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An Important Announcement from Paul Scheer

There’s been an interesting and intriguing update for those of you following the adventures of comedian Paul Scheer and his encounters with the mysterious Ronie Midfew, not to mention the new LOST ARG.

Paul just posted on his blog, Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear, that he has reached an agreement with Ronie Midfew:





partnership1This probably doesn’t make much sense to any of you. If you were to tell me I would team up with Ronie Midfew Arts a week ago, I’d say, “I’d rather let Keamy execute my daughter right in front of me, than join with them.” But let’s just say “Ronie” was very persuasive.

I can’t get into the full details of our agreement at this time. However I can say that I agreed to TEMPORARILY stop production and promotion of my LOST inspired velvet artistry for an undisclosed reason in lieu of a new opportunity which I ultimately think will blow your mind. Wow, that was a mouthful.

This new endeavor is an idea I’ve had for quite some time but never had the resources to produce myself but my partnership with this group is finally going to make it possible. Case in point, after I pitched my idea to Ronie we were able to take the concept to Damon and Carlton at their offices in Los Angeles and include them in on it as well. Which means this project is going to be done with the full support of the LOST team.

I used to think Ronie Midfew Arts was the devil but if the devil loves Lost as much as I do how bad of a guy can he be? If we are able to pull off this idea, which we will, this will be much better than anything that I could put on velvet. This is truly for all of us fans of LOST.

Unfortunately to support this endeavor fully DAMONCARLTONANDAPOLARBEAR will change it’s focus and direction and this might be the last time your hear from me for quite some time. But know that I’ll be behind the scenes working hard to pull this off.




Over at the Ronie Midfew Arts website is the following announcement:

After weeks of miscommunication, my company, Ronie Midfew Arts is proud to announce a partnership with Paul Scheer and his website, After I met with Mr. Scheer, and my two hand selected mediators, we were able to compromise and move foward with an idea that is in both of our best interests, while simultaneously celebrating “the fan,” which in the end, coincidentally, was a motivation and a goal we both shared. Our newly formed team worked together to create what is sure to be an unforgettable 2nd half of 2009. A LOST celebration of fine art fit for a final season, masterminded by pioneers in this field. We look forward to moving forward with this new relationship, starting tonight at Midnight PST. And for the record, Mr. Scheer, my name is pronounced “Ro-knee”.

Ronie Midfew

This obviously means a new LOST ARG will begin in a few hours. Considering the frequent use of the word “Hunt”, could this be a scavager hunt? Didn’t ABC have a similar type of hunt the first season (?) with a panaroma of a beach where we could find things hidden? Or (lol) was that in an alternate universe?

Either way, I’m stoked.

20 Questions for Paul Scheer: An Interview

lostpict32 Following the exclusive and insightful podcast interview Doc Arzt (You can listen HERE)  had with Paul Scheer, the Picasso of Black Velvet, I was able to “sit down” with Paul and field a few important questions of my own. Here’s 20 Questions for Paul Scheer:

H: What other television show you’ve seen, other than one you’ve been involved in, has elicited such a fervor as LOST?

P: The Suite Life with Zach and Cody.

H: If you were a number…4, 8, 15, 16, 23, or 42…which would you be and why?

P: 42 cause I like my numbers like my beer. Actually I like my numbers 2 digits higher than I like my beer. I guess what I’m really saying is that I’m an alcoholic.

H: If today’s the 16th in Hawaii, what day is it in California?

P: Trick question. There is no such place as Hawaii.

H: Your medium is black velvet. How would you depict the smoke monster?

P: With pieces of the actual smoke monster of course but everytime I get it into my house, it always tries to drag me back to its hole.

H: Who would convey better on black velvet, Kate or Juliet?

P: Juliet because I haven’t figured out how to do freckles yet.

H: Who’s the biggest nerd, Damon or Carlton?

P: Darlton when combined their power is greater like Voltron.

H: What LOST characters are you considering for your future paintings?

P: Rose and Bernard and a Polar Bear.

H: Have you thought of using flourescent paint on black velvet?

P: You’ve read my mind. Aaaah please stop doing that. (H: oops!)

H: Who’s your hero?

P: Arsenio Hall

H: If Damon and Carlton offered you a role on LOST five years ago, who would you have wanted to be?

P: The guy who gets sucked into the engine.

H: If Damon and Carlton offered you a role on it’s final season, who would you want to be?

P: Aaron.

H: If you painted Elvis in Hawaii on black velvet, would Ronie Midfew accuse you of violating “intellectual property”?

P: No because America owns Elvis.

H: Why does Damon always wear white and Carlton always wear black?

P: Because they are trying to get people to nickname them oreo.

H: If you were a survivor of a plane crash on an island, which LOST character would you want to be with?

P: Shannon because we could use her inhalers to catch a quick buzz.

H: If you were a survivor of a plane crash on an island, which LOST character would you not want to be with?

P: Boone because he seems like he smells like axe body spray.

H: What’s your favorite item on the Mr. Cluck’s menu?

P: I don’t eat at Mr. Cluck after I saw SuperCluck Me.

H: If Mr. Eko was a frontman for a rap group, which would it be?

P: Positive K. H: Would you advise Rose and Bernard to leave the island?

P: No because I owe them money.

H: Is Ben good or bad?

P: Ben is neither. He’s like the island’s Simon Cowell. He just says what you need to hear.

H: Where the eff’s my painting?

P: Ronie Midfew must have intercepted the Fedex delivery to your house. (H: Damn, foiled again!)

Be sure to keep up with Paul’s blog at Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear for more about his battle with Ronie Midfew Arts, and stay tuned for an important unveiling on his site this Saturday, August 15th, at Midnight PST!

Paul Scheer Invades the LOST Studio!

In his latest installment on Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear; Paul Scheer has posted a funny and informing video:

And we learn the title of  Episode 6.01 will be:


Notice the space? Wonder what it means? Does it indicate LAX, as in the airport? Or LA X as in “Not LA”? Any other ideas?