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LOST – LA X – Thoughts and Theories, Part 1

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 It’s over. The Season 6 Premiere of LOST. LA X, parts 1 & 2.

Did you see that? 


Something’s missing. There’s a space between “LA” and “X”. 

Let’s call it a Variable… 

The first hour clearly established two (for lack of a better word) realities. 

The island 2007 Post-Jughead and 2004 Post-Jughead. 

Both with subtle, yet significant, differences between what we saw in the Pilot episode of LOST and what we saw in Seasons 1 through 5 of LOST. 

Here’s some of my thoughts and theories: 

In 2004, Rose and Bernard are happy. Content. As if their trip to Uluru in Australia cured Rose’s cancer. 

Boone, returning without Shannon, unable to convince her to leave an unhealthy relationship but happy to have finally left the unhealthy relationship he had with her. 

Hurley is lucky. He never has bad luck. His Mr. Clucks franchise is successful. Kate is still in custody. Except not for what we thought. Remember the videos from ComicCon last summer? 

Jin and Sun haven’t changed much. Except Sun didn’t have an affair. Or, if she did, the guy didn’t teach her English. 

John Locke claims to have gone on a Walkabout. 

Jack is no longer a Man of Science…he’s not a Man of Faith, either. He is, however, confident…and relieved. 

Who, or what, is The Candidate? 

In the Season 5 finale, The Incident, Bram asks if Frank is “A Candidate”. 

Theory: There are six candidates. Each with a separate purpose, represented by a quality. Each with a Destiny

Jack – The Healer. 

Kate – Passion. 

Sawyer – Revenge. 

Hurley – Integrity. 

Sayid – The redeemed warrior. 

Sun and Jin – Love. 

The same people Jacob made sure to “touch” in his visits to them during various, formulative stages of their lives. Why? 

Jacob knew the Man in Black would someday find a loophole allowing his death. So he chose these people – one of whom, through their actions on and off the island – would be A Candidate. To fight the war between Good and Evil. 

One Candidate, would die, the first step allowing Jacob a body to take over to fight the War. 


In later episodes, I’m sure we’ll discover the role of each Candidate. 

But let’s go back to The Variable. What is the variable? The variable is that point – in time – where two separate incidents, on the island in 2007 and off the island in 2004, merge the two timelines into one. Represented by LA X

One of those is the successful spinal surgery Jack performs on Locke in 2004. 

The second is Jacob, as Sayid, once again banishing the Man in Black. 

In the foot of Tawaret deep, deep down on the ocean floor. Surrounded by a circle of volcanic ash – the remains of the island.





Here’s another fearless prediction: The final scene of LOST? The same scene we saw last night…with one, important change: Oceanic Flight 815 landing at LAX.


To Be Continued… 


Somehow I’ve failed to remember to post this for my LOST fans – too much political crap going on out there I’ve forgotten the important things in life.


Anyhow, during Comic-Con this year, Lindelof and Cuse were presented apainting portrait (painted on black velvet…lol) bearing their likenesses standing on either side of a polar bear.

Here’s the presentation of the painting to the duo by the “artist”, comedian Paul Scheer, at Comic-Con:

Now, the painting and circumstances surrounding it have spurned a new LOST ARG to prepare us for the upcoming season.

Involving fans, celebrities, and even Dark UFO and Doc Arzt, my compadre, fellow poster and creator of TVOvermind, there’s a blog out there dedicated to Scheer’s painting and his quest to clear his name. You’ll see what I mean when you read the blog (and feel free to discuss in Comments!):


Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear

LOST: Comic-Con Panel Discussion 2009!

(For complete Comic-Con coverage, visit TVOvermind! for more updates from, me, DocArzt and the rest of the crew!)


LOST Panel Discussion – The final Comic-Con – Part 1:

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Parts III – IV will be available in the morning! Stay tuned!

Is This the New LOST ARG?

From TVOvermind:

Kudos to The ODI and Erin at Dark UFO for finding the following item nestled among the goodies at the Comic Con LOST Auction (the second picture is written on the back of each card):


The backside of the card enlarged:


It’s pretty obvious this is the beginning of a new ARG. The link provided on the front of the card, www.lostuniversity.org, takes us to the ABC website for Lost University with what appears to be lots of interactive fun.

I’m thrilled! This looks a lot more fun than last year’s ARG and we are overdue for something to keep us occupied until January.


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