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Politikal Culture

Here’s my latest venture. A unique forum to discuss politics and culture.  It’s also the official home of the Monster Militia, dedicated to the fun radio stations of Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando. A fun place to be you…join us at POLITIKAL CULTURE!


Occupy Our Town!

I recently learned that the forum I participated on for a very short time (a little less than two years) has bit the proverbial dust. That would be Muchedumbre.  At times I enjoyed sparring with the guys and gals there, other times not so much. For all the drama the Muche caused me, self-inflicted or not, I feel a sadness in it’s disappearance from the interwebs.

Friendships, or other relationships, bring a certain affinity for those who visited, and a few (if not many) true friends.  Social websites, such as Facebook, will never duplicate the closeness of family – good and bad – that the muche did. Facebook, with the identity of a corporate money-maker, doesn’t allow it’s participants the freedom to express themselves without sanction. People are wary of sharing their true feelings (and current photo) on a webpage that can be seen by everyone in the world. Recent changes to Facebook underscore this fact even more succinctly.

In this world of 140 characters and less, we find ourselves living a fast food existence. Internet forums, by nature of design, don’t work that way and are a slowly dying breed. 140 characters or less doesn’t allow for intelligent discourse, and for that matter, unintelligent discourse. Both of which were prevalent on the former Muche. Prone to pages and pages of wordy arguments in the political section, the Muche was equally well-known for up-to-the-minute news from the worlds of entertainment and religion. As well as off-the-wall humor that couldn’t be found anywhere else. And isn’t that what family is all about?

We were an eclectic group of friends who were originally brought together as fans of The Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando (as well as The Philips Phile, SBK Live, and other radio programs) and morphed through the years to a group who found more to discuss than a radio show; sharing similar interests, pop culture in general, television (including Survivor), movies, food (everyone loves to eat!) an amazing collection of music videos, and politics. We still wish to discuss the Monsters and the Phile and addition, we’ve become the new home of the world famous Just C’s Football Picks!  As an extra bonus, our forum originally was created to discuss ABC’s LOST and is therefore a virtual treasure trove of discussion, speculation and love for the Island and it’s residents.

In the past week or so, I’ve updated my forum, and taken it in a new direction to accomodate and welcome former participants from the Muche.

Until we’re fully up and running a limited number of topics are viewable by Guests. Please visit, introduce yourself, and have fun!

Come on by, sign up, and Occupy Our Town!

Wanna Be a WINNER?

It’s easy…

Just join Our Town, a forum dedicated to civil political discussions and uncivil pop culture discussions. Every day, we talk about the fun happenings in television, movies, off the wall conspiracys, and everyday life as we know it. We also talk about the strange happenings in our political climate as we progress through BizarroAmerika 2011.

Join up! We don’t bite! (Well, actually ekg has been known to chew a few…)

You might ask, “So what’s my reward for becoming a member of this fun crowd?”

Beginning today, and for the next ten days, the management team of Our Town, myself and ekg, will be perusing the posts on the forum for a. The most insightful post; and b. The funniest post.

Winners (See!) in each category will receive an autographed poster from the one and only

 Survivor Sweetheart, Jessica (Sugar) Kiper! (To be provided once she finishes her stint Here)

Now that’s how you can be a real Winner!

Pfc Bowe Bergdahl – New Video To Be Released Today?

There’s not been a lot of news out there on the captured U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, Pfc Bowe Bergdahl since the first video after his capture was released by the Taliban way back in July.

That is, other than the despicable right wing neocon attempts to denigrate Pfc Bergdahl.

Today, however, comes news that a new video of Bergdahl might be released by the Taliban:

SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S.-based terrorist tracking organization, said Wednesday that al-Imara Media Productions, the Afghan Taliban’s media arm, was set to release a video titled “One of Their People Testified.”

The SITE report said “they do not name the American captive, but it seems to reference Bowe Bergdahl.”

“We are very anxious to see it and to see that he is doing well,” said Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter, a close friend of the Bergdahl family. “Everyone is still holding tight and praying and standing by Bowe. This ignites it all again.”

