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Guilt By Association?

I’m sure the whole world’s wondering what exactly Bristol Palin does while not practicing not falling down on Dancing With the Stars. Aside from thanking all of her Mom’s Teabagger fans for their votes on her official Facebook Page” (Vote for Bristol the Pistol!) and countless phone calls to her Wasilla drinking buddies, she was seen yesterday walking the streets of Hollywood with what appears to be one of, if not the, Best of her BFF’s. A young woman named April Morlock.

Now, you might ask, “Who the hell is April Morlock?” April Morlock is a family friend of the Palin’s from Wasilla, Alaska. She’s remained a family friend even after Bristol’s younger sister Willow and her buddies, otherwise known as the Colony Girls, broke into and trashed a home owned by Morlock’s Wasilla family late last year, ostensibly to score some alcohol for a drunken party. (Note: Willow Palin was 15 years old at the time.)

Why should one care? Seems like the Morlock family has it’s own little sordid history…

Morlock’s brother, you see, is the infamous  Cpl. Jeremy Morlock, now facing Court Martial by the Army for his mindless murder and torture of Afghan civilians. From the NY Daily News:

Videotapes of his interviews with Army investigators surfaced on Monday, in which Morlock details how he and fellow soldiers Calvin Gibbs and Adam Winfield mercilessly targeted civilians.

In one clip, Morlock describes how they forced an innocent man to obey their commands and stand still while they killed him with a grenade.

“We had this guy by the compound, and so Gibbs, you know, walked him out and set him in place, like ‘Hey, stand here,'” Morlock says on the tape, telling the invesigator they had the man stay “where Gibbs could get behind cover after the grenade went off.”

Watch the chilling description of these war crimes:

Why do I care about this? First off: I could care less what or who Bristol Palin “pals around with” while in Hollywood. I could care less that she’s hanging out with the assumed innocent sister of an accused murderer and torturer. I do care that Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin, the half-term, half-witted Tea Party darling and aspiring presidential candidate in 2012.

The same Sarah Palin, who, time and time again, has pulled out the ‘GUILT BY ASSOCIATION’ tag, accused our sitting President of “associating with terrorists” and saying: 

“Our opponent though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”

The truth is: Sarah Palin and her husband have ties to the Alaska Independence Party, which supports Alaska’s independence from the United States. She espouses everything Teabaggers want to hear, abstinenance, God and Country, homophobia, and will not hesitate to call anyone she opposes a traitor, or worse…

She’s a hypocrite in every way, shape and form.



Super Hypocrisy

I guess the whole world’s waiting to see the Super Bowl ad sponsored by the Right Wing-Conservative-Political-Hate-Group-Disguised-As-A-Religious-Entity Focus on Family. Apparently the ad will document the decision ex-Florida Gator Tim Tebow’s mother Pam made to not have an abortion after contracting an illness while pregnant with him.

Resulting in what I’m sure some right wing Christian zealot bible-thumping idiots consider the…

Second Coming of Christ

I really don’t care that Focus on Family runs this ad…although I find it amusing that over a thousand employees of the organization lost their jobs in order to pay for it.

Nor do I care that the thousands of young, impressionable, and stupid Christian teenage girls and young women watching the ad will entertain the thought of putting their own life in danger when faced with pregnancy complications in the future…

Because Focus on Family tells them they might be carrying the next Tim Tebow!

What I do find quite silly is the reasoning CBS is using to run the ad. Historically known for not airing controversial commercials during the Super Bowl, CBS had the following comment to make:

“We have for some time moderated our approach to advocacy submissions after it became apparent that our stance did not reflect public sentiment or industry norms,” said spokesman Dana McClintock. “In fact, most media outlets have accepted advocacy ads for some time.”

Yet, CBS has refused to air the following commercial during this year’s Super Bowl:

Ok. Sure. It might portray a stereotype of a certain subculture of gay life. Is that a reason to not air the ad? Nope.

How about this commercial? Also refused by CBS?

Even less inoffensive.

Unless, of course, you’re a homophobic bigot afraid of seeing two guys kinda-sorta make out!

The UnAmericans

How this world has changed. Earlier this year we elected a man as President. Weracism elected a man who spoke eloquently of change, hope, and equality. A man who singlehandedly regained the respect of this country in the eyes of our fellow nations. A man who showed the youth of our country that yes, anyone can become President.

