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The End of Independent Thinking?

I’ve come to a realization in the past few days.

I guess maybe my age is showing but it’s becoming increasingly evident people are unable to think for themselves. I remember as a child, I built model cars built by AMT, JoHan, or Revell; piecing and gluing each individual part, following instructions meticulously, painting each door, body and engine to perfection, assembling the final product and marvelling in it’s creation. 

I was taught Mathematics, Geometry and Algebra (along with other advanced courses) in High School; as well as the English language and the construction of our language. In order to solve mathematical problems we used the Slide Rule, a device complicated enough to require it’s own learning process. Remember diagramming? To take it even further, some of us were fortunate to learn other languages which enabled a deeper understanding of the construction of, and more importantly, the deconstruction of words and sentences.

I remember when I joined the Air Force and was being considered as a Language Specialist. One of the tests to determine the ability to learn new languages involved the development and structure of a “non-language” (The exam was the Defense Language Aptitude Battery).

Each of these facets of learning had one thing in common. The ability to reason, or quite simply, “figure it out”. One actually had to think in order to formulate a response and/or answer to a particular situation. Whether it was a mathematical formula, a sentence, or even putting together a model car, the success and gratification was in the accomplishment of the final product and the thought that went into it.

It’s not like that today. Today our children (or more importantly – their teachers and school administrators) focus more on passing state standard exams such as the woefully useless FCAT in Florida. Today we don’t buy model cars to put together, they already are. Today our High Schoolers depend on expensive electronic calculators to merely show them the correct graft or equation on a little green screen. Today the art of learning a language, nay…the art of learning the discipline of language, is lost in Google Translator. Today, people are spoon-fed information without the need to think about it.

As is our ability to research. Again, and once more – think for ourselves! Case in point: A few hours ago someone I know (without a computer) called me and asked me to Google a personal Hurricane Evacuation Plan for him.

Aside from the obvious fact that A. You get in the fucking car and head west!, or B. It’s all in the fucking phone book! is the most distressing: C. You couldn’t figure out A and B for yourself?

Which brings me to one final epithany.

Our country has always been one of political partisanship. The Constitution was written with the goal of perpetual discussion of the merits and demerits of a democracy. The process of our government has been under the microscope of evaluation for centuries.

What’s missing today, especially on the right, is Reason. We have pundits, politicians, prognosticators, and populists even networks throwing out wild theories and accusations. Why? Because they know the folks who listen to them are totally incapable of the thought processes needed to think things out. They are incapable of processing the words they hear, they can’t think it out…

When we have leaders of the Republican Party telling people ridiculous stuff like “The President’s not born in America!”, or “Brown people are illegal and don’t deserve rights”, or when people like Bill Wilder say “I want to see Florida a fag-free state!”, or the Attorney General of the State of Florida state that he doesn’t want a child raised by two loving people, or the outlandish Islamophobia coming from politicians and lilMike‘s keypads, we’re in a conundrum. Those of us with the intelligence, and reason, to realize this is bullshit, aren’t the targets.

It’s those who just don’t get it. Those who lack the intelligence or ability to “think it out“.

Think about it…

Massacre at Ft. Hood

Yes, that’s what it was. The tragic killing of 13 people and wounding of over 30 on a military installation by a member of the military, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, is a heartwrenching story that should be investigated to the fullest and dealt with strongly through the UCMJ.

What is not necessary at this moment is the movement of the neocon right wing racists who immediately – upon learning the name of the shooter – began flooding the internet with unfounded claims and spectulation passed off as “news”.

The World Net Daily, a bastion of far right wing loons, has reported that Hasan “aided the Obama transition team”. The Drudge Report, always willing to spread rumors and spectulation, has several posts condemning the President’s “frightening insensitivity” following the shootings. The Daily Mail, another conservative neocon right wing spokes rag out of Britain, made sure mentions of the “Muslim Major” were frequent.

Other, less organized, but equally crazy right wing persons have managed to create a fake profile of Dr. Hasan on Vitals.com supposedly documenting his failures as a Psychiatrist.

The racist angle takes on an even greater scope when Michele Malkin talks about “Muslim soldiers with attitude“. Which brings about the point I want to make. Fox News is requesting that ALL Muslim soldiers receive “special screenings“.

It’s too early to make any assumptions about this act. All we know is that a seriously disturbed man took the lives of others unnecessarily. We don’t know if this is an act of terror, nor do we know that Dr. Hasan was a radical Muslim…just because he was a Muslim. To make my point a little more easy to understand, are all Christians terrorists because Timothy McVeigh committed mass murder?

There are thousands upon thousands of Muslims serving in the military. To assume all Muslims in the military are terrorists on a jihad is as racist as saying all blacks in the military hate whites or all Asians in the military eat with chopsticks.

Racist comments have no place in the investigation of this massacre. Let the military complete it’s investigation without the hate mongering going on. It will do nothing but destroy everything this country was based on.

