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New on TV Overmind!

Is Trauma dead?

Will Chuck be back soon?


Sarah Palin Wins an Emmy!

Great news for the Great White Female Hope of the Republican Party!

Sarah Palin wins an Emmy! Congratulations, Sarah!

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Wait. That wasn’t Sarah?

Has Brian Fuller quit Heroes?

This just in…Brian Fuller, the original writer for Heroes, lately of the dearly departed **sniff** Pushing Daisies, then rehired to guide Heroes on it’s path back to respectability, has apparently quit the show.

Details aren’t in yet, but if so I have to surmise this is the death knell for Heroes after the next season, which was to be a short one at that.

The following twitter post from a credible source broke the news:

The ODI has posted the following Twitter posts:

fuller quits tweetfuller quits tweet2

Reporting Iran via Twitter

History is taking shape before our eyes. The Civil War in Iran being reported on via Twitter:

“Ahmadinejad supporters see opposition protests as anarchy, even terrorism”

“Mousavi, Kahroubi under house arrest according to supporters”

“inside the protests tonight, if you support ahmadinajad, no police, you criticize him, get pepper spray, tear gas, batons”

TV Tids and Bits

TT&B now in a new location by popular demand! (More coming soon!)

Will Chuck come back sooner?

Will there be more lesbians on True Blood this season?

Will Kings come back to Sunday night?

Is Earl really, really, really, dead?

What does Matthew Fox say about the LOST finale?

Is NBC turning into USA and vice-versa?

Do real nurses heart Nurse Jackie?