Even a black man.

Before Barack Obama took office, even during the election last year, a disturbing faction of our population started emerging. People who didn’t want the new President to succeed. People who wanted him to fail in his visions to renew our country and leave behind the eight years of shame of the previous administration. People who placed one thing above everything else – their racist hate.

The protestations are humorous: “No. It’s not about hate!” Bullshit. It’s all about hate. It’s all about racist hate coming from the right wing and the fools who listen to the sound bytes of the Becks, Limbaughs, Coulters, Drudges, and others whose only purpose is to spread an agenda of racist hate.

Someone I know…let’s call him Josh, is a brilliant example of such a lemming. Unable to construct a thought of his own (unless he’s wishing Death by AIDS upon someone), his usual reply to the silly right wing claim usually starts with “I heard on the radio…”. And he’s not the only one.

Across the country, thousands of like-minded (hah! That’s an oxymoron!) neanderthal, racist, intellectually-challenged souls are repeating the same claims. Believing every word they get by listening to the radio, reading chain e-mails sent by their fellow racists, thriving in political blogs written by their equally neanderthal, racist, intellectually-challenged writers, the racist haters continue to direct their poison towards the President – only because he’s a black man.

Case in point: Chicago. President Obama’s home town. Finalist for the 2016 Olympics. Yet…because Chicago’s the home of our President, the right wing haters like Josh and others, didn’t want Chicago to get the Olympics.

Forget the HUGE economic boom the Olympics would foist upon the economy of Illinois! Forget the influx of visitors to our country spreading peace and competition among our fellow man!

Forget it! Goddamit, they say, if Obama wants the Olympics then we don’t!

Today, those racist, neanderthal, intellectually-challenged trolls are celebrating. Not because one of our states will be hosting the Olympics.

Because they won’t!

How Un-American!

And…look who also supported the Chicago Olympic bid!

They say that the Olympics will come to Chicago if we’re fortunate enough to be selected, but really it’s coming to America, and I can’t think of a better city to represent the United States than Chicago.

This is a well thought out venue. There will be — the athletes will be taken care of. People who will be coming from around the world will find this good city has got fantastic accommodations, great restaurants. It will be safe.

And so I — this country supports your bid, strongly. And our hope is that the judges will take a good look at Chicago and select Chicago for the 2016 Olympics.

Update: From The Weekly Standard:


Scaring Our Seniors to Death

The biggest group of supporters of the Republican Party isn’t the evangelical Christians, the rich white businessmen, or the white southern redneck.

It’s the elderly. Those over  65 years of age or so who were raised during times fardeathvalleydays more conservative than even those of the Bush years…people who fought hard for the future of their children in Europe, North Africa, Japan and Korea. People who respected Dwight Eisenhower as a military leader and people who watched Death Valley Days and it’s host with the calming, authoritative voice – Ronald Reagan. Of course, back then Reagan was a Democrat who championed the New Deal and the plight of less-fortunate Americans, especially the elderly.

Because these people worked so hard for their future and that of their children, they instinctively have become protective of such a legacy. The first mass departure of the elderly from the Republican Party was the result of the man whom they once respected so dearly – Ronald Reagan. When Reagan switched parties in 1962 he cited his fear of the takeover of our government by citing the fear of the government itself having too much control over our lives. The decline of the integrity of the words of Reagan began at the time when he proclaimed the proposed Medicare program was socialist. When Medicare became fact, the fears were proven unfounded as it substantially improved access to health care, allowed seniors to live longer, healthier lives, led to the desegregation of southern hospitals, and became one of the most popular government programs our nation’s ever seen.

The fears incited by the Republican Party of the day were soothed away by a new war and the turmoil of the 1960’s and older Americans began returning to the comforting fold of the Republican Party and Ronald Reagan as America returned to it’s conservative roots with the election of Richard Nixon.

Thus began the greatest shame of America – the paranoia of the Republican Party. Through the years of Nixon, Reagan and the Bush father and son, fear and the concept of fear grew to be the talking point of the party. Rather than intelligently debate alternatives to proposed legislation, the Republicans would rather return to the tactics of Reagan by instilling fear in the eyes of the American public to ramrod their paranoid policies through Congress and upon the freedoms we’ve always shared.