Dear Mr. O’Reilly: STFU

Below is the video of Bill O’Reilly’s latest racist slam against blacks, this time using the death of Michael Jackson as an excuse to spit his vile words of hate onto the deranged listeners of Faux News.

It’s no surprise. O’Reilly has been a racist for years and often displays this hate on his program.

Let’s take a look at some of his words and dissect them:

“Yes the man was an all star entertainer, but that’s it.”

Jackson was more than an “all star entertainer”. Jackson was the first black teen idol in this country. He was a gifted writer, composer, and singer who singlehandedly broke the racial barriers of MTV in the early 1980’s as the first black man to earn a regular rotation of his music.

The music of Michael Jackson further delineated and defined his vision of a people defined not by color, but by their words and actions.  The point could be arguably made that Michael Jackson was responsible for the relaxed racial attitudes of today’s youth.

“Jackson’s interaction with children were (sic) unacceptable for any adult.”

I love how the conservatives of Faux News and other right wing proponents (translated: Fundamentalist Christians) love to dictate what’s “acceptable” or  “unacceptable” in today’s society. Especially when you realize the Republican Party and the fundamentalist Christians are the epitomy of the word “hypocrite” what with their reputation for dalliances with the opposite and same sex and a record divorce rate – all the while preaching the supposed morality of their being.

We will never know what Michael Jackson did behind closed doors. We will never know if he was a pedophile or merely enjoyed the company of the simpleness that is childhood as an escape from the managed life he faced as both a child and as an adult.

And, really, when you look at it as that – a shelter from one’s adult life and its’  complications – couldn’t the exact same words uttered by O’Reilly but modified to include the childish interactions of today’s so-called adults playing video games, texting and communicating in the secret abbreviated languages of an infant, or taking on the child-like characteristics of the schoolyard bully in equally childish forums be applicable to to this behavior as well?
“His incredible selfishness spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing We Are The World should make any clear thinking American nauseas.”

From DoSomething.org:

Michael used his influence as the “King of Pop” to bring important issues into the mainstream media through his songs and music videos. “Heal the World” was only one of many charitable songs Michael created throughout his career. He formed his own foundation in 1992 after the charitable single. Through his Heal the World Foundation, MJ airlifted 46 tons of supplies to Sarajevo, instituted drug and alcohol abuse education and donated millions of dollars to less fortunate children.Michael’s passion for humanitarianism, equality, and world peace comes across in many of songs. The most prominent include “Can You Feel It,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “We Are the World”—undoubtedly the most famous of the group. Michael teamed up with Lionel Richie for “We Are the World,” to aid the poor in Africa and the U.S. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. MJ also supported the green movement in eco-tunes like “Earth Song”—the video for which showed images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war.

Can anyone tell me the charitable records of O’Reilly or anyone else voicing his comments on behalf of the “American People”?

“Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton making this a racial deal. Jackson bleached his own skin and then chose white men to provide existence to his children?”

Watch this video, Mr. O’Reilly. How soon can we forget when we have a racist agenda?

“To hear Sharpton speak today, you’d think Jackson was Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Nobody but you, Mr. O’Reilly, is comparing Michael Jackson to Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet, as previously shown, Michael Jackson’s contributions to both the black and white communities have been substantial. Of course,  I’m sure that’s “unamerican” in your words. The same words you used to describe King,  Jackson, and his mourners.

“Why is he being held up in the African American Community as a pillar of Black America when he bleached his skin.”

See the video above, Mr. O’Reilly. Now…answer this: Why are you being held up in the  Conservative Community as a pillar of conservative America?

“…and after Michael Jackson was found ‘Not Guilty’ the American media did not exactly elevate him to hero status. Did it? But now that he’s dead (most likely from an accidental drug overdose). He is a hero. How does that work?”

Mr. O’Reilly: Michael Jackson was found “Not Guilty” by a jury. Try again. And, once again, you are the one calling him a “hero”, not the American media.

As I said, Mr. O’Reilly – STFU. You do not represent America.

More Stupid People!

I’ve been away for a few days and while gone it seems like the stupid people have been having a field day!

First…There’s the racist idjit out there wondering how Michael Jackson could have three white children. Seriously.

The same racist idjit went on to quote Al Sharpton during the memorial service this way:

“To Michaels children: Aint nutten strange bout chore daddy, only strange what he had to dealt wif”

Here’s some videos of Stupid People.  Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis (a Republican of course) who looks like she’s never missed a meal in her life telling us that poor children don’t need to eat:

Another State Representative, Sylvia Allen of Arizona (another Republican, and adding further…whoo boy, can’t Arizona put out some prime stupid people!), telling us that the State must mine uranium because the Earth’s 6000 years old (!) and back then we didn’t have environmental laws.

Can someone explain to her where uranium comes from?

Finally, there’s this employee at Hampton Toyota of Lafayette, La. Caught by hidden camera inside a customer’s Toyota Tundra helping himself to loose change in the truck.