In late November, the first news in more than four months regarding Bowe Bergdahl came in the form of e-mails to two U.S Army doctors in New Jersey. The messages, which the doctors said came from Afghan village leaders and doctors, said Bergdahl was “alive and doing well.”

On Wednesday, the news came from SITE that a video of Bergdahl was forthcoming. When and how the video will be shown remains unknown.

Let’s hope renewed prayers for Bergdahl’s safety are not marred once again by those with an agenda if, in fact, a video is released.

Howey’s LOST Tribe – An Invitation

I’d like to extend a special invitation to LOST fans to join me in a new forum:

Howey’s LOST Tribe!


A forum  dedicated to all things LOST, but to enjoy LOST from a different perspective…a core group of friends sharing spoilers, theories, and discussions of previous and upcoming episodes in a unique and thoroughly laid back manner.

Our goal is not to replace other forums, but to supplement them by creating a little home away from home…a more intimate setting where the craziest no-way-in-hell theories exist along with spot-on you-might-have-something-there! theories, off-topic humor, and the shared love for LOST all make for a fun place to be!

With the last season beginning shooting next week, you’ll be sure to find all the latest information from Dark UFO, The ODI, Lostpedia, and our course Doc Arzt right here!

We’ll also be visited occasionally by celebrities in the LOST universe, sharing their own ideas and questions with us.

You’ll also be able to enjoy access to TVOvermind and discuss topics covered there and interact with our writers. Depending on demand, we’ll also throw in other Pop Culture topics, including (but not limited to) music, video, television, and the movies.

And…What’s a forum without heated political discussions? Maybe, maybe not!

Sign up and join Jacob (see!) and I and have fun! Namaste!

(Disclaimer: Due to the nature of spoilers, the LOST section of the forum can only be accessed by forum members, not guests. So be sure to sign up!)


Sarah Palin Resigns

The Leader of the Wasilla Hillbillies, Gov. Sarah Palin, has announced she will be resigning in the near future, most likely to begin a run towards either the Presidency in 2012 or to open a home for unwed mothers. Or perhaps the accusations of misdeeds while in office are catching up with her?

I’ve taken great pleasure in the penultimate level of hypocricy that has been Sarah Palin and her highly dysfunctional brood. Who can ever forget her parading her 17 year old unmarried pregnant daughter in front of all America to see positive proof that abstinence works…or parading her own special needs infant for all to see; or the baby daddy Levi’s banishment from the family circle after his mommy was busted for dope. Can we never forget Todd decked out in his ski-racing regalia demanding the State of Alaska secede from the Union? Or Sarah’s witch doctor dancing on stage with her minister who hates everyone that’s not white, fundamentalist Christian, or a member of his church?

Sarah Desecrating the American Flag

Sarah Desecrating the Flag

I can’t wait to watch David Letterman on his next live show. After the much-publicized bitch fest Sarah threw when Letterman told a simple joke I guess it’s easy to say who’s getting the last laugh now. We, as a nation, need to pray for the swift cancellation of 30 Rock in hopes that Tina Fey will return to Saturday Night Live.

This country will never grow tired of Sarah, nor her shenanigans. Like the flag incident pictured.  I guess God told her it was his will that she use the American flag as a prop.

God Bless America and God Bless Sarah Palin for providing us with laugh after laugh the past few months.  I’ve got a hunch we’re going to be getting a lot more to laugh about in the next few years.

If the Republican Party ala Sarah last that long.

UPDATE: Could it be?

Don’t Look Down

I remember as a very young child of about five years old visiting our great-aunt in NYC in her high-rise apartment. The ride up the elevator a staggering (to my young mind) thirty-or-so stories was something else…I don’t remember much of that, just stories from the family about me clinging to my mother’s skirt as we were silently wooshed up, up, up….

What I do remember is peering over the window sill in her apartment and looking down at these tiny cars, buses, and people scattering through the streets of that great city with wonder, thinking of an ant hill disturbed by a careless step.

Which brings me to this new attraction in Chicago. Forgetting the simple fact that Chicago isn’t called “The Windy City” for nothing I have to ask;

“Who in their right mind would walk out onto a plastic box hanging off the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower?”

Certainly not me. But I guess it would be an OK thing for some Stupid Person to try during the Fourth of July Weekend.