This fear brought us Gingrich’s “Contract with America”, wars in Kuwait, Iraq and Aghanistan, and the erosion of the world view of our country thanks to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the neocons of the world.

Today, the concept of fear has grown to a whole new level of shame. Our seniors need real answers on health care reform, and they’re not getting those answers from the Republican Party.

Rather than respond intelligently or cohesively to the President’s health care reform proposal, the Republican Party has dusted off the tried-and-true fear tactics in their response to health care reform – not by proposing an alternative but by attempting gop_republican-and-ashamedto scare others into thinking what’s proposed will drive the country to socialism, Marxism, or worse. Using tactics such as disrupting town halls, using the words of conservative bloggers, inane has beens such as Sarah Palin and her “death squad”, and Fox News to spread outright lies and misconceptions, the Republican Party is concentrating on confusing the message of health care reform by confusing and inciting fear into it’s supporters. Bombarding the internet with hateful, racist messages and images directed towards our President, the Republican Party has become a sham that would even make Ronald Reagan shake his head in shame.

If allowed to continue, this and this alone will result in the downfall of our country and it’s freedom.

Update: The Brainwashing of Republicans

UPDATE: 17 july…


Following my recent post regarding C Street, we now know of another Republican resident of C Street caught with his pants down.

The wife of former Congressman Chip Pickering has filed a lawsuit against his286270businessman-caught-with-his-pants-down-posters1 mistress, one  Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd, a member of the wealthy family that owns Cellular South. Pickering is now employed as a lobbyist for the company.

Pickering’s wife, in her lawsuit, states that her husband and Byrd began having an affair while he was living at C Street, the subject of several of my blog posts on here.

I have to ask the question: While the Fellowship was brainwashing Republicans to vote and toe the fundamentalist Christian line, was it also providing a safe haven in Washington, DC, for the same politicians to carry out their affairs in secrecy at C Street?

Drugs? Alcohol? Wanton women? I swear…the C Street residence is quite the Animal House, isn’t it?

One final word: Pickering “cast himself as a defender of decency, particularly on television and the Internet, and was among House members urging then-President George W. Bush to declare 2008 “the National Year of the Bible.”

The Brainwashing of Republicans, Part II

My story about The Brainwashing of Republicans has certainly become a blogosphere hit, and today we have more on The Family and C Street, a residential home for Republicans Gone Bad.

As meager details of The Family, the C Street residence housing wayward politicians, and the comments (or lack of comments) from the residents of C Street and/or past residents of this half-way house come to light, Ms. Maddow has come under fire for her reporting:

Which leads me to Zach Wamp, the Republican from Tennessee who’s been recently brought into the topic of C Street, by admitting the residents there have entered into a “secret pact” to not discuss their life in the compound.

I have to ask this question: Why has Wamp lived at C Street for twelve years? If C Street is the home for helping Republicans, what in the world did Wamp do two years after his arrival on The Hill to to be sent to live at C Street?

In a recent interview (funny how Wamp’s giving out all these interviews, but not actually saying anything), he states:

“In the state of Tennessee, if you are an elected official and you are involved in a Christian fellowship, it ain’t gonna hurt you,” he said. “There ain’t nobody perfect.”

Um. Congressman Wamp? You’re not involved in a Christian fellowship! You’re lock, stock, and barrel an integral part of this “operation” and have been for twelve years? Why? What kind of “spiritual guidance” have you needed for twelve years?

Here’s the scoop on Congressman Wamp. A Gingrich Conservative swept into office since 1994, he’s one of the original gang who swore to term limits, thenzach reneged on that promise (although he’s running for Governor in Tennessee in 2010). In the news article quoted, Wamp was living in a “small apartment” in the DC area.

He’s also a cocaine addict,  supposedly beating the habit in 1984 and subsequently found Jesus. Does this have anything to do with the reason he’s been a resident at C Street since 1997?

Is the man so weak he has to be locked up when he’s not working?

How about Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas? Why is he living at C Street?

Or Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma? The same guy who is discussed here?