Now we know why Gov Bobby Jindal didn’t need stimulus funds…

A Reply to Yasmin

We have a terrific little (well, not so little) discussion going on over at The Bilerico Project centered on a post by Yasmin Nair, entitled He’s Not Your Daddy, or: Obama and the Personal Politics of Gay Marriage.

I thought it would be nice to move my thoughts on the discussion, along with my latest response to Yasmin over here for regular readers (and new readers) of my blog to discuss.

Here it is:

Yasmin, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time the past few days covering the situation in Iran, so this has unfortunately taken a back seat to that. But I’m going to take the time to reply to you now.

I’m including the link to the following blog post of mine for you to read: https://theworldofhowey.wordpress.com/2009/06/08/whats-up-with-blacks-and-hispanics/ I find your opinion, and that is what it is – merely an opinion, is off-track and quite honestly, childish, selfish, and myopic. Your opinion of DOMA parallels that of the distiinguished woman who disagreed with my points in that blog.

Although my way with words may not be as eloquent as yours, I’d like to explain: You say Obama isn’t our Daddy. No, he isn’t. He is, however, the Leader of Our Country, and the man we look to to formulate and make policy based upon his campaign promises. Two of those promises, nee platforms of the Democratic Party, were the repeal of DADT and DOMA. Obama may or may not have been elected solely based on these two points, however, they were instrumental in his election.

It is, you see, the political system. Right now what we’re dealing with is Obama consistently, through his actions and inactions, failing to act upon his campaign promises. Why? Because he’s caving in to centrist Democrats – the same Democrats who, by virtue of nominating him and electing him into office, supported the campaign he ran on.

It is, you see, the political system. Not your version of “conventional electoral politics”, whatever that may be. Whether you personally agree with the “conventional electoral process” or not or is a moot point. You are making the same mistake as Carmen D in replying to my blog with your statements here.

It’s not about the G, L, B, or T. It’s about EQUALITY. (lol…that’s catchy :)).

And until we ALL work together to ensure this EQUALITY, on all fronts, then we’ll continue to exist on the fringe of the society we have every right to fully participate in.

That is the point you fail to understand.

A Clarification of a Previous Post (Updated 13 June)

In an earlier post on this blog, https://theworldofhowey.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/racism-is-alive-and-well-in-orlando-florida/, I stated: “I’ve had the pleasure of being kicked off an Orlando forum with four or five decidedly racist and homophobic members (hoo boy! Try being the only queer among that group!) wherein I’ve been threated with physical harm, embraced with death by AIDS, been libelously accused of having AIDS, and so on….” That seems to have caused quite the stir on said forum. Although I stated “four or five decidedly racist and homophobic members”, it appears some of my friends there think I meant all of them, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s apparent that the word “homophobic” is prevalent in today’s language and often overused…by both sides. Yet the uproar over such a word becomes amusing when one’s words speak for themselves: Posted less than an hour after the outrage over my accusation that four or five people on the forum were homophobic by one of the most virulent homophobes on the forum, Bill (referring to gay marriage): Why change what we have always known marriage to be to accommodate abnormalities? Before you say I’m bashing, let me explain. They don’t breed, so sooner or later the “genetic” cause for this would disappear. The only reasonable explanation for it is some form of abnormality. Here’s another, earlier comment from Ivan: That is not the flu, it’s just your AIDS talking. Here’s another one from Josh which was deleted from the forum by the Admin a few days later after it was pointed out that the forum had been previously shut down for similar libelous statements towards an Orlando police officer in the news: I hope you die you AIDS infected fag Here’s the thing: I’ve used the word “homophobe” sparingly in that forum, yet…like a little kid being accused of stealing a cookie…the offending party cries out out “Not me!” a few times too many when singled out. Hey, guys…your words speak for themselves. ‘Nuff said.

UPDATE: 13 June

Seems like the racism and homophobia continues on that forum. If it continues I might just want to post the link to the forum for you guys to have a little fun 🙂 This was just posted by some neanderthal named Q (hah!) (The following is a response to my partner, who for now, is still allowed on the forum)

This forum is becoming faggot central. Methinks I’d better head back to the Florida Sportsman Forum for a spell…..where the men are men, and we kill stuff to eventually eat it…..

Yup…No homophobes on this forum! 🙂

Bigotry Is Alive and Well in Orlando, Florida

Of course this comes as no surprise to me. I’ve had the pleasure of being kicked off an Orlando forum with four or five decidedly racist and homophobic members (hoo boy! Try being the only queer among that group!) wherein I’ve been threated with physical harm, embraced with death by AIDS, been libelously accused of having AIDS, and so on….

But videos such as this make me wonder, especially today with Gay Days just ending…Which group do you think brings more of their hard-earned $$$$ into the economy? The homosexual male or lesbian female with a shitload of disposable income, or the homophobic redneck with a beer in each hand dragging his fat wife and four inbred kids to a Monster Truck show?

Come to think of it…I’d muche rather be queer than hang out at one of these spectacles of ignorant testosterone.