years to a group who found more to discuss than a radio show; sharing similar interests, pop culture in general, television (including Survivor), movies, food (everyone loves to eat!) an amazing collection of music videos, and politics. We still wish to discuss the Monsters and the Phile and addition, we’ve become the new home of the world famous Just C’s Football Picks!  As an extra bonus, our forum originally was created to discuss ABC’s LOST and is therefore a virtual treasure trove of discussion, speculation and love for the Island and it’s residents.

In the past week or so, I’ve updated my forum, and taken it in a new direction to accomodate and welcome former participants from the Muche.

Until we’re fully up and running a limited number of topics are viewable by Guests. Please visit, introduce yourself, and have fun!

Come on by, sign up, and Occupy Our Town!

LOST Revised?

For those of you who complained incessantly about the LOST series finale, someone with far more creativity than you actually took the time and is working on revamping the entire final season of LOST sans the Alternate Reality.

Take a look at LOST Revised. I understand this fanboy will be recreating each episode this season. In his/her own words:

A lot of people invested a lot of time and energy in following Lost over the years. I was one of those people. A lot of people were satisfied with the way the series ended. I was not one of those people.

At first, the introduction of the “sideways” world in Season 6 was extremely intriguing. It presented an alternate reality, presumably the result of the atomic-bomb blast at the end of Season 5, in which the characters had seemingly never crashed on the island.

It opened up a lot of possibilities as to where the show was going and where it would end up, and given the history of Lost, we were led to expect that the ultimate connection and reveal would be as original, creative, and satisfying as the rest of the series.

As it turned out, it was none of those things. The entire conceit of the sideways world was to bring all of our heroes together again in the afterlife – one of the most cliched storytelling devices there is. Sure, there was a spin on it, but the whole idea that “there is no now” in the afterlife came across more as a cheat than a genuinely interesting twist.

Although I’m among those thoroughly satisfied with the finale of LOST, I’ve come to the realization the past few days that the main complaint of this season was the idea of the Alt Reality and have wondered myself what it would be like if it didn’t exist.

I commend the originator of this project for his imagination and forthright intent to make his point in a creative way. I look forward to seeing his work. (Episodes 1 and 2 are finished and available.)

Now all we have to wait for is the upcoming extra 20 minutes in the full-season DVD set telling us the story of Hurley and Ben after Jack’s death. And the rumored television feature chronicling the lifes of those who managed to escape the island.

LOST: Have You See the Light?

Recently, someone I know has been quite vocal in his criticism of the LOST finale. He’s certainly not alone…there is a number of people out there who feel “cheated” by the finale. Here’s one of his comments:

Photo Courtesy DarkUFO

They didn’t know shit. They were making it up as they went along. 

I get that though. They dug themselves a hole many times over.  I’m just astounded at the level of acceptance of that among a good portion of the fans.  Some seem perfectly happy to not know the answers.

This same person recently cited an article in Sci Fi Wire as proof that J. J. Abrams, Damon

Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had no idea where they were going with LOST – that changes were made to the plot and story as seasons progressed.

Of course they did! That doesn’t change the concept of the show; nor does it alter the original story presented. Many factors have altered the course of the story over the years, among them the popularity of the Benjamin Linus character and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s desire to leave the show (and subsequent refusal to appear in the finale).

Knowing this is someone who views all things in black and white, I’m not surprised by his cynicism regarding the LOST finale. He is, after all, one of those people who only thinks in absolutes. What does surprise me though is that someone who purports to be intelligent can honestly think that one guy can come up with an idea for a series and map it out word for word for six seasons. Of course not!

Over three years ago, in January 2007, prior to the relaunch of the strike-interrupted Season 3, Damon Lindelof spoke of the future – and past – of LOST:

This show is about people who are metaphorically lost in their lives, who get on an airplane, and crash on an island, and become physically lost on the planet Earth. And once they are able to metaphorically find themselves in their lives again, they will be able to physically find themselves in the world again. When you look at the entire show, that’s what it will look like. That’s what it’s always been about.

LOST never was intended to be about smoke monsters, hatches, whispers, or a myriad of other story-telling plots used by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse in telling the story created by J. J. Abrams.

LOST was a complex character study emphasizing the fact that life is not all black and white, cut and dried, all-or-nothing philosophy. No other television show could pull off what the writers and producers of LOST accomplished: To tell a tale of love, life, death, and redemption while allowing it’s core of loyal fans the opportunity to fill in the blanks. 

Has any other show in the history of television enabled it’s listeners the ability to discuss it at such great length and with such great passion that they have the werewithal to come up with their own answers to some of these questions? That, for years to come, they will still be answering those questions and discussing them? I think not.

