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Is Health Care Reform Constitutional?

Is it a right? Are the American people guaranteed good health?

That’s a question I’ve seen a lot over the past year or so. Many of those opposed to health care reform often cite the Constitution; usually with the rally cry,


Perhaps they should read a little further…

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Here’s the definition of “Welfare” from Merriam Webster: “of, relating to, or concerned with welfare and especially with improvement of the welfare of disadvantaged social groups…”

From The Free Dictionary: “Health, happiness, and good fortune; well-being.”

We The People, Indeed!

Without a Doctor?

(The following commentary of mine was published in the Daytona Beach News-Journal today.)

There’s been a lot of talk in our state about health care reform, Medicare, Medicaid and so on. There’s one side who believes health care is a right, and another believes government intervention in health care is wrong.

We are seeing the penultimate example of why health care reform is so urgently needed in our country. For six years, I witnessed first-hand the rape of Medicaid and Ryan White funding at the hands of Florida’s Republican governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. What were once viable programs providing health care to people in need became bureaucratic jungles of unpaid claims and unmanageable care based upon rigid guidelines designed not to provide the best health care possible, but to deny payment for health care.

Faced with decreasing payments caused by further cuts to these programs, physicians have been forced to quit seeing patients they care for, thanks to political appointees bogging down the system to “save taxpayers money.”

Ten years ago, this area had five physicians handling HIV patients. Today there are none. Now that Dr. Daniel J. Warner has been booted as “the area’s only certified HIV doctor,” can someone out there explain where the hundreds of patients he’s seen over the years are supposed to go? Many of these patients lack the funds and transportation to go out of our area to see a capable physician. Will they have to see a physician who (most likely) is overwhelmed already? A physician untrained in the complex and ever-changing scope of care these patients need? How does the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida plan on ensuring proper care for these patients?

Here’s a message to Jim L. Mayo, chairman of the Health Planning Council: Instead of donating money to Republican political candidates and health insurance PACs, how about spearheading real reform to health care by supporting our president? Or will Mayo be content with the knowledge that his actions might very well lead to the death of so many patients?

Republican Death Squad!

Yesterday, I spoke about the Republican National Committee’s insurance policy through CIGNA covering elective abortions. No great surprise, really, as they are the Party of Hypocrisy.Today, Think Progress reports that not only does CIGNA cover abortions (and still does), they also provide end of life counseling DEATH PANELS for it’s members, providing all kinds of guidance on How To Die:endoflifecignaWhat’s next? Will we find CIGNA covering sex change procedures for closeted Republicans?


CIGNA covers gender reassignment surgery as medically necessary when ALL of the following criteriaare met: The individual is 18 years of age or older.transsexualism that includesThe individual is diagnosed as having a gender identity disorder (GID), including a diagnosis of trueALL of the following criteria: 

The individual has demonstrated the desire to live and be accepted as a member of the oppositesex, in addition to a desire to make his/her body as congruent as possible with the preferred sexthrough surgery and hormone replacement.

The transsexual identity has been present consistently for at least two years.

The disorder is not due to another mental disorder or chromosome abnormality.









Is It Really About Health Care? Part II

Update: 3:50pm:

I’ve been notified that one of the Fantastic Three, PrivateDick, otherwise known as Jeffrey, has posted this video from the Tampa incident yesterday, stating the protesters were innocent and that the SEIU was guilty of “inciting violence” at the rally.

Hello? I know you’re psychotic babbling will be believed by the other two and a half members of your little group, but did you actually watch the video?

Here’s the scene from across the room and from behind the protesters. As you can see…nobody was hit. The protesters were merely shut out of the room.

I believe what we’re witnessing is called “disturbing the peace”, or “inciting a riot”. What’s your excuse for what was happening outside the doors? Where the real violence occurred? From Tampa Bay.com (Please note the highlighted parts):

Bitter divisions over reforming America’s health care system exploded Thursday night in Tampa amid cat calls, jeering and shoving at a town hall meeting.”Tyranny! Tyranny! Tyranny!” dozens of people shouted as U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, struggled to talk about health insurance reforms under consideration in Washington, D.C.