Even Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who believes that doctors who perform abortions should be executed and lesbianism is rampantly “afflicting” grammar school girls, “allegedly” counseled Ensign on how to cover up his prolonged and unrepentant sexual dalliance that was virtually incestuous. Coburn too, is a member and resident of “The Family” home, which is religiously incorporated, near Capitol Hill.

Dear Mr. O’Reilly: STFU

Below is the video of Bill O’Reilly’s latest racist slam against blacks, this time using the death of Michael Jackson as an excuse to spit his vile words of hate onto the deranged listeners of Faux News.

It’s no surprise. O’Reilly has been a racist for years and often displays this hate on his program.

Let’s take a look at some of his words and dissect them:

“Yes the man was an all star entertainer, but that’s it.”

Jackson was more than an “all star entertainer”. Jackson was the first black teen idol in this country. He was a gifted writer, composer, and singer who singlehandedly broke the racial barriers of MTV in the early 1980’s as the first black man to earn a regular rotation of his music.

The music of Michael Jackson further delineated and defined his vision of a people defined not by color, but by their words and actions.  The point could be arguably made that Michael Jackson was responsible for the relaxed racial attitudes of today’s youth.

“Jackson’s interaction with children were (sic) unacceptable for any adult.”

I love how the conservatives of Faux News and other right wing proponents (translated: Fundamentalist Christians) love to dictate what’s “acceptable” or  “unacceptable” in today’s society. Especially when you realize the Republican Party and the fundamentalist Christians are the epitomy of the word “hypocrite” what with their reputation for dalliances with the opposite and same sex and a record divorce rate – all the while preaching the supposed morality of their being.

We will never know what Michael Jackson did behind closed doors. We will never know if he was a pedophile or merely enjoyed the company of the simpleness that is childhood as an escape from the managed life he faced as both a child and as an adult.

And, really, when you look at it as that – a shelter from one’s adult life and its’  complications – couldn’t the exact same words uttered by O’Reilly but modified to include the childish interactions of today’s so-called adults playing video games, texting and communicating in the secret abbreviated languages of an infant, or taking on the child-like characteristics of the schoolyard bully in equally childish forums be applicable to to this behavior as well?
“His incredible selfishness spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing We Are The World should make any clear thinking American nauseas.”

From DoSomething.org:

Michael used his influence as the “King of Pop” to bring important issues into the mainstream media through his songs and music videos. “Heal the World” was only one of many charitable songs Michael created throughout his career. He formed his own foundation in 1992 after the charitable single. Through his Heal the World Foundation, MJ airlifted 46 tons of supplies to Sarajevo, instituted drug and alcohol abuse education and donated millions of dollars to less fortunate children.Michael’s passion for humanitarianism, equality, and world peace comes across in many of songs. The most prominent include “Can You Feel It,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “We Are the World”—undoubtedly the most famous of the group. Michael teamed up with Lionel Richie for “We Are the World,” to aid the poor in Africa and the U.S. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. MJ also supported the green movement in eco-tunes like “Earth Song”—the video for which showed images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war.

Can anyone tell me the charitable records of O’Reilly or anyone else voicing his comments on behalf of the “American People”?

“Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton making this a racial deal. Jackson bleached his own skin and then chose white men to provide existence to his children?”

Watch this video, Mr. O’Reilly. How soon can we forget when we have a racist agenda?

“To hear Sharpton speak today, you’d think Jackson was Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Nobody but you, Mr. O’Reilly, is comparing Michael Jackson to Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet, as previously shown, Michael Jackson’s contributions to both the black and white communities have been substantial. Of course,  I’m sure that’s “unamerican” in your words. The same words you used to describe King,  Jackson, and his mourners.

“Why is he being held up in the African American Community as a pillar of Black America when he bleached his skin.”

See the video above, Mr. O’Reilly. Now…answer this: Why are you being held up in the  Conservative Community as a pillar of conservative America?

“…and after Michael Jackson was found ‘Not Guilty’ the American media did not exactly elevate him to hero status. Did it? But now that he’s dead (most likely from an accidental drug overdose). He is a hero. How does that work?”

Mr. O’Reilly: Michael Jackson was found “Not Guilty” by a jury. Try again. And, once again, you are the one calling him a “hero”, not the American media.

As I said, Mr. O’Reilly – STFU. You do not represent America.