The fact is, there was a master plan to LOST. Unfortunately, some just haven’t “seen the light”. Perhaps someday we’ll meet them at The Crossroads.

LOST: A Thanks

Yesterday I shed the first of what promises to be many tears and smiles when Andy Page posted this on the DarkUFO site:

Unless you’ve had your brain removed recently you will know that Tonight marks the last ever episode of our show LOST.

It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that the show we all love is finally coming to an end after all these years and I know I’ll miss it greatly. The show and this site have become such a large part of my recent life that I cannot remember a time before Lost (probably due to the amount of beer I drink).

I was going to write a huge great post that probably no one would have read anyway, but I think had I done so, I’d of started to well up and get a little teary eyed, so instead I’ll keep it short and sweet.

As we head into tonights episode I hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I will and that you’ll come back after to share your thoughts and comments on the Episode and Vote in our various polls.

One of the best things to come out of Lost for me personally is that of the LOST fan community that has built up over the years as well as all the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with online. So many people that I don’t want to thank them all because if I miss one person out I don’t want them to be offended. All the helpers and contributors for DarkUFO, SpoilerTV and the Forum all know who they are and without their help this site would not be what it is today. Also, I must not forget to thank every one of you who visit the site, vote on the polls, comment on the posts, ReTweet our content etc. It’s all helped build DarkUFO into one of the largest ever Fan sites ever on the Internet (the site has been loaded over 160+ Million Times since we started).

However, as the title of this post suggests, we’re not going anywhere fast here at DarkUFO (See Below) and we’ll be around for as long as people keep visiting the site.

The phenomenon that is LOST has impacted me, personally, in more ways than I can imagine. Like Andy, I’ve been able to embrace friends from around the world who share their love for this outstanding program. I’ve learned the fine art of writing about a show I loved, sharing those words with thousands of readers at DarkUFO, TVOvermind, and on my little blog (Which has become far more than a “little” blog thanks to LOST and Survivor.) and having the opportunity to “sit down” and have fun with comedian Paul Scheer, Damon Lindlof and Carlton Cuse in the establishment of last year’s Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear.

Like Andy said, the show may be over but our mission isn’t. Namaste!

LOST – The End Is Near

Yes, my friends, The End is Near

Today begins a long weekend celebrating the cultural phenomenon known as LOST. Capping off a week long procession of appearances by the producers of LOST, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindlof; as well as the cast of this outstanding program – tonight we’ll all be sitting in front of our televisions to view a newly-enhanced repeat of the pilot of LOST.

Tomorrow night, whether with a group of friends, a gathering of fans in chat at DarkUFO, or huddled in the deep folds of a comfortable chair in solitary seclusion (as I plan to be), millions of Americans will watch The End of LOST.

For thousands of my friends who’ve followed me here, on the DarkUFO website, and on the SpoilerTV Forums, not to mention many other LOST-related discussion and theory sites, will this mean the end (also) to six years of spectulation, wild theories, amazingly accuration predictions, and hysterically wrong assumptions?

I hope and expect not. I suspect Monday morning will bring about a flurry of new spectulation, wild theories, amazingly accuration predictions, and hysterically wrong assumptions.

As we prepare for this marathon weekend of LOST love, I’d like to share some of the spectulation, wild theories, amazingly accuration predictions, and hysterically wrong assumptions my friend ekg and I have shared on my forum in the past four weeks.

WARNING: Possible spoilers and confirmed silliness follow!

4/9: Maybe all it takes is for Dez to go back in time and NOT turn the fail-safe key???

4/14: I now get why Dez ran over Locke. He had to get him in a near death experience like himself and Charlie to see what’s going on now on the island.

Why hasn’t Dr. Chang aged?
4/16: The Alt is what happens if MIB gets off the island!
5/4:  I have returned from the deep depths of HELL! (<Note for future reference)

5/6: I think Jack is going to figure out whats going on in ‘side-time’ when Desmond comes to show him what he’s missing.. Wink so yeah Sayid was right.. it is going to be him (Jacob’s successor)…

5/6: Bernard looked like he knew everything.

5/12: MIB isn’t Smokie anymore than Locke is.. Smokie is them..Smokemonster just takes a form that’s more pleasing to whomever he is with…

5/12: Smokie is the darkness that came out of the light. Pretty cool and correlates with a lot of hints we’ve gotten through the years.

And it may just verify my theory that we’ll be seeing the real John Locke soon!

5/12: Makes me wonder if, in order to stop Flocke, he has to be returned to the light spring (thus, returning Smokey to his “home”) and resetting all the good in the world. Which means the Alt is the result of that. Not what happened if the plane didn’t crash.