“There is more consensus than there is disagreement when you get right down to it,” Castor offered, immediately drowned out by groans and boos.

She pressed on, mostly unheard among screams from the audience estimated by Tampa police to be about 1,500.

“Tell the truth! Tell the truth!” “Read the bill!” “Forty-million illegals! Forty million illegals!”

The spectacle at the Children’s Board in Ybor City sounded more like a wrestling cage match than a panel discussion on national policy, and it was just the latest example of a health care meeting disrupted by livid protesters. Similar scenes are likely to be repeated across the country as lawmakers head to their home districts for the summer recess.

Thursday’s forum/near riot was sponsored by state Rep. Betty Reed, D-Tampa, and the Service Employees International Union, who apparently had hoped to hold something of a pep rally for President Barack Obama’s health care reform proposal.

Instead, hundreds of vocal critics turned out, many of them saying they had been spurred on through the Tampa 912 activist group promoted by conservative radio and television personality Glenn Beck. Others had received e-mails from the Hillsborough Republican Party that urged people to speak out against the plan and offered talking points.

An overflow crowd of critics was left waiting outside the building — and in some cases pounding on the meeting room doors — while health care reform activists complained that Democrats and union members were guided into the room for prime seats. Tampa police officers maintained control the entire night.

It’s not about health care, you fool. It’s about hate. And bigotry. Two things you know well.

Welcome to Florida!

beachYou have to love this beautiful state I live in. We have gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, great sports teams…

And the stupidest politicians in the country! And trust me, if you listen to the news lately, that’s a pretty tough pill to swallow.

This week I’d like to announce three Florida winners of the Stupid Person Award.

We have our very own Gov. Crist (I like to refer to him as Gov. Lisp), gaycharlie whose only goal is to go as far in politics as possible, issues be damned.

The same Governor who went over twenty five years as a single man (following a short marriage to a lesbian).

The same Governor who enjoyed a whirlwind romance and married just about the time John McCain and the Republican Party started tossing his name against the Vice Presidential nominee wall to see if it would stick.

The same Governor whose “wife” never moved into the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee after a state-paid honeymoon in Europe. And still hasn’t.

The same Governor who, after being dissed by the McCain camp, decided to ignore his constituents and started a campaign for the Senate in 2010.

The same Governor who, nestled securly in his closet,  supported Amendment 2, denying gays the right to marriage in the state.

The same Governor who, two weeks ago, used “Explore Adoption Day” to proclaim the state was “doing the right thing” in denying gays the right to adopt children.


Moving on to our next recepients of the Stupid Person Award.

The co-winners of this week’s Stupid Person award are State Senator Carey Baker, a Republican (duh) from Eustis, and his buddy, State Representative Scott Plakon, of Longwood.

What has Mr. Baker decided to do?

Mr. Baker has decided that the people ofcant-fix-stupid Florida don’t need health care reform of any type.

Together, they have introduced legislation in the form of a Constitutional Amendment in our State Legislature, HR 37, which would nullify any chance for Florida citizens to benefit from health care coverage when President Obama and Congress pass it.

States Mr. Baker’s legislation:

To preserve the freedom of all residents of the state to provide for their own health care:

“A law or rule shall not compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system”

Hello? Mr. Baker? Can you climb out from under that sewer in Eustis and understand something?

There are, count them, over 3.6 million uninsured in Florida.

That’s 20.2% of the state’s 18.1 million people who are without health insurance.

The Elderly.

The Children.

The infirm.

The poor.

Who Is Wendell Potter?

Wendell Potter was a health care executive for over twenty years. Today, he’s telling us exactly what we’ve always suspected about the health care “industry” and why reform is needed now.

Too much discourse has gone on about the deeds and misdeeds of those within the very powerful, political, and influential members of this industry. As with every single field deregulated since the days of Ronald Reagan, be it telecommunications, banking, insurance, airlines, or countless others, greed has fueled corporate action more than serving the public and has nearly destroyed our economy.

The health care industry, more than any other, has taken the level of greed and corruption to an entirely new level. Which is why we need reform now. Please support the President’s drive to reform health care, including a public option.

The following is an interview with Mr. Potter on Bill Moyers Journal well worth watching: