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Survivor 23 & 24

Want to know where the next two installments of Survivor will be?

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An Interview with Jessica “Sugar” Kiper

Following her impressive debut on Survivor: Gabon, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper was an obvious choice to join Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians, which premiered last week on CBS. After multiple trips to Exile Island, a sound alliance, and a strategy that made us realize she was far more than just a pretty pin-up model, Sugar made it to the Top 3 of that competition with hopes of going even further this time around. 
That didn’t happen, but she did provide us with one of the most memorable scenes in Survivor history. 
After a grueling post-premiere schedule of interviews and auditions, Sugar was able to answer a few compelling questions submitted by her fans here and from the SpoilerTV forum: 
H: How long did it take you to decide to do the show again when you got the invite to come back? 

S: I thought about it for about a second… 

H: Do you have a lot of interaction with Jeff or is it as little as what we see on the show? 

S: We see Jeff before the challenges, he walks us through… 

H: Is Jeff really that much of a stud? 

S: I don’t really think so. He’s not my type. 

H: Who is the most villainous hero? 

S: J.T. 

H: Who is the most heroic villian? 

S: Boston Rob. 

H: Did you guys get any heads up about Russell? 

S: No. 

H: Is Russell really that obnoxious? 

S: Yes. 

H: Where did those damn chickens come from? 

S: The “all seeing eye”? It’s a mystery! 

H: Why do you think you were voted out first? 

S: I can only say…that this edit is just fine with me… 

The Colby thing. Was it real or “selective” editing? 

S: Selective. 

H: You’ve mentioned the “real story”. What is it? 

S: shhhhhhhhhhh….. 


Courtesy: CBS

H: Your “topless two finger salute” was a historical Survivor moment 

. Were there others we didn’t see?

S: Probably, but not from me. 

H: Who do you think would be a good host for Survivor if Jeff left? 

S: Steve Carell. 

H: Who are you rooting for to win the game at this point and why? 

S: I’ve been saying Tom, but honestly, I don’t care that much. I know who I DON’T want to win… 

H: Who DOESN’T deserve to win?

S: Who’s to say really? My views have changed in the last year.

H: Would you do it again? 

S: No, hahahaha…hell no. 

H: What are your current projects? 

S: I have a band “She Luvs Betty White”. We just got together and should be playing out soon in Los Angeles. I just got cast as Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show – coming in May/June. I just filmed a part in a video game, have a Coke Light commercial running overseas…other than that there’s reruns! You can see the UN-blurred version of “Sex and Death 101” on Blockbuster. And follow me on Twitter: sugarkiper

 You can also visit Sugar’s website, check out her pics, buy cool stuff and donate to her charities HERE.

Review: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Ep 1

Take my word…this will be the best season of Survivor evah!

Here’s my take.

Watch for the Heroes to become flat out Villians. Led by JT, Stephanie (when did she turn out to be such a jerk!) and Colby (when did he turn out to be such a jerk! How dare diss my siss!), and prodded on by Cirie and Amanda, these NeoVillians will make Boston Rob, Russell, and Coach look like smitten school girls!

Oops. After what went on between Coach and Jerri, he already does look smitten! :)

Anyhow…Mark my words here: What we’re seeing is the Ultimate Survivor Blindside. You’ll see what I mean as the season progresses.

I’ve always admired Rob…he’s so honest (to a fault) and he really loves Amber. But that farmer’s tan from the wife beater had me lol’ing!

I’ve made no secret of my dislike for Russell. In fact, Samoa was (imo) the least effective of all seasons. Only because it was All Russell All The Time! Now with Russell intermingled with the other (for now) Villians, he’s a lot more palatable. And…once again I giggled at him being starstruck by his fellow meanies.

James. James. James! Definitely has the physical ability to smack down Russell. Let’s hope he’s got the mental ability.

Parvati, Amanda, Sandra, Colleen, Tom, Randy, and yes…Rupert…bit players

And who was it that said the biggest threat was those who “talk, talk, talk”? So true…

Finally…poor Sugar. Of course, I knew the outcome, but it was still upsetting. She’s so sweet and wears her heart on her shoulders you just want to hug her (IASHW)*

*In a strictly homosexual way

Survivor: Samoa – First Look!

Here’s the first preview of the upcoming Survivor: Samoa season:

aggiegreysAlthough I’m usually excited about any new season of Survivor, this one looks to be special in more ways than one. With promises of the “biggest villian ever”, another lush tropical venue, and the ever-present scheming we’re in for a lot of fun. In fact, according to a relative of mine in the country, one of the reasons for the selection of Samoa for this destination is the proximity to full-on luxury accomodations for Jeff Probst and the crew just a few feet away at Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Beach Resort, at Satuimalufilufi.

Of course, Jeff Probst’s announcement of the new location back in May could have foretold a greater Survivor moment than any we’ve seen before:

“Deep in the exotic waters of the South Pacific, 18 strangers will be abandoned on the rugged islands of Samoa, a tropical paradise straight from Robert Louis Stevenson’s legendary tale, Treasure Island,”

“This majestic land of towering waterfalls, mysterious rainforests, and a fierce warrior culture will be the castaways’ home for 39 days.  Forced to work together, they must learn to adapt or they will be voted out.”

Here’s another side story we won’t hear about: The people of Samoa are now facing an edict to drive on the other side of the road, ala Australia and New Zealand:

“Sometime in the early morning hours of Sept. 7, residents of this small Pacific island nation will stop their cars, take a deep breath, and do something most people would think is suicidal: Start driving on the other side of the road.
Samoa is about to become what’s believed to be the first nation since the 1970s to order its drivers to switch from one side of the road to the other. That’s spawned an islandwide case of road rage.”

Perhaps our American castaways are better off secluded from the “fierce warrior culture” for a few months as they are “Forced to work together” and “must learn to adapt”.

I think I’d rather be with the American castaways in this case. Might be a lot safer.

Survivor All-Stars: Heroes vs. Villians!

I confess I’ve always been a Survivor junkie. There’s nothing better than dirty (real dirt too), scheming people half naked fighting it out in the wilds of whatever continent they may be on.

As a result, I was intrigued when Jeff Probst announced the next two seasons of Survivor would be filmed in Samoa. (Even more interesting as certain family members of mine share a Samoan heritage.)

My intrigue grew when I realize that the last time Survivor filmed two200px-Survivor_rupert_Photo seasons back to back was Survivor: Pearl Islands, featuring America’s favorite Rupert Boneham, and the subsequent Survivor All Stars, won by Amber Brkich, of Rob and Amber fame.

The thought just had to cross my mind. Especially after I read this morning that a Federal judge had denied a request from Richard Hatch to attend filming of the 20th season of the series in Samoa.

Will we have another All Stars following Survivor: Samoa?

Apparently, the answer is YES!

Both the location and the show’s desire to bring back previous cast members were confirmed in an e.mail message [PDF] sent from casting director Lynne Spillman to Survivor season one winner Richard Hatch on June 23, inviting him to participate. The letter said season 20 “will be filmed in Samoa” sometime between Aug. 1 and Sept. 20.That letter was revealed as part of Hatch’s petition to be released [PDF] so he can appear on the show, which notes that he “is presently serving the final approximately 90 days of his sentence under home confinement.” His petition argues that “in this depressed economy, finding a job can be difficult,” and going on the show “will enable him to pay any 2000 and 2001 taxes determined to be due.” (There’s a lot of irony there: Hatch is finishing his prison sentence for not paying taxes on his season one winnings, which he blames on producers of the show, who he accused of allowing cheating.)


I can’t wait to see some old favorites again!

Stephen Fishbach?

Are you reading this?