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Politikal Culture

Here’s my latest venture. A unique forum to discuss politics and culture.  It’s also the official home of the Monster Militia, dedicated to the fun radio stations of Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando. A fun place to be you…join us at POLITIKAL CULTURE!


Occupy Our Town!

I recently learned that the forum I participated on for a very short time (a little less than two years) has bit the proverbial dust. That would be Muchedumbre.  At times I enjoyed sparring with the guys and gals there, other times not so much. For all the drama the Muche caused me, self-inflicted or not, I feel a sadness in it’s disappearance from the interwebs.

Friendships, or other relationships, bring a certain affinity for those who visited, and a few (if not many) true friends.  Social websites, such as Facebook, will never duplicate the closeness of family – good and bad – that the muche did. Facebook, with the identity of a corporate money-maker, doesn’t allow it’s participants the freedom to express themselves without sanction. People are wary of sharing their true feelings (and current photo) on a webpage that can be seen by everyone in the world. Recent changes to Facebook underscore this fact even more succinctly.

In this world of 140 characters and less, we find ourselves living a fast food existence. Internet forums, by nature of design, don’t work that way and are a slowly dying breed. 140 characters or less doesn’t allow for intelligent discourse, and for that matter, unintelligent discourse. Both of which were prevalent on the former Muche. Prone to pages and pages of wordy arguments in the political section, the Muche was equally well-known for up-to-the-minute news from the worlds of entertainment and religion. As well as off-the-wall humor that couldn’t be found anywhere else. And isn’t that what family is all about?

We were an eclectic group of friends who were originally brought together as fans of The Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando (as well as The Philips Phile, SBK Live, and other radio programs) and morphed through the years to a group who found more to discuss than a radio show; sharing similar interests, pop culture in general, television (including Survivor), movies, food (everyone loves to eat!) an amazing collection of music videos, and politics. We still wish to discuss the Monsters and the Phile and addition, we’ve become the new home of the world famous Just C’s Football Picks!  As an extra bonus, our forum originally was created to discuss ABC’s LOST and is therefore a virtual treasure trove of discussion, speculation and love for the Island and it’s residents.

In the past week or so, I’ve updated my forum, and taken it in a new direction to accomodate and welcome former participants from the Muche.

Until we’re fully up and running a limited number of topics are viewable by Guests. Please visit, introduce yourself, and have fun!

Come on by, sign up, and Occupy Our Town!

I Used To Be a Fan

There’s a radio program in the Orlando market that’s been around for nearly twenty years. Hosted by Russ Rollins with stalwarts Dirty Jim, Daniel Dennis, Tiffany and Drunky the Bear, it’s been a staple of my mornings for six years. Before that, it provided listening enjoyment in the afternoons.

Over the years, folks have come and gone in a flurry of drama, drugs, black eyes…Bo Rhodes, The Sexy Savannah, Blackbean, Jeff Howell, Bubba (Whoopass) Wilson. What made the show riveting – and had me turning my right ear to the radio to hear better – was how the characters, both remaining and departing, handled the departures. No details necessary, but the proper amount of humor and pathos involved with the lifes of each and every character on the show endeared us, the listeners, to them.

Russ, in his role of leader, accomplished something rare in the radio-listening world: He managed to personify The Monsters in the Morning and, in doing so, made us feel like we were in that little studio listening to the banter going back and forth.

Laughing out loud over the Buddy calls, Drunky’s misguided stunts, Savannah and Bubba’s trailer park antics and silly songs, Daniel and Blackbean’s satirically hip and pushed to the limits of decency comedy bits, Russ’s failed marriages and relationships, and Dirty Jim’s biting pessimism allowed legions of fans grew to love the Monsters, warts and all. We followed them from one drunken, musical venue to the next, singing along to all the silly songs and having a blast.

Like a blind boy, we followed them over the years, knowing full well we would never lose our way.

That was then.

Today, thanks to what can only be described as the corporate greed of Clear Channel Communications, the show we all loved at one time has become a pitiful shadow of it’s former glory. The almight dollar has reduced what was once four hours of hilarity into constant infomercials for weight loss pills and attorneys hawking their latest scams.