5/12: Des is going to cause all the Losties at the concert to have a near-death experience.. or maybe he just knows, like everything else we’ve seen, that he needs to get them all together for anything to happen..

5/17: I’m saying Kate dies..on the bright side, it it wasn’t Sawyer whose last scene was laying on the ground in a scene where there is blood, shouting, and tenderness

5/19: I think the rest of the Oceanic survivors will have to protect Jack and help him kill MIB, which means they are now expendable because The One has been chosen..IOW, whatever protection they had before (MIB being unable to kill them on his own) I think that’s gone now..

5/19: When Des gave Kate the dress and said “we’re going to a concert”.. my daughters (who love Charlie) said “Yaa, Charlie”.. but I think Des is taking Kate to see Eloise more than taking her to see Charlie.. since Eloise knows the answer to the riddle..

5/19: Kate won’t die

5/20: I think Dez is going to turn into the white good monster and banish Smokey!

5/20: Smokey took over MIB’s form when he could (remember my theory about why everyone on the island has to be buried? Because Smokey can take their form?) and he took over Locke’s when he could.

I’m waiting for Locke to go full-on aware of what’s going on on the island during a major near-death experience* during his surgery in the finale and actually (somehow) taking over his dead body on island to defeat Smokey.

*Why not? Seems like the island flashes in the Alt are more detailed the greater the injury (or in his case, surgery).

5/20: I doubt many people would talk to him(smokie) or trust him if he came to them in his true ‘smoke’ form.. so he just ‘assumes’ whichever ‘body’ works for him..

he showed Jack the way by looking like Jack’s dad
he convinced Claire to come with him by being Jack and her Dad
he talked to Richard in his MIB form
he uses Locke for everyone else..

smokie is MIB but only because he pretends to be him, the same way he’s pretending to be Locke and all the others..but like Locke, and Jack’s dad..the real MIB is dead..

5/20: sooooooooooooooo the only person we haven’t seen is going to be Jack’s wife, the mother of his child. which is also the reason Jack’s name wasn’t scratched off for being a Dad the way Kate’s was for being a mom.. and Jack’s wife is….*drum-roll* Juliette!

5/21: Vincent pulled Dez outta the well!

5/21: Hurley would be a good bet, but 2nd in command has to also be able to step into the number one slot.. Hurley couldn’t do that.. and, the 2nd guy has to have the same ‘intelligence’ level as Jack.. someone he can sit and play chess with or sit around a philosophize with.. again, not Hurley.. that’s why I said it’s Ben.. I say Locke over Ben tho  on the off chance they can pull off bringing him back to life.. Smiley

the problem with Ben or Locke is that they would want to be number 1.. they aren’t ‘2nd in command’ types because they want the island for their own.. but, maybe that’s the whole part of the yin/yang..

5/21: the sunken island.. the alt world.. somehow, smokie won the 1st(or every) time around but Faraday is able to change “Time” and at the concert, him and Eloise change it back and the worlds (alt/island) link up…

this is the whole ‘matrix’ scene…in that scene I copied/pasted we learn that it all(all 3 matrix movies) had already happened 5 times before because Neo kept making the same wrong decision each time when he got to that point.. and after he made the wrong decision, the matrix reset and started the process all over again..

5/21: the eye opening.. this time it’s Kate’s eye opening like Jack’s did.. it’s why she’s laying on the ground in her final scene..  it’s always been the eye opening, we were reminded of that last season when the ‘tease’ of the new season was the eye opening and we all tried to figure out whose it was..

5/21: (I feel like were in the final throes of spectulation  Cry) I don’t know…didn’t I say earlier that the Alt is if Flocke had succeeded? That’s why the island’s underwater in the first episode.
hell, there could be a mind-blower and it be Sawyer.. since he wants to leave the island, so that would sorta recreate the MIB/Jacob relationship perfectly..

5/21: I just thought of something…

Remember when Juliet was dying in the hatch shaft at the beginning of the season?

Her last words after “Let’s have coffee” (or whatever…obviously alluding to something between here and Sawyer in the Alt) were:

“It worked”.

We all assumed she meant the bomb (Jughead). But, nah…

It’s whatever they all get together to do to get rid of Flocke in the Alt at the concert.


We’ll see how these pan out tomorrow!

A Special LOST: Untangled

With the final season of LOST coming up, I’m going to be busy, busy, busy over at DarkUFO and the SpoilerTV Forum as well as at Howey’s LOST Tribe. Unfortunately (or not :)), political posts on this thread will be at a minimum (unless something important happens – like passage of a decent health care bill).

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some goodies from LOST, including this new LOST: Untangled covering the first five seasons of LOST in 5 minutes. Enjoy and Namaste!

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