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Since the departure of our beloved LOST, my little forum has gone by the wayside. In the past week or so, however, I’ve updated it and taken it in a new direction…After a recent insurrection of the people (no, not Egypt!), we’ll be having an influx of new visitors and I’d like my friends who enjoy this blog to join us.

Welcome to Our Town!

We’re an eclectic group of friends connected through the years with similar interests, including LOST, but also pop culture in general, television (including Survivor), movies, food (everyone loves to eat!) an amazing collection of music videos, and politics. (Don’t let the politics scare ya!)

Our state of the art host and server also allow posters to cross-post new topics on Facebook and Twitter.

Until we’re fully up and running a limited number of topics are viewable by Guests. Please visit, introduce yourself, and have fun!

Oh. And we still talk about LOST!

A Special LOST: Untangled

With the final season of LOST coming up, I’m going to be busy, busy, busy over at DarkUFO and the SpoilerTV Forum as well as at Howey’s LOST Tribe. Unfortunately (or not :)), political posts on this thread will be at a minimum (unless something important happens – like passage of a decent health care bill).

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some goodies from LOST, including this new LOST: Untangled covering the first five seasons of LOST in 5 minutes. Enjoy and Namaste!

Howey’s LOST Tribe – An Invitation

I’d like to extend a special invitation to LOST fans to join me in a new forum:

Howey’s LOST Tribe!


A forum  dedicated to all things LOST, but to enjoy LOST from a different perspective…a core group of friends sharing spoilers, theories, and discussions of previous and upcoming episodes in a unique and thoroughly laid back manner.

Our goal is not to replace other forums, but to supplement them by creating a little home away from home…a more intimate setting where the craziest no-way-in-hell theories exist along with spot-on you-might-have-something-there! theories, off-topic humor, and the shared love for LOST all make for a fun place to be!

With the last season beginning shooting next week, you’ll be sure to find all the latest information from Dark UFO, The ODI, Lostpedia, and our course Doc Arzt right here!

We’ll also be visited occasionally by celebrities in the LOST universe, sharing their own ideas and questions with us.

You’ll also be able to enjoy access to TVOvermind and discuss topics covered there and interact with our writers. Depending on demand, we’ll also throw in other Pop Culture topics, including (but not limited to) music, video, television, and the movies.

And…What’s a forum without heated political discussions? Maybe, maybe not!

Sign up and join Jacob (see!) and I and have fun! Namaste!

(Disclaimer: Due to the nature of spoilers, the LOST section of the forum can only be accessed by forum members, not guests. So be sure to sign up!)